Swaragini-Nazdeekiyaan Episode 13


Hi guys..i hope u all r 5n ..guys i am going to end this FF within a week ..sry guys..its coz my vacation will be ending on 29th of this month ..love u all..pls do comment guys pls pls
Sarika Shah
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Recap: Entry of Amit..Laksh’s cousin.
Days pass…
Their is only 3 days left for Laksh and Varsha’s marriage.
Laksh ws doing each and everything to talk to Ragini but she ws avoiding him.
Meanwhile Amit started Loving Ragini….
One day..
Dadi: Ladoo..
Ragini: ji dadi…
Dadi: ladoo..woh hum sab pooja karne keliye jaa rahe hain..aur hum Vansh ko bhi leke ja rahe hain.
Ragini : ji..
Gadodias leave with Vansh.
Ragini is alone there.
Suddenly she hears a knock at the door..
She poen the door.
Ragini: Amit..
AMIT: HO HI..Ragini.
Ragini; Amit everyone left for pooja.
Amit: is it..hey cn i come in?
Ragini: of course..i’ll get u water.She goes in to the kitchen.
Amit close the door.
Varsha and Laksh r doing pooja together.
After pooja
Laksh: Dadi Ragini nahi aayi?
Dadi: nahi sh said she hv sm work.
Laksh(in mind): y i feel lyk Ragini is not safe..smthing bad is going to happen to her.
Ragini brings Amilt water.
She sees the front door close …
Amit: sit na Ragini.
Ragini sits.
Amit: so batao Ragini hw is everything going?
Ragini: gud.
Amit: Ragini i wnt to ask u smthing .
Ragini: haan ..
Amit: Ragini..why did u and husband r divorce?
Ragini: no we r not divorced we live lyk tht…..Amit i am not comfortable tlking abt it vcan we tlk smthing else pls.
Amit: of course i am..sryy….hey do u lyk me?
The pooja is over.
Shekhar: DP ji pls come to our house and go..we have to make some discussion abt the marriage.
DP: oh y not..
Ragini(with a questioning look): Y hi mean u r a gud friend..
Amit: Ragini..He comes close to her..
Amit: i love u ..
Ragini pushes him.
Ragini: what r u saying…
Amit: i mean it darling.
Ragini: i am married..
Amit: i don’t care..
Ragini: stay away from me….
Amit tries to hold Ragini..but Ragini pushes him and runs.
Amit runs behind her and tries to hug her forcefully.
Ragini cries.
Ragini: pls y r doing this to me i told u na i dnt love u
Amit: but i love una darling..nw b a gud girl and cooperate with me.
Ragini: chee..hw cheap u r ..leave me..
Amit: com on baby…
Ragini: leave me ..just leave me..
Amit: not so soon baby…u r so soft….
Ragini: get away from me.
She pushes him hard. And runs to open the door..
She opens the door and looses her balance..a pair of strong hands saved her frm falling.
Ragini: ….Help me (without looking his face)
Voice: Ragini..
Hearing tht familiar voice she looks at the man..its none other than Laksh..
Ragini frees herself..she sees the whole Maheshwari family and Gadodia family there.
Dadi: Ladoo wat happened..ur saree blouse i torn..
Ragini goes and hugs her she ries..
AP: Ragini beta tell us wat happened.
Dukku: mumma y r u crying..
Laksh is very angry.
Amit comes out and is shocked seeing everyone there.
Laksh: what r u doing here?
Amit:.w..woh..i came..to m..mmeet her
Laksh catches Amit’s shirt’s collar.
Laksh is very angry seeing Ragini’s condition.
Dadi: ladoo batao..
Ragini: he..he tried to misbehave wit me…she starts crying again
Laksh: Amit ..he screamed he started beating him…
Sanskar and Adrash comes and seperates Amit from Laksh..
Laksh: just get lost..u …hw could u do this wit her..
DP: Amit..nw don’t eve show ur face to us..u tried u ruin a girl’s respect.
AP slaps Amit..
Amit goes from there angrily.
DP: Ragini beta pls forgive him pls..
Ragini: no uncle u dnt hv to apologise.
AP: we r sry beta
Ragini: its ok aunty.
Shekhar: Varsha Swara tk Ragini to her room.
Swara: ji.
They both take her to her room.
Laksh looks at her..
She is still crying..
Vansh also goes with her….
Adarsh comes to Laksh.
Adarsh: Laksh pls calm down.
Laksh; hw can i bhaiya ..did u see wat tht fool did wit her…
Adrash: pls Laksh
Laksh: did u get any information?
Adarsh: haan Laksh.
Laksh: Tell me bhaiya
Adarsh: Laksh Ragini’s mother and sister r the one who passed away in tht accident
Laksh: tht means Vansh is my child only…
Adarsh nodes his head in yes

Precap: Laksh tells everyone about him and Ragini

Credit to: Sarika Shah & Sameer

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