Swaragini-Nazdeekiyaan Episode 17

Hi everyone thanx for sharing ur views abt this FF..i loved ur comments..
Well today is a special day..its my bade bhai Ayush’s b’day..also iits our Iqra’s b’day…So very big happy birthday to both of them..
Sarika and Sameer 🙂
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Recap: Tht man is revealed as Kunal Mehta.

After 2 days ..
Laksh is walking here and there.
Adarsh: Laksh relax …
Laksh: y hi knw..im Vansh’s father..but i don’t knw nw i feel smthing odd.
Pari: nothing wrong will happen Laksh..
On the other side.
Ragini is sitting hugging sleeping Vansh..
Kunal and Rathore are standing there.
Ragini: papa im sry its all becoz of me
Rathore: dnt say tht beta
Kunal: Haan Ragini we knw wat is the result..so soon after getting the report we will leave frm here..
Ragini node her head in yes
She cares Vansh’s hair.
Dr.: Mr.Maheshwari..
All comes there…
DP gets the report frm Dr.
DP checks it…
Shekhar takes the report frm him..
Both DP and Shekhar r shocked…
AP: DP ji pls tell us wat is in there?
Laksh takes the report and read
He is shocked
Sujatha: chore tell wat is written?.
Shekhar: its –ve…….
Maheshwaris and Gadodias..: what!
AP: tht means….
Kunal: tht means Vansh is my son….
Guys don’t get confussed DNA test ws done for Laksh and Vansh not Kunal and Vansh…
Sujatha: no no..this is not possible….
Rathore: Kunal lets go….i don’t want to waste anymore tym ..
Ragini carries Vansh nd goes behind Rathore and Kunal.
Laksh ws fully broken.
He sits down and cries.
Sanskar: Laksh pls stop crying..pls..
Laksh: hw can dis happen?
AP and Sujatha is also in tears..
In the car..
Kunal is driving
Rathore is sitting beside
Ragini is sitting at the back seat..
Vansh is sleeping on her lap.
@ Hospital
Laksh: its all becoz of me..
DP: Laksh stop blaming urself..
RP: bhaisa Laksh told tht Ragini wanted their child to be named Vansh…so if its not her son why will she name him Vansh.
@ the car.
Ragini: I shouldn’t have named him Vansh…
Kunal: no Ragini ..Vansh is a very gud name….its perfect for him..
Sujatha: i still don’t believe the reports…
Swara: mom lets go home nw..
Sanskar and Adarsh helps Laksh ..
Maheshwari’s returns to MM.
@ the car.
Kunal stops the car ..
Its a hotel.
Kunal: come lets hv fud.
Ragini: i dnt wnt anything i am not hungry.
Kunal: Ragini pls u didn’t hd anything frm 2 days…come..
Rathore: Chalo beta..
Rathore Kunal Ragini and Vansh goes inside the hotel.
Maheshwaris r sitting in the car they r travelling back to MM
Laksh sits and close his eyes..
He thinks abt his and Ragini’s moments….
He gets teary eyed.
@ Hotel.
Ragini is sitting with Vansh on her lap..
Opposite to her Kunal and Rathore are sitting.
Vansh has just woken up..But still he is in his sleepy mood..
Ragini tickles him..
And he opens his eyes fully.
Vansh: gud mrning muma.
Vansh kisses on Ragini’s cheeks
Ragini: Gud mrning Dukku..
They hugs..
The waiter brings the menu.
Rathore tks one menu and is reading it..
Ragini also takes one ..
She and Vansh sees the menu..
Ragini and Vansh r seeing the menu and they happily laughing and chating..
Kunal sees them lovingly…
Waiter comes again..
Ragini places order for Vansh..
Others also give their orders.
Ragini: bhaiya fud zyaada spicy nahi hona chahiye..
The waiter nodes his head in yes and goes.
Kunal looks at her…
He thinks….
FB Shows…
Kunal is in hospital…nurse brings a baby.
Nurse: Mr.Mehta.
Kunal turns back.
Kunal: yes its me.
Nurse: its a boy.
Kunal: oh.
Nurse gives the baby to him.
Nurse: slowly…
Kunal tks the baby in his arms
Kunal looks at the baby ..
The baby smiles he also smiles..
FB Ends..
Kunal looks at vansh…
And smiles.

Precap: Flashback ….

Credit to: Sarika Shah & Sameer


    • Sarika Shah

      May ur B’day & every day b filled with the warmth of sunshine, the happiness of smiles, the sounds of laughter, the feeling of love & the sharing of good cheer.
      Happy Birthday Iqra 🙂
      Love u yaar

  1. Anonymous

    Hello.. Can someone tell me the name of the Fan Fiction in which Laksh loves Anusha and has married Raging.. I am not able to remember it..

  2. Lovely ( FF Broken heart)

    I think Vansh’s is not Raginis real son! Vansh’s is kunal son, Ragini just give him the live of a mother! I hope kunal and Ragini marry together
    And yes mind-blowing episode 😉

  3. Ayush Shah

    Hi guys its Ayush I am Sarika’s Elder Brother..today only she told me tht she is writing FFs…Thank u all for ur wishes….Well Saru u rock…love u sis….

  4. Akriti

    It was awesome. I hope raglak will get together soon after clearing their misunderstandings

  5. Hi Di is he the one who was spying on you few days ago….if so then please Bhaiya let her continue because she is doing an excellent job by providing us such nice stories….consider it as a request by your small sister

    • Ayush Shah

      Haan its me..mujhe thodi pata tha ki meri behana itni talented hain..lekin abb pata hain.. Nikki aap fikar mat karo main usse likhne se nahi rok sakta…..Agar Saru yeh pehale bathaya hotha toh main usse tabse support karthi…..I love u Saru..and sry for spying 🙂

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