Swaragini – Nafrat ki dastaan ( part 2 )


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Part 2

Swara joined as laksh’s PA.Some days after joining they became good friends.All the girls of the office were jealous of her as laksh stopped paying attention to them.

One day at office

Laksh called swara in his room.
Swara:Sir u called me?
Laksh:How many times i told u not to call me sir…call me laksh.
Swara:Ok..sorry laksh..now tell me the matter.Why r u looking so worried?
Laksh:I gave u the file of mr. sinha…we need to finalize the deal tomorrow.Give me the file plz
Swara:Oh..that file..i gave it to kavya.
Laksh called kavya.But she denied about having the file.
Kavya:U didn’t give me any file..it was with u only.
Laksh:What do u want to say kavya?She is lying?
Kavya:Of course she is lying.Believe me she didn’t give me any file.
Swara:May be it was my mistake laksh..u know i am a patient of memory loss…so may be i forgot.
Laksh:Wait…why r u blamming urself?U gave her the file right?
Swara:Yes..but if she is saying no..then may be i didn’t.
Laksh:I don’t know anything kavya..just give me the file or don’t show ur face to me.
Kavya:U r doubting me for this cheap girl who is wasting ur money by staying ur house freely ?She is here only for 15 days and u believe her not me?
Swara ran outside crying.Laksh came to kavya and gave her a tight slap.Kavya hold her cheek with a shock.
Laksh:How dare u to call her cheap?She is not wasting our money..u r..today u r fired!Just go away.
He ran behind swara calling her name.Kavya stood there numb.She wasn’t believing what just happened.
“You did very wrong swara..for u today i am fired…i will take revenge for this slap sure…be ready for that”she said holding her cheek.

Swara was running on the road crying.A car was about to hit her but suddenly someone pulled her from there they fal beside the road.It was laksh.He stood up and make swara stand.She was crying till then.
Laksh:R u mad??What were u doing?If something happened to u then??
Swara:Why did u save me??I should have died.It’s no use of living for me…i don’t remember my parents,my relatives..nothing!
Laksh:Don’t u think my family as ur family?Don’t u know how much they love u?
Swara hugged him tight and said,”i just want my memory back laksh”
Laksh:Sab thik ho jayega…

Days pass like this…laksh falls in love with swara more…He thought to tell her about his feelings but he was not having that guts!

One day they were in the office at late hour…all left except swalak.They had to make the presentation complete…so they stayed.

Laksh:At last it is completed.OMG!It’s 11 pm.Swara let’s go home.
Swara:Just 2 minutes…i have to givr it a finishing touch.U go…
She was continuously looking at her watch!It seemed that she was waiting for something or someone.

Laksh:No way…u have to come with me…it’s late hour of night.How can i leave u here alone?

He closed the laptop in front of her and dragged her out.They leave by the car.But in the midway the car stopped.Laksh came out to check.He saw one of the tires punctured.
Laksh:Shit!Ab iss sunsan jaga pe hi gari kharab hona that!

Swara:What happened laksh?Mujhe bahot darr lag raha hai…nobody is here…
Laksh:Relax…when laksh is here nothing to fear.
Laksh started to fix a new tire.Swara came out of the car and stand near laksh.She took out her phone and messaged someone.Then she keep looking at laksh’s work.

Some drunk men were walking through the street.They notice swara.
Man 1:Look at the girl..she is so s**y.
Man 2:Yeah..our night will be special with her.
Man3:But the hero beside her…uska kya kare?
Man1:Let’s finish him first.

They go near laksh and tapped his shoulder.He turns to see..just then tye man gives him a punch.He was shocked with the sudden move.Swara covered her mouth through hand due to shock.
Man1:Go away from here leaving the girl,or else u will be in danger.
Laksh didn’t wait a minute and punched him back.
Laksh:Don’t dare to dream that even.

Then he started fighting with the three…but the two men was overpowering him.And a man from his back came with a knife to stab him..swara see that. She shouted “laksh” But it was too late.Laksh turned and saw the knife just an inch away from him.Swara was holding it with her two hands..as a result her hand was bleeding heavily.He released the man’s hand from her and gave him a tight punch.Suddenly police sirens is heard.The goons ran from there before the police car come there.

They reach the hospital by the police jeap.The inspector asked them to file a complaint…swara refused…laksh tried to convince her…but she denied to file a complaint.

When police went from there laksh sat near swara.
Laksh:You injured yourself to save me?What if something happened to you?
Swara:Agar tumhe kuch ho jata toh?What happened to ur family?At letast you have a family..but i don’t know even i have anyone or not?Agar mai mar bhi jati toh kisi ko koi fark nehi padta..isi liye…
Laksh didn’t gave her a chance to complete it by placing his hand on her mouth.

Laksh:Who said u don’t have a family?Don’t u think My family as ur family?
Swara kept her head down.
Swara:Tum logo ka bohot ehsan hai mujh par..i don’t know how can i repay this..
Laksh:There is a way how u can repay ur debt
Swara looked at him confused.
Swara:Laksh…how can i..tell me..
Laksh stood up and forwarded his hand.
Laksh:Marry me!

Swara was shocked to hear him.

Precap:Entry of another important character.

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