Swaragini – Nazdeekiyaan Episode 4

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Recap: RagLak are shocked to see each other.
Ragini places the tray on the table and goes .
Dadi: Ladoo what happened.
Ragini: Dadi i have headache..i’ll go and take rest.
Varsha: isse kya hua abb tak toh teekh tha.
Vansh: Dadi i’ll check mumma and come.
Laksh is shocked hear tht.
Laksh: mumma?
Shekhar: haan beta Vansh is Ragini’s Son.
Laksh: Vansh?
Mishti: Haan his name is Vansh..Ragini calls him dukku.
After some tym.
DP: Toh Shekhar ji mein yeh rishta pakka samjhu?
Shekhar looks Varsha.
Varsha smiles
Shekhar: ji humare taraf se pakka.
All r happy.
AP: Varsha be ready to be my bahu..
They smile..
Swar: and my devrani..
Maheshwari family leaves in their cars.
Adarsh is driving the car with Pari beside..And Laksh is sitting in the back..
Adarsh: ( teasingly) Laksh Varsha is really nice girl haan…
Pari smiles but Laksh doesn’t reply.
Adarsh to Pari: Dekho Laksh toh kho hi gaya …
Pari looks Laksh’s through the rear view mirror..She sses him crying.
Pari: Laksh r u crying?
Adarsh: what?…he stops the car..
Laksh is crying…

Adarsh: Laksh what happened why r u crying?
Laksh: i saw her bhai …
Pari: u saw whom..
Laksh: i saw her bhabhi….
Asrash Pari: Who?
Laksh: Ragini….
FB Starts…
Voice: excuse me its Ragini Raghuvendra Pratap Rathore.
Yes Guys its our Ragini she is wearing a black jean and blue sleeveless short top with a pony tail and a long bag…opposite to her is Laksh.
Laksh: oo sry meri maa.
Ragini smile.
Ragini: Agar aapka ragging khatam ho gaya ho toh kya main chalu?
Laksh: yh..yh..c u soon.
Ragini goes Laksh smiles.
Laksh(inmind): Kyu Ragini…y r u so beautiful.

.(Laksh and Ragini are Studying in the same collage Ragini is in First year and Laksh is in 2nd year)
Days passed..
Laksh sees Ragini everyday…But for Ragini it did not mean anything coz all the boys in tht collage were behind Ragini.
All girls were jealous of Ragini…
After collage ..Ragini ws going towards her car. Laksh cmes and stops her.
Laksh: hi Ragini i mean Ragini Raghuvendra Pratap Rathore.
Ragini smiles.
Ragini: hi Laksh Maheshwari.

Laksh: so u knw my name.
Ragini: u r collage’s rockstar everyone knws ur name.
Laksh: Ragini i want to knw one thing frm u.
Ragini: what?
Laksh: don’t get me wrong..see everyboy in the collage wants to be ur Boyfriend..but u r not at all noticing them why?..do u have any boyfriend already?
Ragini: See they all want to be my boyfriend..they r just attracted to me…they don’t love me..I have vowed myself tht i’ll love only one person in my entire life..and y hi don’t have any boyfriend.
Laksh: oh is it tht so…i just wanted to knw
Ragini: waise everybody mein..tum bhi included ho?

Ragini asks with a teasing smile on her face.
Laksh: nahi nahi ..Laksh doent believe in this love shav.
Ragini: hmm…yh y hi can see tht..
Ragini goes to her car..She leaves..
Laksh: Why Ragini..y r u attracting me towards u….

Days passes…
Laksh becomes close to Ragini…
In Hostel.
Laksh: yes i do..no i don’t yes i do..no i don’t..yes no..
Hemant(Laksh’s friend played by Karan Wahi): What is this Laksh what happened.
Laksh: Bhai help me ..i don’t knw whats happening to me.
Hemant: its only uy who don’t knw the whole collage knw u love her
Laksh: no i don’t love her.
Hemant: u can lie to me..but lie to urself.

Laksh: tht means i am falling for her?
Hemant: stupid go and propose her otherwise someone else will do it.
Laksh kisses Hemant’s cheeks.
Laksh: Thank u bhai..Hemant u r the real star.
A day before Fresher’s party
Laksh: Hi Ragini
Ragini: hi Lucky .
Laksh: u r coming tomorrow ri8.
Ragini: haan y..
Laksh: Ragini i want to tell u smthing.
Ragini: Tell me Laksh.
Laksh sits on his knees .
Laksh Hands Ragini a packet.
Laksh: pls take it.

Ragini: oh i thought…
Laksh: what did u thought?..i am gonna propose u?…
Ragini gets sad but she doesn’t show it.
Ragini takes the packet and goes

Precap: RagLak

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