swaragini-a never ending lovestory (chapter 1)

Hi guys…..I was a silent reader but the articles I read made me write the fan fiction of my own……hope you all will like it….All caracters are same as serial…


Scene starts with showing a huge enterance of a bungalow with the golden gate, a garden with beautiful different types of flowers and a white fountain.

The scene shifts to inside of the house….where a lady is doing aarti…singing with a beautiful voice….After ending of aarti…she turns back and she is non other than sharmishtha (sumi ).

she gives prasad to dadi and dida….she turns to her husband(shekhar) and givesome him prasad too…

Sumi:(remembering something )where is my princesses?

Shekhar:they must be sleeping

Sumi: (sighs) these girls will make me crazy…..I don’t know what will they do at their sasural….I will wake them up….


A room is shown with interior design made of pink and white combination. Two beds are there. Two girls are sleeping there.
sumi comes there and opens curtains….sunray falls on the faces of the girls….

sumi: get up shona…ragu….We have to go to shopping…

One girl:(draping the blanket over her face) 5 more minutes ma

She is our cutie swara…

One the other bed there is ragini…she wakes up immediately.

Sumi:see how obedient your sister is….she is 2 years younger than you….but you behave like a smaller one…

Swara:ma….just 5 minutes more…

Sumi: shona…We have to go to shopping….wake up….don’t forget it is your wedding after two weeks…..what will your in laws think if you do this at their house?

Swara:(wakes up) I will not change for them.(With a puppy face )and why are you sending me ? Can’t I stay with you ?

Ragini: ya ma….why u found a guy this early for my di….?

sumi: every girl has to do marriage….u also will do it after your di… (With tears in the eyes) I don’t know when my princesses became this big….(and hugs swara )

Ragini:I will also join u in this hug.(and hugs them)

Sumi:(wiping her tears) now get ready fast….Rohit must be coming…(she goes)

Swara: (to ragini) I never had time to spend with rohit…maybe today I can know about him….I can’t believe I am going to marry that guy whom I don’t know properly.but I am happy that because of me my parents are happy…..and arrange marriages are like adventures…..what u think?

Ragini : I don’t know about this…..but I believe marriage should happen in between the two who loves each other….and u even don’t know his favourite colour…..

Swara: I will know it with the time….and I know mummy papa….They always see my happiness….(getting out of the bed) but for now we have to go to shopping for my marriage. …..so let’s get ready….

PRECAP : one guy following other on bike….and hits his bike with leg. the bike slips and the guy on the bike fell down

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    1. Thank you angel?

  1. nice… but make it swalak plsssssssssss………

    1. Thank you aditi ☺

  2. yes please swalak

    1. thanks for your comment….I will see what you guys want more swalak or swasan….I will surely look on this

  3. Swasan …….
    And Rohit????

    1. Rohit is swara’s fionce

  4. Plz swasan

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    1. I will look on this ruhi?

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    1. I will make it after seeing your commentso ada…☺

  6. Plsss aap different person Ki opinion Ki respect kijiye na Ki ek hi person and different name wale Ki I hope u understand…i want ragsan as couple plsssss…and here ragsan have majority so plssz

  7. Nice start.I wish for swalak in this ff.

  8. ragsan and swalak

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