Swaragini-Nazdeekiyaan Episode 16

Hi guys so from today ill upload 2 episodes or even 3
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i9uRecap: Vansh calls a man papa…
Everyone r shocked to see this..
Laksh: Kunal…
Yes tht man who carried Ragini is none another than Kunal..(Barun Sobti)
Kunal comes and holds Laksh’s collar.
Kunal: i told u never to come infront of me ri8…
Laksh: Pls try to understand..
Kunal: after seeing Ragini’s condition i can very well understand everything.
Laksh: pls u dnt knw
Kunal: u killed my family nw wat r u up to kill Ragini?
Vansh: papa he ws saying he is my papa and mumma is lying
Kunal: wat do u people want ?
AP: Dekho i wnt my grandson..Vansh is my grandson.
Kunal: no he is my son..

Laksh: they don’t knw who r u but i do..and i knw its my son.
Kunal: ok do u want to do a DNA test i am ready becoz he is my son
Vansh: papa lets go frm here.
Kunal: Laksh agar Ragini ko kuch hua den i’ll not spare u…
Kunal and Vansh sits near Ragini…
Kunal slowly pats on Ragini’s cheeks.
Kunal: Ragini.. Ragini get up…pls open ur eyes.
Vansh: mumma see papa is here ..open ur eyes..pls mumma
Rathore reaches there..
He sees Ragini lying on the sofa Kunal and Vansh sitting nxt to her.
Rathore: Princess…
Vansh: dadu..
Vansh goes and hugs Rathore.

Rathore: Kunal beta wat happened to her?
Kunal: papa aap puchiye inse….
Rathore: Laksh u here…Ill kill u today…
Rathore slaps Laksh Adarsh and Sanskar hold Rathore protecting Laksh.
Rathore: leave me i will kill him today y r u here?…u cant see my bachi living peacefully?
DP: U must b Rathore..Ragini’s father..see i am sry for wat my son did to u..
Rathore: wow..aapka iss sry se will i get my family back?
Kunal: papa dekho Ragini ko hosh aa rahi hain.
Ragini : Vansh…vash ko choddo..
Vansh: mumma i am here with u..open ur eyes pls.
Rathore: Princess open ur eyes beta..
Ragini slowly open her eyes.
Ragini: Vansh…Vansh..
Vansh comes and hugs her ti8.
Ragini and Vansh cries.

Ragini: Vansh beta….u r ok na …
Vansh: haan mumma..
Ragini: nbeta mumma ko promise karo ki ull never leave.
Vansh: promise mumma..
Kunal: hw r u nw Ragini?
Ragini: im 5n..wen did u come..
Kunal: wen papa heard wat happened to u hwe called me …so i ws near Kolkata ..so i came here papa msged me the address and i reached here …but den i saw u falling…
Rathore: Vansh gets ready we r leaving nw.
Laksh: Ragini..wat is all this…
Vansh: uncle ..this is my papa Kunal and this is my mumma Ragini and dis is my dadu Raghuvendra rathore….
Adarsh: tht means Ragini married him…but still Vansh is Laksh’s son.
Kunal: i said tht he is my son.
DP: Then we shall see the DNA Report.
Kunal: ok 5n…

Ragini Kunal Rathore and Vansh leaves GM

Precap: DNA Test Reports…+ve or –ve?…..

Credit to: Sarika Shah & Sameer


  1. Prateeksha

    As usual awesome episode but a little short . Anyways Loved it. Waiting for next episode ☺

  2. Tuba

    Thank u soooo soooo much! Another update I loved it! U both rock!
    Ragini Kunal nice pair! Hate the Maheshwaris!
    I cant wait for tomorrow ant that to 3 updates omg I am gonna die out of happiness! Saru and Sam Amazing work guys it was beautiful!

  3. Gayu

    I don’t like what laksh family did. But even rathore n janki believed someone more than their daughter. I know bad things happened in their family bcoz of laksh. But even after knowing that snake truth, they didn’t feel guilty fix Ragini marriage with him. Both did wrong. So treating one like criminal n other as victim is bad I think

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