Swaragini-Nazdeekiyaan Episode 8



Recap: RagLak consummate

Janki and Rathore reach Laksh’s house..
At the same tym Laksh get up to drink water …he is wearing a shorts only…
Laksh feels someone is at the door ..He opens it and sees Rathore and Janki there…
Rathore : Laksh.
Janki pushes Laksh and get inside Laksh tries to stop her but fails..Rathore and Janki goes into hs bed room They sees Ragini sleeping there she is covered with a blanket…
Rathore and Janki are shocked to see it …They goes out of the room Janki cries..Rathore holds Laksh’s neck…
Janki makes him leave Laksh..
Rathore: i’ll not leave u what have u done to her
Laksh: uncle pls listen to me …
Janki: just shut up Laksh. What ws the need of this ..my daughter so its true tht u r cheating on her..
Laksh: cheating?…no aunty u r completly mistaken i love Ragini.
Rathore: one more word and i’ll kill u …
Ragini hears the sounds and wake up she sees Rathore and Janki there she understands the situation She quickly dresses and goes to them.
Ragini: papa maa..i am sorry.
Janki slaps her hard.
Janki: sry?…will ur srry heal everything?
Rathore: Ragini he is cheating on u.
Ragini: Papa u called my name.(becoz Rathore always calls Ragini and Radhika princess)
Janki: Why have u done this …
Rathore: nw u have no relation with this cheater.
Janki drags Ragini.
Ragini: maa pls don’t this ..
Laksh stops them.
Laksh: u cant my wife away frm me.
Rathore and Janki: ur wife?
Ragini: maa papa i am sry we r married…
Rathore: what r u saying.
Laksh drags Ragini to him.
Laksh: she is nw Ragini Laksh Maheshwari..
Tears come frm Rathore’s eyes..
Janki comes to slap her but Laksh come and stand in between so he gets slapped..
Janki: from today our daughter is dead for us….
Rathore is still standing there looking Ragini with teary eyes
Janki and Rathore goes from there
Ragini breaks down.
Laksh consoles her.
Ragini: i have never went aganist my papa..but nw..he will be hating me ..ri8
Laksh: no Ragu no one can hate u..dont wrry everything will be fine
The nxt day Ragini and Laksh marries in a temple…
After some days..

Ragini is wearing a saree she has sindoor and magalsutra..
Laksh: Ragu..pls do this tie….
Ragini: ithne bade ho gaya ek tie bandhna bhi nahi aata kya?
Laksh: Ragu nw don’t pull my leg..bandho na pls.
Ragini smiles..
Ragini: come i’ll do it.
A Laksh walks to her..
Ragini : chalo ho gaya
Laksh holds Ragini close.
Ragini: no…..
Laksh holds her more close and kisses her on her cheeks
Laksh: thank u wifey..
Ragini: all the best…
Laksh goes..
After some tym he comes back.
Ragini: Laksh hw ws the interview?
Laksh hugs her..
Laksh: i got the job Ragu..
They kisses
Nxt day Laksh leaves to office
After Laksh leaves..Someone knocks at the door..
Ragini comes and opens the door.
Ragini: Hemant!
She hugs him.
He hugs her back.
Hemant: hi where is Laksh?
Ragini: woh is went to office..
They chit chat for sometym…
And he leaves..
Laksh comes back from the office.
Laksh: Ragini(angry)
Ragini: haan
Laksh: did Hemant came here today?
Ragini: haan
Laksh: y didn’t u tell me abt him wen i called u?
Ragini: he left before tht so…hw come u knw?
Laksh: leave it…
Ragini: what happened Laksh?
Laksh: what happened ?..y did u hug him?
Ragini: Laksh he is ur best friend
Laksh: haan he is my best friend it doesn’t mean u can go and hug him.
Ragini: okay i am sry baba…
Laksh smiles at her…
After some days.
Laksh: Ragini ..
Ragini is in the kitchen.
Laksh comes and hugs her from behind.
Laksh: Ragini..
Ragini: haan bolo Laksh.
Laksh; i want a daughter.
Ragini laughs
Ragini: whatr happened to u Laksh.
Laksh: Haan i want a cutie pie lyk u.
Ragini: no way i want a son lyk u.
They have a cute fi8..
Ragini; its finale i want a son..and his name will be Vansh…
Precap: RagLak lifes changes forever….

Guys nxt episode will be a mahaepisode

Credit to: Sarika Shah & Sameer

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