Swaragini-Nazdeekiyaan Episode 5


Sry for the late updates guys as u all knw none of my family members knw tht i am writing a FF…And my Dectective elder brother Ayush is behind me ..spying wat i am doing always infront of the computer…He ws behind me asking wat am i doing so becoz of tht i could’nt update..sry for the delay…
Recap: RagLak flashback
Ragini reaches her house & opens the packet which Laksh gave her. It ws a blue green mix saree in it with a note.
She takes the not and read it.
‘’Hi Ragini,
I don’t knw how will u react after readibg this but Ragini i cant hide it anymore frm u. I don’t knw smtyms i feel lyk u already knw if u r pretenting tht u don’t. So here i am Ragini kneeing down infront of u..Ragini Raghuvendra Pratap Rathore will u be Mrs.Laksh Maheshwari..Ragini pls don’t jump into any decision take ur time.(whole ni8 is there to think)..wear this saree and come for the fresher’s party..
With everlasting love

Ragini looks at the saree……….
@Fresher’s party
Laksh is wearing a black jeans and a light blue plain shirt..He is eagerly waiting for Ragini.
At last Ragini comes.
Laksh looks at her..
She is wearing a Black knee length frock.
Laksh looks her his happiness vanishes seeing her in this dress..
Ragini sees it but ignores Laksh.
Laksh understands tht Ragini is ignoring him…he goes frm the party.
Nxt day Laksh decides to talk to Ragini and make her understand tht he loves her a lot.
Laksh searches for Ragini but he could’nt find her..Laksh tries to call her mobile..but she is not picking..
For the 1 week Ragini didn’t come to collage..Laksh is very sad.
After 1 week..
Laksh comes to hostel after collage he takes his mobile..He gets a msg frm an unknown number.
He opens it and reads..
“Hi Laksh its Ragini i knw u r angry wit me..but Laksh i think we should meet and clear everything between us..And this is my new number woh i lost my phone after tht party…so if u don’t mind can u come to my house tomorrow we will talk there…..Ragini”
Laksh: I think i should go…
Nxt day after collage he goes to Ragini’s house…
He stops his bike infront of a big Mansion..The name plate says “Rathore’s” ….He gets down from the bike and enters ..
He sees it beautifully decorated…He is searching for Ragini…Laksh is wearing the same dress he wore on fresher’s party
A man comes and pats on Laksh’s shoulder frm behind.
Laksh turns back…The man is in Black formals.
Man: i think u r searching smone..may i help u?
Laksh: yh actually i am searching for Ragini…
Man: Ragini?
Laksh: yh she told me to come..by the way where is she Sir?
Man: She will come nw..
Laksh: is there a function or smthing?
Man: yh its my daughter’s wedding.
Laksh: oh ur daughter’s wedding…what!..tht means u r Ragini’s father..today is her wedding she is getting married ..she she….hw can she..
Man: relax relax young man..its not Ragini’s wedding…its her sister’s..my elder daughter’s wedding..Radhika..Radhika Raghuvendra Pratap Rathore’s mehandi…hey …i am Ragini’s father …
Laksh: Raghuvendra Pratap Rathore…ri8?
Rathore nodes in yes and smiles.
Laksh: i am Laksh Durga Prasad Maheshwari…nd forwards his hand
Rathore and Laksh shake hands.
Rathore: it ws nice meeting u…
A lady comes there.
Lady: Raghu its tym where r these girls?
Rathore: Janu relax they will come down nw..
Lady: Raghu..but
Rathore: no but vat..they will come…hey meet him..he is Laksh Maheshwari.
Lady folds her hands in the form of Namaste. Laksh also dids the same.
Rathore: Laksh meet my wife Janki.
Laksh: Janki..sweet name aunty….
They smiles.
Rathore: Look here she comes…
1 girl is coming down in bridal attire
Rathore: Laksh beta tht is Radhika…
Laksh smiles.
Janki: at last…Raghu its happening..
Rathore: Janki..no crying..
Janki: no these r tears of happiness…
Rathore: tht means u r happy bcoz My princess is going to go frm our house.
Janki: no …
Rathore: then why tears of happiness?
Janki hits him.Rathore hugs her..they sees their daughter..
Janki: where is Ragini?
A girl comes down …she is looking very beautiful in the blue green mix saree….yh its our Ragini…
Laksh sees her lovingly..he is mesmerised to see her in tht saree..
Laksh(in mind): oh she is looking damn beautiful..hey its the same saree i gifted her ..why she wore it today..so she accepted my proposal?…
Ragini and Radhika comes down…
Rathore: Beta we will have to go nw ..catch up wit u later..enjoy urself ok
Laksh’s eyes is still glued on Ragini.
And Laksh simply nodes his head in yes ..to Rathore.
Rathore and Janki goes to their daughters.
Janki: Radhu u look beautiful..and applies kala tika behind Radhika’s ear.
Ragini: wat abt me maa..
Rathore: Both my princess r looking very pretty ok..
People: baraath aa gayi..
Rathore and Janki goes out to welcome baraath.
Ragini is standing with Radhika she sees Laksh staring at her.
Ragini: Didi ..he is Laksh.
Radhika: den go and talk with him pagali..
Ragini: par main..
Laksh: sees Ragini looking him..so he goes to them.
Ragini: oh hi Laksh i didn’t see u at all.
Radhika stamps on Ragini’s feet..
Ragini: ouch..i mean i ws searching for u Laksh…she gives a deadly look to Radhika..
Radhika: Ragini is he ur friend?
Ragini: di this is Laksh….
Radhika: oh..Laksh he is the same persong who gifted u this saree ri8..
Radhika smiles at Laksh ..he smiles back
Radhika extends her hand forward.
Radhika: Hi Laksh i am Radhika Ragini’s sister.
They shake hands..Laksh moves forward to talk to Ragini..
Radhika: u go to papa i’ll give Laksh company.
Ragini looks at Laksh and goes.
Radhika: so Laksh hw is my sister?
Laksh: she is nice.
Radhika: She is nice..thts all?..stupid its written in ur face tht u love her.
Laksh: what…but wats the use she don’t love me.
Radhika: my ladoo lyks to pareshaan people…and u r her new bakra.
Laksh: what..tht means..
Radhika: haan she purposing wore a different dress tht day to irritate u.
Laksh: what tht means she..
Radhika: haan she loves u…but Laksh u tried to tell ur feelings to her..n its her turn let she say her feelings to u …if u knw wat i mean..
Laksh: u mean bakre ko bakra banana?
Radhika; exactly..
They hi fis each other…
Precap: Ragini confesses her feelings to Laksh

Credit to: Sarika Shah & Sameer

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