Swaragini-Nazdeekiyaan Episode 21

Guys a ver BIG sorry i knw i am too….late but sry …for this late updates…and still i cant promise i’ll be regular…love u guys
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Recap: Vansh accident.
Ragini prays to god.
Dr: u can nw meet him…
Ragini rushes inside.
Vansh is lying on the bed..
Ragini touches his hand.
Vansh slowly tries to open his eyes..
Laksh and Kunal comes in.
Vansh: Mumma….
Ragini hugs him and cries…..
2 weeks later.
Vansh: mumma now i am 5n..u go na.
Ragini: i am not going anywhere ….chalo have this milk.
Vansh: i’ll only have it if u say u’ll go.
Ragini: Dukku don’t play with me come hv it.
Vansh: no mumma ….
Kunal: Haan Ragini u should go ill b here with Vansh ..
Vansh: haan mumma u go…
Kunal: haan Ragini and its just a collage reunion ….u’ll b back in 2 days …
Vansh: 2 days?
Kunal: haan Vansh it is a half day journey ..
Ragini: see its for 2 days..no i am not leaving my Dukku and going.
Vansh: cmon mumma……mumma mumma mumma mumma mumma mumma mummaaaa…………………………………..
Ragini; acha acha ok 5n i’ll go.
Kunal and Vansh: yah…..
Ragini: ab have ur milk.
Vansh comes and drink the milk..
Laksh is packing his cloths.
Pari: do u think Ragini will come?
Laksh: i don’t knw bhabhi….
Adarsh: pls tk care of urself….
Laksh: ji…
Laksh leaves….
Ragini is sitting in the car.
Vansh: mumma have fud on tym and b a gud girl don’t do any mischief ok..
Ragini: meri maa…
Kunal: Ragini tk care of urself….ok..have fud on tym..and
Ragini: ab aap shuru mat ho jao.
Kunal smiles…
Ragini leaves …..
Kunal and Vansh goes inside…
Kunal: Vansh get ready for school…
Vansh: ok papa….
Kunal POV.
Ragini….I don’t knw y but jab bhi i see her i see my Radhu in her….agar Ragini nahi hotha toh kya hotha mera?…Vansh ka?…..Ragini is not Vansh’s biological mother..but still she loves and tk care of him lyk her own..wen i see her taking care of Vans hi feel my Radhu ….or is it a sign…..yes am i falling for her?….or am i falling for the Radhu inside her……i don’t knw Ragini…..but i want to say i love u….i’ll never leave u to anyother…u r mine..u r my Radhu..my Vansh’s mumma….
He kisses Radhika and Ragini’s photo in his purse……
Laksh has already reached and is tlking to all..
Friend1: arrey yaar what a crap tht Hemant ws…i never thought he will separate u and Ragini.
Friend; haan yaar..
Laksh: guys whatever happened has happened…nw lets don’t tlk abt it..
Friend2; hey Laksh will Ragini come?
Laksh: i don’t knw yaar he may come…
Friend3: with her husband…
Voice: no alone….
Everyone turns back…
Some girls: look its Ragini..
Yes its Ragini.
Laksh: Ragini u came?
Ragini: haan woh Kunal and Dukku wanted me to attent this thts y..
Some girls come and Ragini goes with them….
Laksh tires to see and tlk to Ragini but fails…..
He goes around the collage and remembers his tym spend with Ragini…….
He comes back to the hall where there is a party…
He sees Ragini in a blue saree….drinking smthing…
Laksh recogonises the saree..it ws gifted by him …after their wedding…..
He went to her..nw Ragini ws standing alone…
Laksh: Ragini…
Ragini: chup!
Laksh: wat?
Ragini: shhh…..sab sunege..
Laksh: Ragini r u ok?
Ragini: u r my husband and u don’t knw main kaisi hun?..very bad Laksh….
Laksh: husband…..
Ragini grabs another drink frm the table and drink it…
Ragini: this apple juice is really tasty husband u should try it.
Laksh smell it…and turn to a group girls.
Girl1: Lagtha hain Laksh ko sab pata chal gaya ..chalo yaha se chalthe hain.
They go
Laksh: Ragini this is alcohol not any apple juice.
Ragini: no mere pyaare husband its apple juice..
Laksh: Ragini ..
Ragini shouts..apple juice apple juice apple juice..
Everyone luk them.
Laksh: acha teekh hain this is apple juice nw pls come with me.
Ragini: no no no…
Laksh: pls pls pls….
Ragini: ok den carry me..
Ragini makes a cute face.
Laksh carry her to her room.
Laksh: tk rest ok.
Ragini holds his hand
Ragini: ruk jao na pls…
Ragini closes the door.
Ragini: i miss u Laksh….
Ragini hug him..tears come from her eyes…
Ragini: Laksh ..i love u..
Tears were coming from Laksh’s eyes also..he hugs Ragini ti8…..

Precap: RagLak romantic moments

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