Swaragini-Nazdeekiyaan Episode 18

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Recap: DNA Reports –ve
@ Hotel
They hv fud.
Ragini feeds Vansh..and Vansh feeds Ragini..
Rathore and Kunal looks at them…
FB starts.
7 yrs ago…
@ the hospital..
Kunal beats Laksh..Laksh finally leaves.
Kunal and Rathore r in the hospital
nurse brings a baby.
Nurse: Mr.Mehta.
Kunal turns back.
Kunal: yes its me.
Nurse: its a boy.
Kunal: oh.
Nurse gives the baby to him.
Nurse: slowly…
Kunal tks the baby in his arms
Kunal looks at the baby ..
The baby smiles he also smiles..
Kunal: My wife…
Nurse: I am sry sir we couldn’t save her.
Nurse takes the baby back….
Kunal collapses on the floor
After some tym…
Nurse: sir …we need u to fill up these forms..
Kunal: what forms?
Nurse: The other person who is..
Rathore: alive..
Nurse : yes sir.
Rathore : can i meet her?
Nurse: yh ..
Kunal: Papa who is it maa or Ragini?
Rathore: i dnt knw….hw is Radhika?
Kunal: they could only save our son.
Rathore: Radhu..
Kunal: no …she is…
Kunal starts to cry.
Rathore also starts to cry..
Nurse: Sir this way.
Nurse takes Rathore and Kunal inside.
They see a women lying there.
Rathore: its Ragini…
Yes tht is Ragini.
Rathore and Kunal comes out..
Rathore: Janki….
Rathore starts to cry ..Kunal consoles him.
After some days..
Kunal and Rathore does all the last rituals of Radhika and Janki..Kunal family also comes.
Nurse: Sir she will gain he consciousness nw pls b here.
Rathore : yh thank u…
Kunal is also there ..A beard is present on both Rathore and Kunal’s face.
Kunal: Papa i’ll tk baby and come.
Kunal goes..
Ragini regains her consciousness
Rathore: Princess..
Ragini: pap….papa..
Ragini tries to get up.
Rathore: no no lie down…
Ragini: papa ..maa aur di..
Rathore: beta u need to rest nw..
Ragini: woh dono teekh hain na aur..jeeju?
Kunal comes in with baby.
Kunal: hi Ragini.
Ragini: di ki delivary ho gayi.
Kunal: haan beta hua hain.
Ragini: and di?
Kunal becomes silent.
Ragini: y r u both silent ..
Rathore: beta woh accident main mein sirf do log bacha….
Ragini: matlab maa di…
Kunal: woh log ab nahi raha.
Ragini: nahi aisa nahi ho saktha ..papa no it cant happen..
Kunal: Ragini calm down.
Ragini cries hard.
Ragini: maa aur di ko kyun maar diya bhagwaan aap…
Rathore: pls beta….
Ragini: i couldn’t even see them for once….papa..
She cries again..
Kunal: Ragini pls stop crying u ned rest nw.
Ragini: aur my baby…
Rathore: becoz of blood loss….
Ragini: no papa i cnt bear any more.
Kunal: Ragini ..pls …
Ragini: its all because of me …its all becoz of me..
Rathore: no beta…
Ragini: no papa its my mistake…
Ragini tks the knife kept near the table for cutting fruits,…she takes it and tries to cut her vein …Rathore and Kunal tries to stop her..
Suddenly the baby cries Ragini drops the knife and cries hard
Kunal and Rathore hugs her.
FB ends

Precap: will Laksh get to knw the truth?

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