Swaragini-Nazdeekiyaan Episode 3


Precap: Ragini’s entry 🙂

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Months passes Gadodias bond with Ragini and Vansh becomes stronger….
One fine day.
In the kitchen…
Vansh: mumma i want to have toast.
Ragini: Dukku no..dekho Mishiti maa have made parathas for u
Vansh: Mishti maa i promise i’ll eat parathas tomorrow ..mumma aaj toast khanne ka mann hain. (Vansh addresses everyone the same way which Ragini adresses)
Dadi: Vansh wat happened?
Vansh: Dadi pls tell mumma to make toast..i’ll eat parathas tomorrow.
Mishti: Ragini…make it na..see he is telling na he will have parathas tomorrow.
Ragini: u all r spoiling him…
Dadi: we will spoil him akhir yeh humara chotta Vanshu joh hain.
Vansh hugs Dadi
Ragini: Dadi bread nahi hain….Dukku nw u have to eat parathas..
Shekhar: Vansh no need to eat bread bcoz..bread hain.
Varsh: Sry Ragini…yeh lo bread..make toast for me also..
Ragini: Vrasha di aap bhi..
Ragini makes a sad..face everyone laugh seeing her..
She stars making toast..everyone except Ragini goes to watch tv
Ragini gets a call .

Ragini: hi papa.
Rathore: hi princess
Ragini: so aaj aapne kaise phone kiya?
Rathore: so nw i cant call my princess ..
Ragini: not lyk tht papa.
Rathore: acha princess i wanted u to meet smone..
Ragini: acha clients.
Rathore: not clients..someone more important than clients.
Ragini: papa..
Rathore: princess…pls don’t say no.
Ragini: papa its always a no frm my side.
Rathore: apne bari mein toh kamse kam Vansh ke bare mein toh socho..
Ragini: papa Dukku is happy with me ..na
Rathore: princess he needs a father’s care also.
Ragini: i am his mother and father.
Rathore: princess.
Ragini: i don’t want to have anyone else in my life papa.
Rathore: beta it happened 6 years ago..its past ..
Ragini: papa that same past is hunting me even today…
Rathore: for how long u’ll run frm it.
Ragini: I will run papa becoz i don’t want to loose my Vansh.
Rathore: princess pls …give a second chance to urself…
Ragini: no papa…papa i ws making toast for Dukku..i’ll call u later.
She cuts the call.
She is very sad after the conversation.
She closes her eyes for sometym….She opens her eyes and tears come out frm her eyes.

Dadi: ladoo.
Ragini quickly wipes her tears.
Ragini: haan dadi..Toast is ready.
Ragini brings toast everyone have it.
Ragini goes to her room with Dukku…
Ragini: Dukku do u like mumma
Vansh: sach bolna hain?
Ragini: haan
Vansh: I don’t lyk u mumma
Tears come from Ragini’s eyes.
Vansh: but i love u a lot….mumma.
Ragini’s tears turns into smile she hugs him
Vansh: wat happened mumma is there any problem?
Ragini nodes her head in no.
Ragini sees the cloack.
Ragini: Dukku u r getting late for school..go get ready and come fast go..
Vansh: ok mumma he goes..
Dadi comes inside Ragini’s room.
Ragini: Dadi ..do u want something?
Dadi: i want to ask u smthing Ladoo.
Ragini: haan dadi.
Dadi: i heard u talking to ur father in the kitchen..
Ragini: u heard
Dadi: haan ..tell me where is Vansh’s papa.
Ragini ws a bit tensed.
Ragini: Woh he is in…woh
Dadi: ladoo..dont try to tell any lie..
Ragini: woh dadi Vansh’s papa..i don’t knw where is he ..
Dadi: nahi pata ..
Ragini: dadi me and him are not together.
Dadi: Divorced?
Ragini: kuch aisa hi..
Dadi: Vansh knws this?
Ragini: He never ask abt him.
Vansh comes there.

Vansh: mumma pls do my tie…
Ragini: tie..
Dadi: haan in Vansh school they have included a tie also…
Ragini is lost in thoughts…
FB starts
Ragini is wearing a saree she has sindoor and magalsutra..
Voice: Ragu..pls do this tie….
Ragini: ithne bade ho gaya ek tie bandhna bhi nahi aata kya?
Voice: Ragu nw don’t pull my leg..bandho na pls.
Ragini smiles..
Ragini: come i’ll do it.
A person walks to her..his face is not shown.
Ragini : chalo ho gaya
That person holds Ragini close.
Ragini: no…..
That person holds her more close and kisses her on her cheeks
Person: thank u wifey..
FB Ends
Dadi :chalo ho gaya.
Ragini comes out of her thoughts
Vansh: Thank u Dadi..he kisses dadi’s cheeks..
Dadi: Vansh go and take ur tiffin box ok.
Vansh: ok dadi..
he goes
Dadi: hya hua?
Ragini: he ws also lyk this…
Ragini starts to cry
Dadi: Ladoo..its ok nw joh ho gaya so ho gaya..but if u want to share it wit me ..i am always here ok.
Ragini smiles..
Ragini and Vansh goes…
Ragini drops Vansh in school.
Ragini kisses Vansh
Vansh: mumma aaj half day hain u knw na..
Ragini: Haan Dukku i’ll reach on tym.
Calling bell rings Dadi opens the door.
Sanam: Badi Nani…
Dadi: Sanu….
Sanam: Dukku kaha hain?
Dadi: he went to school …

They hug..
Dadi: DP ji..AP ji…oh u all r here
Swar: dadi baath hi kuch aisa hain.
AP: u will not let us inside?
Dadi; areey come come..have ur seat.
Sekhar: Oh DP ji ..tell me hw is everything going?
DP: We all came here for an important work.
Mishti: Namaste…Laksh beta sit na..
Laksh also sit with them.
RP: Where is Varsha?
Mishti: She is here i’ll call her..
Sujatha: call her but not nw.
Gadodias looks puzzled.
DP: Shekhar ji ur elder daughter is our bahu..nw we r thinking if we can bring ur younger daughter to our house.
Shekhar: what?
AP: We want to make Varsha our bahu….
RP: We came here with a proposal for Varsha for our Laksh.
Shekhar: oh ..DP j i am so happy..
Dadi: haan nw both of our daughters will be in a single house.
Shekhar: Mishti u can and make Varsh aready.
Mishti: haan
Mishti leaves..
Maheshwari’s and Gadodias..have a small chit chat..
Ragini and Vansh reach GM.
Laksh gets a call he stands and goes to a corner.
Ragini and Vansh enters.
Ragini is shocked to see so many people in Gm.
Swara: Areey Ragini u came back.
Ragini smiles..
Sanam: Dukku.
Vansh: hi Sanu bhaiya..
They hug
AP: So he is Dukku…Sanam always talks abt him ..
Ragini smiles..
Dadi: introduces Ragini to the Maheshwaris and tell Ragini why they all r here.
Ragini: so u r taking Varsha di for Swara dis devar ..glad to meet everyone..i’ll change and come..
She goes..
Laksh comes back.
Laksh: who is tht dadi..pointing towards Vansh.
Sanam: chachu this is Dukku..Dukku this is Laksh chachu..
Vansh: Namaste…
Laksh: namaste…so u r Dukku ..Sanu keeps on talking abt u…
In Varsha’s room
Mishti: sit still Varsha..
Varsha: maa i cant believe…Laksh and me i am so excited….
Ragini: acha i am so excited huh Varsha di?
Mishti: Ragini u came?
Varsh: Ragini!!! Ragini iam so happy..
Ragini: di ur face have become red..lyk a tomato..
Mishti; Ragini beta pls make her ready..i’ll see Maheswaries..bring her there in 5 mins..ok
Ragini: U go Mishti maa i’ll make di ready..
Mishti goes…
Ragini makes Varsha ready.
Varsha: Ragini tell me how am i looking?
Ragini: just lyk an angel….Swara di’s devar will be flat on u..
Varsha: really Ragini..
Ragini: haan meri maa nw lets go..
Mishti serves Maheshwari food..
Shekhar: (audiable to Mishti only) Mishti where is Varsha?
Mishti: (audiable to Shekhar only)Ragini will bring her.
Mishti: Varsha…
Ragini: coming…
Laksh looks on..
Ragini brings Varsha..
Everyone looks at Varsha..Laksh is also looking at her Varsha sees it and starts blushing …
Ragini brings juice for everyone..she gives it to all..And last to Laksh.
Laksh looks at Ragini ..both r shocked to see each other.
The screen freezes on the shocking faces of Raglak.
Precap: Why ws Ragini and Laksh shocked to see each other…

Credit to: Sarika Shah & Sameer

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