Swaragini – Nafrat ki dastaan ( part 1 )


Part 1
In a dark room
A lady of 23 years is shown sitting in a chair.Hee back is shown.She gets a call and receives it.
Girl:Haan nisha tell me what information have u got?
Nisha:I have got details of the maheswari family.I have found their weakness.
Girl:Good!Meet me at park.
She cuts the call.She stands up and turns.Her face is not shown.She walks out and goes to the park.There she meets nisha.
Girl:Tell me nisha,what is their weakness?
Nisha hands over the file to her.
Nisha:Here is all details.
She goes through the files having a corner smile on her face.
Girl:Impressive!!Their spoilt brat laksh and most pampered girl uttara!Laksh is the heart of annapurna maheswari and pillar of Dp maheswari.
Nisha:Yes.His elder son adarsh has separated from family.
Nisha:He had arguments with his father over business.So he left the house with his wife and left for America.
Girl:Hmm..Uttara..Dp’s bhai’s daughter.What about her?
Nisha:She is doing BBA now.After her parents death,she is there with Dp and ap.They both loves her more than their lives and fulfil her every wish.
Girl:Hmmm…Laksh..u said he is kind of flirt right?
Nisha:Yes..flirts with almost every girls.But none of his gf remains with him more than 3 months.
Nisha:Because he never pays attention to them.Once they say i love u to him,he loses his interest from them.
Girl:A jerk..anyway..ur job is done.now take this money and resign from the job of PA of laksh.
Nisha:Ok mam.
She handed over her the money and she went away.Once she went out of sight,she told to herself”Be ready Dp maheswari,U will get the award of all your betrayal.”
She smirks.Only her curved lips is shown.
A big office is shown .A guy wearing a black suit is entering into the office.He bumps into a girl and holds her waist to save her from falling.The girl was lost in his charm.He made her stand and winks at her.
“Sorry laksh sir”the girl said while staring at him.(yes the guy is laksh)
“You know what kavya,u have wasted ur youth being papa’s PA.You should have been my PA in stead.Then u could stare me all day.”he said while tucking her opened hairs behind her ears.(the girl is kavya,played by roop durgapal)
He walked past her leaving her in her own thoughts.
He entered into his office room and sat on the big chair of the room.He looked to the opposite room of him which was empty.
“Yeh nisha aaj bhi nehi ayi!”he told.
A staff knocked at the door.
Staff:May i come in sir?
Laksh:Yes..what happened?Nisha didn’t come today too!Did she call or ask for leave?
Staff:She came sir..to give her resignation letter.She told that she will not work from today.
Laksh:Why?Without any previous notice!Did u tell her that she will not get salary of this month?
Staff:Yes..she said that she didn’t need it.
Laksh:Okey..u go.
The staff goes.
Laksh:Another one went!Now i have to take interview again.It’s better.I will have a chance to see new new hot girls here.This time i am gonna give this job to the hottest girl.I can’t wait to meet my next PA.

Next morning

Laksh was driving car in a hurry.Suddenly someone came in front of his car.He applied sudden break.
“Oh shit!!May be it’s a girl,i hit her in a hurry”he said with tension.

He came out of the car and saw a girl falling unconscious in the road.He turned her face and mesmerised to see her innocent face.She fell unconscious due to injury in her head.He carried her in his arm and put her in the car.He drove to the hospital.The girl got conscious after some time.
“Where am i?How i ger here?”It was her first sentence after being conscious.
Laksh:U came in front of my car and had injury in ur head.So i came to the hospital with u..Now tell me ur address…i will drop u home.
Girl:Home!I don’t know where is it!Why can’t i remember?Ahh….my head is paining.
She holds her head and started screaming.Laksh looked at the doctor with questionable eyes.The doctor signals him to relax
Doc:Do u remember what is ur name?
Girl:My name….what is my name…yes i remember..swara!
Doc:Now tell me where do u live?Ur parents?
Swara:I can’t remember..my head is paining.
She again fell unconscious.
Laksh:What happened to her doc?
Doc:She has temporary memory loss.She just remembered her name.But don’t worry she will regain it within some days.You have to take care of her till then.

Laksh took her to home.She was looking towards people weirdly.
Laksh’s family members were also looking at her with question in their eyes.
Laksh:Mom,chachi..she is swara.She will remain here for some days.
Sujata:Ayse kyse chora?What will people say if we keep this young unmarried girl in this house?
Laksh:Uttara,take her to ur room.I will talk here.
Uttara took swara to her room.Laksh then turned towards the family members.
Laksh:She looss her memory because of me.Doc said it is a temporary memory loss.So we should take care of her till she regains her memory.
Ap:Okey,we will take care of her till she gets her memory back.We will tell everyone that she is uttara’s friend.

Uttara’s room
Uttara:So..this is my room…from now,it’s ur room too….we r friends.
Saying this she forwards her hand.Swara shakes hand with her.
Swara:Friends…so u r the youngest daughter of this house?
Uttara:Yes…how did u know?
Swara:Wo..wo..i just guessed.Everybody loves u so much na?
Uttara:Yes…so much…other children have one mom…i have got two moms in my life.Mom and bade ma.
And bade papa..he loves me more than my dad.
Uttara:Ok..u rest now..we will talk later.
She leaves.Swara’s eyes filled with tears which was she trying to control till now.She took her phone and called someone.She cuts the call hurriedly hearing a knock at door.It was laksh.
Laksh:May i come in?
Swara:Of course…it ur house.
Laksh smiled and entered.
Swara:I am so sorry..for me u had to bear all this mess.
Laksh:What r u saying?I should say that…u lost memory because of me.So u r my responsibility now.

Swara:I can’t stay here like this.I should search for job.
Laksh:Job!Are u insane?U should take rest.
Swara:No,i can’t be burden on u…
Laksh:So this is the matter?Ok..u can join job…but u should be in front of my eye 24 hours.
Swara:What..i mean how is that possible??
Laksh:If u work as my PA.
Swara:Really?U r offering me job!
Laksh:Yes..r u ready to accept this proposal..i mean job offer.
Swara:Of course.
She hugs her in excitement.Laksh was surprised to see her behaviour.But before he could hug her back,swara broke the hug.
Swara:Sorry…i was being over excited.
Laksh:Relax…it’s okey..u need not to be sorry for this kind of mistake at all.
He winks and went out of room.

So here we start the game of hatred.Tell me who was the girl?Why did she want revenge from maheswari family?

Credit to: Chaitali

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