Swaragini-Nazdeekiyaan Episode 6

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Recap: Laksh at RM.
Radhika: Laksh ignore her to the maximum ok..never let her knw tht u knw tht she loves u ok
Laksh: ok..
Baarath comes
Rathore introduces Kunal to everyone (Radhikaโ€™s fiance)
Wedding rituals start..Ragini looks at Laksh.
But Laksah totally ignores her and flirt with some girls..
Ragini is angry seeing this.
Radhika shows thumbs up to Laksh.
Radhikaโ€™s wedding happens…But Ragini ws seeing Laksh who is flirting with a girl…
After wedding Radhika and Kunal is busy taking blessing frm elders.
Ragini drags Laksh frm tht girl to outside.
Laksh: Ragini wat are u doing?
Ragini: y were u flirting with her?
Laksh: who the hell r u to ask…he goes
Ragini pulls him back.
Ragini: who the hell am i?
Laksh: Ragini u r crossing ur limits let me go.
Ragini: hw can u flirt with tht girl…hw do u knw her?
Laksh: we just met nw only nw can i go?
Ragini: what u just met her and u r flirting with her?..hw can u do this Laksh.
Laksh: yes i can do it can i ..
Ragini: Laksh u love me ri8..then hw can u flirt with any girl.
Laksh: Ragini ..i loved u…but u donโ€™t ..nw can i ?
Ragini: what is there in there?
Laksh: Ragini she is waiting for me.
Ragini(cries): OK u can go but..
Laksh : but wat?
Ragini: I knw its late but Laksh Maheshwari I love u…
Laksh: Really?…dont act Ragini.
Ragini: Do u think i am acting?
She sits on her knees.
Ragini: i knw its weird but its true tht i love u..
Suddenly they hears clapping sound.
Ragini stands up and looks..Its none another than Rathore Janki Radhika and Kunal.
Radhika: Great job Laksh..finaaly..
Ragini: di tht means it ws all ur plan?
Laksh: Ragini even i didnโ€™t knw Rathore uncle and Ragini aunty were also a part of this plan.
Rathore: aise kaise nahi?..hain na Princess.
Ragini: papa…they hug.
Janki: Laksh beta r u sure abt her.
Laksh smiles.
Laksh sit on his knees and he proposes Ragini..all are happy.
Rathore: but beta wat abt ur family?
Laksh: Uncle they will be fine with this relation iโ€™ll make u meet them very soon.
They leave.
Nw its only Ragini and Laksh.
Laksh: Ragini i am sry i ws very rude to u.
Ragini: chal main tumse baat nahi kartha.
Laksh: sry baba…waise u look super hot in this saree.
Ragini: i knw…a idiot gave me this..
Laksh: idiot huh?
Ragini smiles..
Laksh: Ragini smile a bit more na pls..u look wonderful wen u smile.
Ragini smiles…They hug..
Laksh slowly come close to her ..Their lips r just millimetres away…
Ragini close her eyes..
Laksh sees her..he presses his nose aganist her..
She opens her eyes they smile…
After 2 yrs
RagLak love is so strong…..
Laksh is playing football..He is the goal keeper..
He looks at Ragini who is sitting and watching the game…
The score 3-4
Lakshโ€™s team is leading with 1 goal he is the captain of his team.
20 seconds remaining…
Opposite teams Captain shoots the ball to Laksh……….5 seconds remaining…
Laksh saves it……
Lakshโ€™s team wins..Ragini comes down ..Ragini is wearing a black jeans and a white shirt..
She comes and hugs Laksh who is in blu shorts and sleeveless t-shirt with collage logo…Laksh is in final yr and Ragini is in 3rd yr.
Ragini hugs Laksh ti8..
Ragini: Laksh we won it yah..
His friends come and congratulate Laksh..
Laksh is busy with his friends
Ragini goes frm there angrily …
Ragini is walking through a empty corridor Someone drags her Tht person blindfolds her.
Ragini: Laksh i knw its u..makhan lagane ki koyi zaroorat nahi.
He kisses Ragini on her cheeks..And run away.
Ragini opens the blindfold.
Ragini looks for him but she couldnโ€™t find him.
Ragini: Laksh aap bhi na.
Someone taps on her shoulder
It is none other than Laksh.
Ragini: Laksh …She hugs him.
Laksh: kya baat hain hug kiya…maine socha tum naraaz honga.
Ragini: haan naraaz tha par tumhare kiss ne teekh kiya.
Laksh: mere kiss?
Laksh: kya acting hain ..
Laksh: Ragini maine tumhe kab kiss kiya main toh abhi aayi hun.
Ragini: Acha abb stop ur acting.
Laksh: ok ok i knw y u r telling lyk this…
Ragini: what?
Laksh: what huh?..u promised me smthing.
Ragini: what did i promise…
Laksh: Ragu…pls huh?..can we..
Ragini: abhi?
Laksh: aur nahi tho..
Ragini: not here ..
Laksh: ok ..then lets go..
Ragini: where?
Laksh: surprise hain baby..
They leaves…

Precap: RagLak moments…….

Credit to: Sarika Shah & Sameer


  1. sneha

    Nice yaar plus continue and Iam dieing to see ff and u also add some swasan scenes and keep some villan entry

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