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Recap: RagLak moments.
Days passes…
One day
Laksh: Ragini my chai.
Ragini; Laksh just a minute..i’ll bring it nw.
Laksh: cant u make it fast…wen Hemant comes u get with within seconds..
Ragini: Laksh wats ur problem…
Laksh: My problem is u..
Ragini : me?
Laksh: Ragini why is Hemant visiting u everytym?
Ragini: Laksh u knw na Hemant is ur best frined the only boy in the collage who didn’t have a crush on me

Laksh: so..so u’ll b with him?
Ragini: Laksh he came here becoz he was leaving today to America..
Laksh: America?…but he didn’t tell me..
Ragini: he said he called u but ur were not tking his calls so he came to meet u but u were not here.
Laksh: now f its over can i get my tea?
Ragini goes and brings tea for Laksh..

Laksh leaves to office…

@ Office…
Laksh is sitting on the chair and he closes his eyes..
FB Starts …
@ Laksh’s office
Staff: Laksh sir their is a parcel for u.
Laksh: parcel?
Staff: ji..
He gives it to Laksh and goes.
Laksh opens it.
It has Ragini and Hemant’s photos….

Laksh gets shocked seeing those photos……
FB Ends…
Laksh: i don’t who is sending me this..i knw my best friend..he anmd Ragini cannot do this but….
Staff: sir u have one more parcel..
Laksh: Thanx give it to me..
He opens tht parcel it has a letter he reads it and is shocked..
Ragini: Laksh i knw u r angry with me ..but not for long ..
She gets ready
She hears a knock at the door..
She goes and opens the door
Ragini: Hemant!
Hemant : hi Ragini.
Ragini: Hemant but today u were abt to go to America ri8?
Heman: yh but i cancelled it …had some more wrk here thts y.
Ragini: oh ..hey come inside.
Hemant: hey u were abt to go smwhere?

Ragini: y hi wantd to see the Dr.
Hemant: Dr?..Ragini r u alri8..
Ragini: Hemant don’t wry i am alri8..i just want to conform tht u r going to become chacha..thts all.
Hemant: wat?
Ragini: arrey budhu i mean i want to conform if i am pregnant or not.
Hemant: wat?..i mean y hi am happy for u so i’ll drop u to hospital ..
Ragini: no its ok..
Hemant: hey come otherwise..wat will Laksh hink..
Ragini: acha teekh hain.
Ragini and Hemant leaves to hospital..
Someone is watching them…the person is revealed as Laksh.
FB Starts..Laksh gets a letter he reads it

‘Dear Laksh..
I don’t understand y u r not taking me seriously i knw u trust ur wife but Laksh ..u still have time think once more ..ur wife Ragini loves ur best friend Hemant thts y she hang out with him everytym..ok if u don’t belive me then go and see ur house..Hemant will be there..
I knw he is abt to go to America but ur wife will smhw make him not go..If u don’t belive me the see for ur self
Ur loving
well wisher’
Laksh reads it and is shocked he comes to home..to his surprise he sees Ragini with Hemant but he cant hear anything….
FB Ends.
Laksh sees Ragini and Hemant leaving he follows them.
Ragini and Hemant reach hospital..

Ragini does some tests..
Dr.: Ragini congrats u r going to become a mother..
Dr. Sees Hemant and assumes he to b Ragini’s husband.
Dr: congrats sir u r going to become a father soon..
Hemant sees Ragini..
Ragini was abt to corrct him..
Voice: Princess..
Ragini turns back she sees Rathore Janki and Radhika
Ragini goes to them and hugs Rathore.

Rathore: Princess…
Ragini: papa…papa congrats u r going to become nana again..
Rathore and Janki have tears in their eyes..
Janki: sry beta we knw we were very rude to u.
Ragini and Radhika hugs..
Janki also joins in..
Rathore and Hemant shake hands..
Ragini introduces Hemant as Ragini and Laksh’s friend.

Rathore: Par princess where is Laksh?
Ragini: papa he is in the office.
Radhika and Ragini have a small chit chat…
Ragini: papa maa di..Pls come to our house pls na..
Rathore Janki and Radhika agrees.
In Laksh and Ragini’s house.
Rathore’s and Hemant are talking…
Suddenly Laksh comes…
Ragini: Laksh u came early?
Laksh: y i cant come early?
Ragini: why r u tlking so rudely see Laksh maa papa and di is also here..
Laksh: And Hemant is also here.
Ragini: Laksh…
Rathore: Laksh beta…we r sry..
Laksh: why r u all being sry iam sry …..
Ragini: Laksh y r u tlking lyk this?

Hemant: c’mon dude whats the problem.
Laksh: u stay out of this.
Ragini: Laksh pls..
Laksh: so tell me Ragini is he ur child’s father?
Ragini: Laksh what nonsense r u talking?
Hemant: Laksh what r u saying?
Laksh: Yh then why did tht Dr congratulate him?
Ragini: thts becoz Hemant ws wit me and tht Dr thought he is my husband.
Laksh; wow thts great Ragini..
Rathore: Laksh mind ur language..

Laksh: u mind ur daughter..she is cheating me…
Radhika: what the hell r u saying Laksh?
Laksh: yes i am telling the truth..Ragini u only told me na Hemant is going to America..but he didn’t go y?
Hemant: becoz ..i had some important wrk to complete.
Laksh: is it then wat r u doing here?
Hemant : yaar i have completed it in the morning ..but nw my parents will come here for a week then only i’ll go to America….
Laksh: oh is it Hemant?
Ragini: Laksh u r doubting us?

Laksh : yes i am becoz i have proof for this..
Laksh throws all the photos of her and Hemant on her face..
Laksh: see this and say..
Hemant :who did all this?
Laksh: whoever it is..u don’t bother..it ..
Ragini: pls Laksh belive me..

Laksh: sry Ragini i don’t…nw u all can leave..
Ragini: Laksh wat r u saying? Wat abt our child?
Laksh: for me u died…i have no relation with u..
Hemant: Laksh its just a misunderstanding u cant do this to Ragini.
Laksh: i said all of u to leave..
Rathore: Princess come lets go.

Ragini: papa Laksh is angry thts why he is saying lyk this..
Laksh hold Ragini’s hand and forcefully drag her..
Rathore stops him..
Janki: She is pregnant Laksh.
Rathore: Janki u take Ragini and Radhika..
Radhika comes to Laksh she slaps him hard on his face.
Radhika: Laksh my sister gave everything to u ..she left her home and her family just for u and wat r u doing to her?
Laksh is so angry ..tht he ws going to slap her back..

But Rathore holds his hand .
Rathore: never ever think abt it…u don’t dare to touch my daughters.
Janki and Rathore takes Radhika and Ragini with them..
Hemant: chee Laksh…
They all leaves..
Laksh sits down and cry.
Laksh: why Ragini why did u do this to me…
After one week..
Ragini daily calls Laksh but Laksh doent attent her calls..
Hemant has become a daily visitor at RM..
Laksh decides to leave to Kolkata near his parents….
Laksh leaves…He reaches Kolkata..His phone starts ringing..he sees..the call is from a private number.
He attents the call.
Laksh: hlo?

Caller: hlo dear Laksh..i called u to say thank u..Thank u for leaving my Ragini for mr thank u Laksh..
Laksh: He..hem..hemant?
Caller: yes Hemant ur best buddy…
Laksh: how dare u?
Hemant: oh c’mon Laksh…u snatched my Ragini from me so i did the same to u.
Laksh: ur Ragini?
Hemant: den wat did u thought i don’t lyk her..wen i saw her for the first tym i started falling for her..but wat to do u were in love with her…otherwise the stiry would have been different today…

Laksh: u cheat ..
Hemant: oh ..Laksh…. it was me…..i was the one who loved her truely not u..
FB Starts..wen RagLak were in collage…
Laksh wins Footbal match..Wen Ragini goes to him he is busy with his friends so Ragini leaves from there she walks alone in the corridors..Suddenly someone comes and blindfold her eyes and kiss her cheeks..Tht man’s face is revealed he is none other than Hemant……….Also it shows tht Hemant was the one who sented Laksh his photos with Ragini ….
FB Ends..
Hemant: Laksh the truth is tht u never deserved Ragini..so sry Laksh i had to do all these…
Laksh: i’ll not leave u..
Hemant: then catch me na.

Laksh: i’ll tell her everything.
Hemant: she will belive anyone but not u Laksh…now she is mine ..forever
Laksh: no never i’ll not let this be..

Precap: Hemant death..RagLak separation…@ Present Varsha and Laksh’s wedding preparations..

Sry guys for the late updates …..now i’ll be regular

Credit to: Sarika Shah & Sameer

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