Swaragini-Nazdeekiyaan Episode 15

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Recap: Laksh says to AP tht he doesn’t want to marry Varsha.

DP: Laksh wat r tu tlking?
Laksh: i am sry papa but i cant marry Varsha.
Varsha: u r joking ri8..Laksh…tears comes frm her eyes.
Laksh: i wish i would have ..but no i am not joking.
DP comes and slaps Laksh
Varsha cries
DP: I will tk decisions ….not u ..and its my decision tht u will marry Varsha and only Varsha.
Laksh: ok papa i’ll marry her but u ask her if she want a husband who has a kid?
Everyone r shocked
DP: What r u tlking Laksh.
Sanskar: Laksh wat is it?
Laksh: yes ..i have a son.
Swara: Laksh i knw its not true.
Pari: it is Swara.

AP: What is going on in here?
Laksh: Vansh is my son.
All r shocked.
Dadi: Laksh don’t drag Ragini and Vansh into this if u dnt want to marry Varsha then its ok…
Laksh: no dad ii am telling the truth ..Vansh is my son..and Ragini is my wife.
Sharmishta: what?
Swara: but she told us tht she is divorced…tht means u both r divorced?
Laksh: i’ll tell u all everything ….
FB Shows..

Laksh and Ragini’s first meeting…Ragini confussing her feelings to Laksh…..Thir consummation…..Ragini’s parents reaction ….Laksh and Ragini marriage…..happy days..Ragini telling Laksh tht she want s her son to be named Vansh….Hemant’s plans….Laksh doubting on Ragini…..Laksh scolding Ragini for bing close to Hemant….Ragini saying to Laksh tht she is pregnant……Laksh accusing Ragini and telling it is not his child…..Laksh telling Ragini to leave….Ragini and Hemant’s marriage fixed…..Laksh learns Hemants truth……Laksh planning Hemant’s accident……..Laksh learns tht its Ragini her sister and mother in the car in place of Hemant…Their accident ….what happens in the hospital….and seeing Ragini and Vansh here after long yrs
FB Ends….

All r in tears…
AP: Vansh is my grandson….
DP: Laksh hw could u do this to a girl?
Dadi: so Ragini lied to us….
AP goes to Laksh
AP: Laksh whatever b the issue but i want my grandson to be with me..
Laksh hugs her
Varsha: Laksh it is true tht i love u but ..u love Ragini and i knw she also love u a lot….dont wry i’ll not be a barrier between u 2.
Laksh hugs Varsha
Laksh: thank u Varsha.

After some tym

Ragini and Vansh returns home
Ragini sees everyone staring her and Vansh.

Ragini: dadi wat happen u all look tensed….did u all cry?
Dadi: u lied to us isn’t?
Ragini: me?
Sujatha: haan u only u lied to all of us..hw can u keep our grandson with u….
Ragini looks at Laksh
Ragini: i am sry i am not understanding anything.
AP: Y did u do tis to me Ragini we knw everything abt u and Laksh.
Ragini is shocked.
AP: Ragini i want my grandson to live with me…
Ragini: aunty u r mistaken Laksh may have told everything but….this is not his child….
Laksh: hw far u’ll lie Ragu..

Ragini: don’t utter my name Laksh Maheshwari….u killed my family…dont forget tht.
AP: I knw beta but thts becoz he loves u nw pls ..let me meet my grandson.
Ragini: pls everyone …stop this drama…i am telling na Vansh is not Laksh’s son..
AP: I don’t believe u …Vansh beta come to dadi.
Vansh hides back of Ragini.
AP: See Ragini he is not even coming to his dadi.
Ragini: pls aunty u r not his dadi.
Sujatha: u lied to Vansh abt everything .
Ragini: Vansh don’t listen to them they don’t kne anything..go and pack ur bag we r leaving nw.
Vansh: ok mumma
He goes inside.
Laksh stops Ragini.
Ragini: move away ..

Laksh: he is my son i also hv equal rights on him lyk u.
Ragini: he is not ur son …
Sujatha: chore she will not listen lyk tht.
Sujatha and Swara holds Ragini’s hands and push her out of the house..they lock the door frm inside….
Ragini bangs the door..it is raining heavily
Ragini: open the door ..wat r u all up to..dont even touch my son..
Hearing Ragini’s voice Vansh comes out of the room.
Vansh: where is mumma?
Sujatha: chore…do u knw who is this..see she is ur dadi…and this is ur papa.
Vansh: where is mumma?

AP: Come here beta..
Ragini: Pls i begg u …open the door….Ragini is fully wet in the rain
Vansh goes to the door and bangs on it he cnt open it coz he is short in height.
Vansh(crying): mumma…mumma
Ragini: Dukku dnt cry beta ..
Vansh: mumma open the door and come in..
Ragini: beta nothing will happen just stay calm..
Vansh goes to AP
Vansh: pls let my mumma come in..she is telling no tht he is not my papa….pls ..
The screen splits Showing the crying faces of Ragini and Vansh.
Ragini is still banging on the door..
Ragini: open the door…dont touch my son…pls…
DP takes Vansh.

DP: Vansh beta i am ur dada…
Vansh: no u r not..i want my mumma…
Vansh goes to Parvathy(dadi)
Vansh: pls dadi ..mumma ko andar aane do na….
Dadi: Vansh ..ur mumma lied to u beta.
Vansh: no my mumma never lies..u all r lying.
Laksh: beta i am ur father…ur papa.
Vansh: ok i’ll call u whatever u want …but 1st open the door i want to see my mumma…
Suddenly the banging on the door stops
Vansh: mumma..mumma..
Vansh: mumma ka awaaz nahi aa raha.
Vansh Bangs the door.
Vansh: pls open the door…

He hears a voice frm outside
Voice: Vansh don’t wry mumma is with me…
Vansh: papa!….
All: papa?
Vansh: nw my papa is here….he will beat u all for hurting mumma…
Laksh: no beta i am ur papa…
Vansh: 1st i’ll complain abt u to my papa..u said mumma is lying ri8.
Voice: Vansh tell them to open the door..otherwise i’ll have to break it forcefully.
Vansh: haan papa..break it..these people made mumma cry and m cry.
Laksh: who r u there..Vansh is my son..
Voice: 1st u open the door thn we will talk face to face do u get it..I said open the door.
Dadi goes and opens the door.

They see a man carrying unconscious Ragini in his arms..both of them r fully wet.
Seeing him Vansh runs to him..and hug him.
Vansh: papa…
Tht man leans down and kisses Vansh’s cheek.
He places Ragini on the sofa.
And picks up Vansh…
All r shocked to see tht man…especially Laksh

Precap: Who is tht man?

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  1. May be ragini brother in law

    1. Sindhu di ill tell it in the nxt episode?

  2. Ragini’s sister’s husband…. vansh is radhika’s son.. ragini’s sister’s son

    1. Swe3ty ill tell u who is it in the nxt episode ?

  3. It was full of suspense. Can’t wait for the next episode. Just excited to know who the person is whom bandh is calling as papa. Plz update next part soon plz

    1. Thanm u Akriti.. ill reveal him in the nxt episode…i hv already uploaded it?

  4. Nice twist. Awesome ff. Waiting eagerly for next episode ☺

    1. Thank u so much Prateeksha?

  5. I think he must be hemanth

    1. Ill reveal it in the nxt episode…thanx aditi syam

  6. it was nice! how can they put ragini out of the house! how can they separate a son from his mother! seriously they are out of their mind and btw your ff is really good and like your ff very much

    1. and i think vansh is radhika ‘s son i mean ragini ‘s sister son and the man is her husband (radhika’s husband)

      1. ill reveal it in the nxt epsiode?

    2. Thank u so much anamica..thank u 4 commenting?

  7. Awesome
    Superb twist

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  8. Lovely ( FF Broken heart)

    Hope you update soon ! 🙂 very interesting twist 😉 eager to know who is Vansh’s father

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  9. Awesome
    Waiting for the next one……

    1. Thank u PP i hv already updated the nxt part?

  10. Please don’t say that vanish is not Lakshya son

    1. Keep reading Ragsan?

  11. is d man radhikas hus. btw super epi, nd i was waiting fr u r update

    1. Thank u lavanya i hv uploaded the nxt episode ?

  12. Awesome nd who’s tht??? Pdate nxt part soon..

    1. Thanx priya i hv already uploaded if?

  13. ragu brother in law, may be bandh is his son not raglak

    1. Thanx lovely..ill reveal it in the nxt episode?

  14. Awesome episode di……. But I really think that ragini should not go back to laksh and his family… they are really very cheap they throwed ragini out in rain although I am a big raglak fan but I really don’t want them together in this ff…only love is not important in a relationship trust and respect for other one is also important…..anyway your ff is just awesome and do whatever is right according to you

    1. Nikki ..thanx dear for expressing ur views… 🙂

    1. Thanx Swati 🙂

  15. Awesome but plz don’t separate raglak

    1. Thanx sanchami 🙂

  16. Superb episode and waiting for next

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  17. maheshwaris r so cruel …..they pushed ragini outside……..poor ragini…………

    1. Thanx for sharing ur views anu4875

  18. Omg they r so cruel… Hw cud they push her out lyk that… Superb epi dr…

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  19. OMG OMG OMG What an episode Saru and Sam I misses the previous one I read both together! I just cant tell u how awesome it was full of suspense how cruel that idiot Swara is how could they do that even Laksh did not say anything I really felt bad for Ragini. And Loved the Mother Son bonding! But the Maheshwaris were being toooo cruel hate them in this epi!
    And wait wait Vanshs Pappa OMG I am sure Vansh is Radhikas Son and he is Raginis Jijus I am waiting for Rathores entry he will kill the Maheshwaris for behaving like this with Ragini!
    But u guys write beautifully, It was Awesome I loved it and yes I am gonna miss this ff a lotttttt!
    I seriously cant wait for U Love Birds To come back with another ff! Saru n Sam hats off to ur writing!

    1. OO meri pyaari Tuba…Thank u soo much i love ur comment…And dont wry we will come back with another FF….we love u a lotttttttttttttttttttttttttt…….
      Love Sarika and Sameer 😀

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