Swaragini-Nazdeekiyaan Episode 20

Hi everyone thank u for ur awesome comments. So guys only 5 episodes more…..Thank u for all ur love..
Sarika Shah and Sameer 🙂
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Recap:Ragini’s feelings.
Morning at hotel.
Kunal comes to Ragini and Vansh’s room
Vansh: gud morning papa.
Kunal tk him.
Kunal: gud mrning…mumma kaha hain?
Vansh: she is inside.
Kunal keeps him down.
Kunal: papa mumma se milke aate hain.
Kunal goes to the room.
He goes inside
Ragini is standing infront of the mirror she is trying to tie the knot of her blouse..
Ragini sees Kunal and imdediatly turns the other side …
Kunal: woh i am sry i didn’t see..tht..
He goes out….
Ragini ws feeling bit odd seeing Kunal there..
Ragini again tries to tie the knot…
Suddenly Kunal comes inside Ragini’s room and tie the knot.
Ragini is shocked seeing Kunal actions.
Kunal: pls come out i want to tlk to u.
Kunal goes..
Ragini feels akward
Ragini comes out..
After wat happened inside ..Ragini and Kunal were able have eye contact.
There ws silence for sm tym
Kunal: Ragini woh i nedded ur help
Ragini: my help.
Vansh comes and sits on Ragini’s lap.
Kunal: woh aaj can u come with me for a meeting?
Ragini: today?..
Kunal: haan
Ragini: but Vansh will be here alone ..papa also went back to RM.
Kunal: Tht we will arrange anyways he will b going to school. Then we will say one of my staff to look him.
Ragini: r u sure?
Vansh: its ok mumma u go wit papa.
Ragini: ok but Dukku b a gud boy ok.
Kunal Ragini and Vansh leaves in Kunal’s car.
Kunal is driving Ragini is sitting beside him and Vansh is sitting on Ragini’s lap.
They drop Vansh at school.
Kunal: Ragini i am ry for wat happened today mrning.
Ragini: ah its ok…
Then there ws silence between them….
Kunal thinks: Ragini what happened between us ..see hw everything changed between us..
Kunal thinks his moments with Radhika and Ragini.
Where Kunal is sitting between Ragini and Radhika.
Where Radhika is telling Kunal abt Ragini and Laksh.
They are laughing talking …
@ Present
Kunal and Ragini reach office.
Laksh is thinking..
Adarsh and Pari comes there.
Pari: Laksh..iwe think u should move on.
Laksh: hw can i bhabhi?
Adarsh: Laksh Ragini married Kunal and its their child.
Laksh: no bhaiya its Kunals son …do u remember i told u tht Ragini had a sisiter..at the tym of accident she ws 9 months pregnant.
So after the DNA test its sure tht Vansh is Radhika nd Kunal’s son.
Adarsh: what?
Pari: tht means Ragini is still..
Laksh: haan and i hv seen love in her eyes….bhabhi…bhai ..i want her …she is suffering …i promise ill make her mine forever.
@ Kunal’s office
Ragini: woh Dukku ka school chodne ka tym ho gaya.
Kunal: haan Rahul gaya hain use lena.
Ragini: ok.
Kunal(im mind): Hw much u care for Vansh Ragini..thank u so much …
@ School.
Vansh is standing near the school gate.
A man comes to him.
Man: beta u r Vansh ? Kunal sir’s son?
Vansh: haan.
Man: hi beta i am Rahul i am a staff in Kunal sir’ office. He told me to tk care of u today.
Vansh: haan uncle.
Man: so lets go.
Vansh: ok..
They leaves.
Adarsh: so what r u going to ?
Laksh: find i hv to find where they r nw.
Laksh leaves
Vansh is travelling in car with Rahul.
Vansh sees ice gola..
Vansh: uncle uncle i am feeling really thirsty.
Rahul hands him a bottle of water.
Vansh: no uncle i want to have smthing cold.
Rahul: wat u want beta.
Vansh points to the ice gola.
Rahul: really ?..u want ice gola?
Vansh: han uncle wen i am wit mumma iwe hv it.
Rahul den come…
Vansh opens the door and runs to the ice gola ventor.
A car is coming frm the other side.
The car hit Vansh.
Rahul: VANSH…………………People crowd over there.
Laksh also reach there Laksh sees the crowd.
He goes there and sees Vansh lying there in a pool of blood.
Laksh: Vansh beta ..
Rahul: sir u knw him?
Laksh: haan hw did this happen?
Laksh is in tears he tks Vansh to hospital.
Rahul calss Ragini and informs her abt Vansh’s accident.
Ragini crys hard and comes to hospital. She didn’t tell Kunal abt Vansh.
She reaches hospital.
Ragini: Rahul …hw did this happen?
She is in tears
Ragini: i told u to tk care of him ..still hw can u be so careless?
Rahul: sry Ragini mam..tht sir helped us..
She sees Laksh coming with medicines he gives the medicines to the nurse.
Ragini goes to him.
Ragini :..thank u..
She holds his leg and cries.
Laksh: Ragini ..
He make her stand.
Ragini folds her hand
Ragini: thank u Laksh agar app nahi hotha toh.
Laksh makes her sit Ragini is still crying .
Kunal comes there.
Kunal: Ragini kya hua?
Ragini goes and hugs him ti8 and cries.
Both Laksh and Kunal is shocked to see this.
Kunal: Ragu tell me wat happend.
Ragini: woh Dukku….
She cries again.
Kunal makes her sit
Laksh and Rahul tells him what happened.
Dr. Comes out.
Ragini rushes to him.
Ragini: Dr. Pls pls save my son pls…
Dr.: pls calm down mam he is 5n …
Ragini: thank u Dr.
She cries.
Kunal and Laksh looks at her….
Precap: Kuanl’s POV…..collage reunion

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