Swaragini-Nazdeekiyaan Episode 7


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Precap: RagLak confesses their feelings for each other. 2yrs leap

Ragini: Laksh which place is this ..
Laksh opens the door of his car
He takes Ragini on his arms.
Ragini: what r u doing Laksh wat if smone sees us..
Laksh ignores her and carries her to a room.
Ragini: which place is this whose house is this.
Laksh keeps her down..she stands..
Laksh: this is my house..
Ragini: your house.
Laksh: haan…
Laksh goes and closes the door ..
He comes close to Ragini..
Laksh: Ragini nw no one will see us..pls give na..
Ragini close her eyes and stand there
Laksh comes and leans…His lips touch her,,They kiss for a long tym..Laksh’s one hand is on Ragini’s waist and other on her hair
Ragini is clutching on Laksh’s shirt
At last they break their kiss due to no oxygen.
Laksh again comes close to her.
Ragini: Laksh shaadi ke baad.
Laksh comes close to her he hurts his finger blood comes frm Laksh’s finger he fills Ragini’s maang with it.
Ragini touches her hairline.
Ragini; Laksh wat is this?
Laksh holds her ti8ly and kiss her later she also joins in…
They fall on the bed.
Laksh is on top of Ragini..
Laksh removes Ragini’s shirt..Nw she is in a sleeveless baniyan..
Laksh touches her..Ragini make her removes his hirt..slowly they remove all here dresses..
Laksh kisses her neck hands…They both again kiss….
Laksh rubs her nose with her thumb.
Ragini kisses Laksh’s cheeks…
Laksh touches her stomach.
Ragini closes her eyes ti8..
Laksh kisses her stomach..
Ragini makes her hair fall on him..
He kisses her collarbones…
She comes to his ear and says i love u ..which makes him more crazy
They kisses again..
He wildly kiss her everywhere..Ragini hug him ti8
Later they sleep cuddling …
Nxt day..
Sunrays fall on their face they both wake up They both smile thinking abt wat happened between them..
Days pass..
One day..
Ragini is watching tv in tht house
Laksh comes and sit with her..
Laksh: Ragu kya kar rahe ho?
Ragini: kuch nahi pati parmeshwar ji..
Ragini is wearing shorts..
Laksh touches her legs..
Ragini: Laksh wat ru doing..
Laksh comes close to her..
Ragini keeps a pillow between her and Laksh’s face and Laksh kisses tht pillow.
Ragini laughs..
Laksh: Ragu ki bachi ..
Ragini runs he runs behind her..
Finally he catches her ..He drags her close
He came close to her so does she ..His lips were able to touch her …he phone rings
Ragini smiles at him and takes the call..
Ragini:haan di …kya …di im very excited..yh i’ll take care d ii love u..
Ragini is looking very happy…
Laksh: Rag..
She kisses him on his lips..Laksh is wonderstuck by this..
Ragini: Laksh di is pregnant..i am going to become a bua..
Laksh: what?…he kisses her.
Laksh: this calls for a celebration..and picks her up.
Ragini: tumhe sirf bahana chahiye…
They goes to the room and consummate
Some days later in the hostel
Laksh is talking to Ragini.
Ragini: Laksh for hw many days we will hide abt our marriage frm our parents?
Laksh: hmm i knw its too late but don’t wrry it will b ..soon..
Ragini: Laksh nw i cant wait any longer ok..
Laksh: okay done baba by the way wats tomorrow’s plan?
Ragini: Laksh..
Laksh: pls pls pls ….its my birthday yaar..
Ragini: okay..last tym ..
Nxt day RagLak reach tht house They consummate
RagLak covered themselves in the blanket and sleeps….
Janki: Raghu where is Ragini?
Rathore: what question is this she is in collage.
Janki: come lets go.
Rathore: Jaanu..to where ?…
Janki: come
Rathore: haan i’ll come but tell me to where?
Janki shows Rathore a msg in her phone..
Rathore reads it
‘Hi madam..ur daughter Ragini and her boyfriend Laksh is not in the collage ..its been some days tht i have been noticing this….Laksh is not the ri8 guy for her…I knw he does this with every girl and i don’t want Ragini to b one among them..Pls go and get her back before its too late’…with the address of Laksh’s house.
Rathore: Jaanu..its a prank u knw our princess ri8..
Janki: i don’t knw..wats wrong in just conforming it..
Rathore: whats the need?..see it came from an unknwn number…
Janki: maa hu uski i cant take any risk with her…pls lets go.
Rathore: Jaanu teekh hain come lets go.
Rathore and Janki leaves..
Precap: Rathore and Janki are shocked to see……….RagLak marriage

Credit to: Sarika Shah & Sameer

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  1. Oh is he good or bad

    1. di..ull get to knw it in the nxt episode?

  2. Amazing

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  3. awesome

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  4. Awesome… But is laksh really a cheater? Anyways thanks for the update… Please continue

    1. Thanx Prateeksha.. ull get get to kbw abt Laksh in the nxt episode?

  5. Awesome is laksh cheating Ragini

    1. Thanx Swati..ull get to knw urself..?

  6. Awesome dear

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  7. I hope they agree for raglak marriage…

    1. Lets see Kriya?

  8. Awesome is laksh cheating on ragini?

    1. Thanx Taiana ..ull see it for urself?

  9. Omg poor raglak is he really cheating on her or misunderstandings arised btw them

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  10. Wow nice but i hav a doubt is laksh’s character a good one or bad one?

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  11. Like always my bestie is rocking just loved raglak on this episode aha !! Love you so much aha~Nusz

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    1. of course…oh my god it is a Ragsan ff!!!???

  12. Saru Sorry couldn’t comment all these dayd as I am busy with my Sisters marriage. And I just read part 6 n 7 and they are awesome. I have got a doubt on Lakshyas character is he kind of using Ragini. I am totally confused please update ASAP! Love u for this I just cant wait to read part8 pls pls pls pls post the next part!

    1. Tuba …i missed u soo much..so hw WS sis marriage?..hey i will upload 8 and 9 th part tomorrow..nw i have tuition..and tomorrow morning too-..sry…????

      1. I missed u too! Oh it went awesome! Ok then tomorrow I will br waiting Sweetie!! Once again loved it!

      2. yh ill upload in the morning…..we missd u???


    1. Sameer….its all bcoz of u… 🙂

  14. Hey bestie I posted episode 18 of my other ff and started a new one toohttp://www.tellyupdates.com/qubool-hai-love-like-beintehha-intro-episode-1/
    You can read it, love you~Nusz

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