Swaragini-Nazdeekiyaan Episode 19

Thank u for ur support guys….so i hv decided i’ll make this FF to 25 episodes…so only 6 episodes remaining….ill completing it by Saturday..or mayb by Monday..so keep supporting me with ur comments..
As u all knw i write one more FF Swaragini-Zehnaseeb(My Fate) its a RagSan FF…Yesterday i wrote its 50th and Last episode if u could read and comment ur opinion ill b happy…
Episode 50
And abt Sameer FF Swaragini-YOU & I..he is busy nw a days so i dnt knw wen he will b updating nxt.
Sarika Shah

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Recap: Vansh is Radhika and Kunal’s son.

Maheshwaris r on the way to MM.
All r sad..
Laksh is still in tears and is thinking abt Ragini and Kunal….
And then Laksh and Ragini’s happy days in which she says she want her son to be named Vansh.
Then something flashed on his mind.
Laksh(in mind): Ragini told me tht Radhika ws also pregnant..and t the tym of accident she may be 9 months pregnant..Vansh and my DNA test ws –ve….kayi Vansh Kunal aur Radhika ka beta toh nahi hain…..
Rathore Ragini Kunal and Vansh reach hotel.
Kunal: Ragini u and Vansh stay in one room..Me and papa wil tk another room.
They goes to their respective rooms.
Vansh sleeps Ragini is sitting on the chair and is Thinking..
FB Starts
@ Hospital
Ragini drops the knife Rathore and Kunal hugs her.
Ragini takes baby ..
Ragini: Vansh…u r my Vansh no…jiju u don’t wry i’ll b his mother..main use didi ki kami kabhi hone nahi dunga.
Kunal: thank u Ragini….
Yrs passes….
Vansh is 1 yr.
Ragini: Dukku beta chalo…
Vansh comes holding Ragini.
Rathore : Arrey Vansh beta u r looking very handsome.
Kunal comes to Vansh.
Vansh: pa..papa
Kunal’s eyes were filled with tears
Ragini comes..
Ragini: chalo Dukku cake cut..
Kunal family is also there.
After celebration.
Kunal’s mom: Rathore ji i wnted to tell u smthing.
Rathore: ji kahiye..
Kunal’s mother points where Ragini and Kunal are playing with lil Vansh.
Kunal’s mom: Rathore ji after all these i don’t think either Ragini or Kunal will agree to marry.
So why don’t we get both of them married?
Rathore: i don’t think they will agree for it.
Kunal’s mom : then wat will v do..Vansh needs both mother’s father’s love and care.
Rathore: Kunal and Ragini r giving him a father’s mother’s love.
Kunal’s mom: but Rathore ji wen Vansh grow up he will surely ask abt his father and mother at tht tym wat willwe say.
Kunal: we will say to him tht we r divorced.
Rathore: what?
Kunal is standing bhind him Ragini is holding Vansh.
Kunal: haan papa we will tell him tht me and Ragini r his parents and nw we r divorced anyway i hv to handle business and i’ll be mostly not here with him..
Ragini: hmm…
FB ends.

Ragini(to herself): tab se Laksh ..tab se main yeh sab kar rahi hun sirf tumhare wajah se…..par mujhe itna fark kyun pad raha hain..bahut nafarat karthi hun main tumse Laksh..but in these 7 years ..there is not even a single in which i didn’t think abt u….wen i saw u at GM i don’t knw y my heart beat increased….wen i cme to knw u were going to marry Varsha dI i was scattered inside…but y Laksh Maheshwaari?
Wen u Misunderstood Vansh as our son…The love and care i saw in ur eyes ws it true?
I don’t knw …or still do i love him.

Precap: Vansh accident.

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  6. Awesome
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