Swaragini-Nazdeekiyaan Episode 14


Hi guys….as i said i’ll b ending this FF within this week …i knw u guys doesn’t want me to end it ..but i cant do that..but i promise i’ll come back with another RagLak FF…love u …PLs do comment
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www.tellyupdates.com/?s=nazdeekiyaanRecap: Amit’s bad intensions on Ragini..Laksh comes to knw tht Ragini’s mother and sister r no more.

Laksh: Bhai nw i cant let this wedding happen at any cost…if i do then Varsha’s lyf wil also spoil…and the truth is i still love Ragini i cant imagine anyone else in her place.
Adarsh: but wat r u gonna do?
Pari comes there.
Pari: Adarsh..wat happened?
Adarsh: Pari…uss accident mein Ragini ki maa aur behan bach nahi saka…
Pari: watt ht means Vansh is Laksh’s son ..

Laksh: haan bhabhi..
Pari: Adrash Laksh then stop this wedding ..tht means Ragini didn’t married again..
Laksh: haan bhabhi..i’ll never let this wedding happen.
Adarsh: but Laksh hw?
Laksh: sabko sachai bathake.
Adarsh: r u gone mad or wat?
Laksh: no bhaiya this is the only way out.
Pari: Adarsh Laksh is ri8.
Dadi goes and sits with Ragini who is crying..Seeing her Vansh also starts crying..
Dadi: Ladoo..pls apne aap ko sambalo..
Varsha: Haan Ragini..dekho Vansh is also crying..
Ragini looks Vansh Vansh hugs her ti8.
Ragini: Dukku y r u crying?
Vansh: bcoz u r crying mumma i cnt c u lyk this.
Ragini hugs him more ti8..and cries.
Rathore is walking here and there…
He stops at the picute of Janki and Radhika…in which a flower garland is put.
Rathore looks at the photo and smile sadly.
Rathore: Jaanu princess wat ws the need of leaving us?
Tumhe pata hain na Jaanu ki main tumhare bina kuch nahi kar saktha
Vansh: mumma mein dadu ko phone karke bathau?
Ragini: nahi Dukku ..
Dadi: par Ladoo..he should b informed…
Ragini:Dadi u dnt knw my papa ..if he comes to knw abt this then tht Amit wil b dead….
Rathore: dekho na Jaanu ab humari doosari princess hume bulathe hi nahi…..na woh…chalo chodo i’ll only call her..
Adarsh: but Laksh r u sure tht we hv to tell the truth to everyone today?
Laksh: i hv decided it bhaiya..i’ll tell them everything today itself…
Vansh: par mumma..
Ragini: Dukku..
Suddenly Ragini’s phone starts ringing..
She sees it and is shocked..
Dadi and others see her shocked face and asks her wat happened
She shows her phone to them ..
They also gets shocked seeing the callers name.
It none other than Rathore.
Ragini takes the call.
Rathore: Princess…
Ragini: papa.. i am..
Rathore; y did u cry?..wat happen?
Ragini: no papa i didn’t cry..
Rathore: don’t lie..
Ragini: no papa…
Vansh takes phone frm her.
Vansh: dadu..mumma is crying.
Rathore: Dukku wat happened?
Ragini takes phone from Vansh.
Ragini: papa woh Dukku..
Rathore: don’t cover up tell me wat happened..
Ragini: papa..woh..
Rathore: tell me pls.
Ragini: kisi ne mere saath zabardasthi kiya.
Rathore: wat?..who is it.

Ragini: papa pls calm down he is gone nw….
Rathore: i am coming there nw..
Ragini: papa its 5n.
Rathore: nw i will only speak…i am coming there by nxt flight…
Rathore disconnects the call.
Ragini looks tensed.
Sharmishta: Ragini ..wat happened?
Ragini: papa said he is coming here ri8 nw …
Dadi: its gud let him come..beta..

Ragini: Dad ii just want to go out nw..so tht i can get fresh.
Shekhar: haan beta..
Vansh: mumma i am also coming..
Ragini takes him and goes out…
Laksh Adarsh and Pari doesn’t see Ragini going out..
After some minutes Laksh Adarsh and Pari comes in
Laksh sees AP sitting there.
Laksh: maa i am sry
AP: why beta
Laksh: i cant do this marriage
AP: what r u saying Laksh..?
Laksh: i am sry everyone….

Precap: Laksh tells everyone abt him and Ragini ..a new twist

Credit to: Sarika Shah & Sameer

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