Swaragini-Nazdeekiyaan Episode 11

Recap: RagLak separation.

Ragini Radhika and Hemant are having a small chit chat in the hall..
Hemant: U both shld tk enough rest otherwise it can b harmful for my babies…
Ragini: yh but Hemant wat abt ur America trip?
Hemant: Ragini ..its ok i will go mayb nxt month or so.
Radhika: but Hemant thts too long isn’t?
Hemant: i knw Radhu di but i think nw i shuld b with Ragini its bcoz of me Laksh…
Ragini: pls Hemant don’t even tk his name.
Hemant(in mind): thts wat i also want sweetheart…..
Radhika: But Ragini..
Ragini: no means no d ii don’t want him in my lyf again..i will not let even his shadow near my child.
Radhika: hw long ?…ur child need a father na?
Ragini: y hi will be his father and mother..but i am not ready to be with him.
Hemant: Ragini think once more ..
Ragini: i don’t want to think any more ..i don’t want him to be in my lyf thts it..
Hemant: ok Ragini then u shld marry again.
Ragini: wat?
Radhika: why cant u marry?….thts wat i am trying to say u love him Ragu.
Ragini: i am ready to marry.
Radhika: Ragu!
Ragini: haan to anyone who cn accept me and my child….
Rathore: wat?
Ragini: papa maa main shaadi keliye tayaar hun…
Hemant: Rathore uncle i wnt to tell u smthing..
Janki: tell beta.
Hemant: Janki aunty Rathore uncle its bcoz of me all thi happened..so i think i should get a chance to correct it.
Rathore: what do u mean?
Ragini: Hemant…
Hemant: haan Ragini i am ready to marry u ….i’ll tk care of ur child as mine ..forever just give me one chance.
Rathore looks Ragini.
Ragini: Hemant i want to tell u smthing ..see i hate him but i need tym to get over this i cannot accept u as my husband all of a sudden i need tym.
Hemant: u tk as much tym u want i am ready to wait.
Rathore hugs Hemant.
Rathore: thanku beta..pls keep my daughter and her child happy ..she has suffered a lot and i don’t want to see her suffer any more pls..
Hemant: u don’t wry uncle Ragini and her child is safe in my hand nothing will happen to her.
Laksh reaches RM.
Laksh sees Rathore hugging Hemant
Laksh comes inside and drags Hemant.
Laksh: wat kind of best friend r u ..I shared everything with u..i considered u as my very own brother and wat have u done with me with her with us..u cheated everyone….
Ragini: wat the hell r u doing here..get out
Laksh starts beating Hemant
Hemant; Laksh tum pagal ho gaye kya leave me.
Ragini: Laksh just leave himj..
Laksh: Ragini dnt fall in his trap ts all his plan he ws the behind all this.
Ragini: leave him..
Ragini tries to free Hemant but accidently Laksh pushes her..But Rathore catches her in tym.
Laksh: I am sry Ragini ..r u hurt.
Ragini: wat else u want Laksh?….
Laksh: i cant let anything happen to u and our baby.
Ragini: our baby…some days before u were asking me whos baby is it..
Laksh: forgive me Ragini..its he who made me lyk this.
Ragini: Laksh i don’t want any fake dramas..get lost..
Rathore drags Laksh out of RM.
Rathore: kabhi wapas meri bachi ki zindagi mein nahi aana..agar tune aane ki himmat kit oh main tumhe zinda gaad dunga.
Rathore pushes Laksh out of RM.
Laksh cries..even Ragini cries..
Laksh: Hemant dnt think i’ll spare u ….mark my waords if anything happens to Ragini and my child then u r gone…i kill u..
Ragini is mine….and only mine…
Laksh leaves…
Radhika: Ragini..
Rathore: Hemant cn u marry her tomorrow?
Hemant: i am ready to marry her at anytym.
Radhika: but wat abt ur parents/
Hemant: dnt wry di they will agree they want my happiness..only.
Janki: den we will do their marriage tomorrow itself.
Nxt day..
Hemant reaches RM.
Laksh follows him.
Hemant: Rathore uncle i’ll go to temple and see it the pandit has arrived or not.
Laksh calls smone.
Laksh: hlo woh ek while audi mein nikal raha hain…woh madir ki tarf jayenga…
Laksh: Hemant im sry i am doing this but agar tum zinda raha toh meri Ragini aur bacha iss duniya mein safe nahi hain…
Laksh goes from there.
Hemant ws abt to get into the car.
Janki: Hemant beta u come with Raghu me Radhu and Ragu will go and check everything..
Hemant: no aunty its ok..
Janki: kya ok..ab saas hun tumhari….chal u and Raghu come after smtym..and thts final.
Janki drives the car Ragini is sitting beside her and Radhika at the back seat.
Rathore: beta u have called Kunal na…
Radhika : haan papa he will directly come to mandir.
Ragini is wearing a simple red saree.
They leaves..in the same car which Hemant ws abt u tk…

Laksh calls Hemant.
Laksh: Hemant i want to say sry to u..
Hemant: its ok Laksh nw tht u have understood ur mistake…nw stary away from Ragini get it.
Laksh: ok ok..lets see who is gonna stay away from her..by the way u r driving ri8 ..teekh hain phir mein rakta hun ..woh kya hain i wanted to hear ur voice for last tym thts y.
Hemant: i think u r not in ur senses ..well i am not driving i am in my Ragini’s house getting ready its my marriage today na…aur tum kahi jaa rahe ho kya..he laughs evily…
Laksh: wat u r in RM tht means u didn’t go to mandir?
Hemant: no Laksh so tum mujhe follow kar rahe ho?
Laksh: toh gaadi mein kaun hain?
Hemant: Laksh u…wat have u done…its Ragini….
Laksh: what…
Laksh tries to call those people whom he arrange to do Hemants accident but they didn’t see his calls..
Laksh takes his car and drives to them.
Hemant also rushes.
Rathore: Hemant wat happened?
Hemant: papa come fast.
Rathore: but y beta..
Hemant: Uncle Laksh has planed smthing bad fror Ragini we have to reach there and save her..
Rathore: i’ll call on Radhika’s mobile
They both leaves…
In the car
Radhika gets a call.
Radhika: haan bolo…..kya teekh hain yh …
Ragini: di wat happen?
Radhika: Maa Ragu this marriage cnt happen he is a fraud…
Janki: Radhu tell me clearly…
Radhika: its Kunal who called me nw…i told him to find out abt Hemant…becoz i ws having a doubt on him..and its true …
Ragini: what is true di?
Radhika: it ws all Hemant’s plan to separate Laksh and u…
Ragini: wat?
Janki: but ..y did he do all this he ws Laksh’s best friend no?
Radhika: he ws maa..nw come lets go back home.
Janki: no if Hemant is the one who did this then he will pay for it..lets go to mandir..
They goes…
Hemant: uncle connect ho raha hain?
Rathore: it is saying there is no connection nw..
Hemant: oh ….
Hemant drives fastly
Laksh is driving from the other direction…
Laksh: don’t wrry Ragini nothing will happen to u Ragini..
He continuously tires to call those goons …and its saying no connection..
Janki drives they are near a cliff side…
The goons identify the car….
Laksh and Hemant also reach there but before they could do anything The goons hit the car ….
Hemant stops the car and runs to save Ragini so does Laksh and Rathore.
Their car is hitted very badly but it doent fall down the cliff..it ws some millimetres away falling..but Hemant slips from the cliff and falls down…
Rathore and Laksh with the help of those goons take Janki Ragini and Radhika who were bleeding a lot…
They reach the hospital……
Rathore: dr. Dr pls save my family…see both my daughters r pregnant…
Rathore gets Kunal’s call who ws waiting at the temple..
Kunal tells Rathore everything and Rathore tells him abt the accident..
Dr. : Mr.Rathore..see all of them are critical….
Laksh; pls Dr. Save them…
Kunal reaches there…
Laksh; Kunal..
Kunal just stay away ok..i knw wat Hemant did ws wrong but wat u did ws even more wrong..and mind it if anything happends to them then ….
Dr. Comes Kunal rushes to him.
Dr.: Mr.Rathore..
Rathore and Laksh also comes to him.
Dr.: Mr.Rathore ..5 lives were brought to us and i am sry we could only save two lyfs…..
Rathore: no no..tht cant happen…….
Kunal; Laksh wat have u done…u killed our family..Kunal starts beating Laksh very badly..Rathore is sitting there lyk there is no lyf in him…
@ Present ..
Laksh Adarsh and Pari all are in tears…..
Pari: Laksh wat happend after tht?
Laksh: i don’t knw bhabhi…..i could’nt bear the guilt anymore…so i came back home..
Adarsh: so its Ragini and Vansh who is alive tht means her sister and mother passed away in tht accident…
Laksh: haan bhaiya..today wen i saw her infront of me ..all 5ne…i just …
Pari: its ok Laksh….
Laksh gets Sanskar’s call.
Sanskar: Laksh where r u?
Laksh: yh v r reaching..

Precap: Laksh Varsha wedding preparation ….

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