Swaragini-(Na seekha main ne jeene tere bina) (episode 2)


Guyz I’m here with my ff.Please comment if you don’t like it I will definitely end this.

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Episode 2

Ragini came back to home. She had some works in the kitchen. After that she came to watch tv.But she was too bored.She takes 2 states.After reading the first portion she is amazed that how acciedential was Krish and Ananya’s first meeting.In their first meeting Krish gave rasgula to Ananya.And here that man gave her the entire story.
Ragini:Who is he.Oh what a pity I can’t ask his name. Where is his home. I think it’s far away may be I can’t meet him again.But why he attracts me.

Swara comes.She was very happy. She hugs Ragini.
Ragini:What happened Ammu
Swara:Rags I am selected.
Ragini: what, I know they will definitely select you.Because my Ammu is gorgeous and smart.But Dad won’t approve you to participate
Swara:He will approve soon.If he didn’t,then you have to talk to him
Ragini:What I can’t
Swara:No you have to do this.She is crying
Ragini: okay okay
Swara:That’s ok and what are you thinking now.Anyone proposed you?koi mil gaya hai kya?areyenklm kandethiyo(you found anyone)
Ragini:No my devil sister,I met a gentleman today.He gave me this book.
Swara: oh luv story.He propsed you?
Ragini:No Swara we are meeting first time to each other
Swara: When you meet him 2nd time you will fall in love with him.
Ragini:No Swara I will only marry a man that my dad will choose for me.
Swara:But rags you are not attracted by a man ever but now..
Ragini:What ever Where is Sid and Manik(No dear frnz I can’t give him an another name, I can accept him as Manik Malhotra 4 now and forever. So his Parents’s name will change as Vikrant&Neeti Malhotra please forgive me).
Swara:They are flirting to the models.They invited 4 models for a date.Finally judges throwed them out.
Ragini laughs.

Harshan thinks about Ragini and her words”We will only meet 2nd time when destiny allows us”
Harshan: oh destiny I didn’t believe you ever
But please meet us again.
Someone knocked the door.
Harshan:come in
It was a waiter.He serves him coffee.
Waiter:sir you want something.
Harshan:No thanks
Waiter leaves.

Sanskar enters

Harshan:How was your date with Hema.
Sanskar:It’s awesome bro.She enjoyed it very much.I think you are dreaming a girl.
Harshan:No Achu.yeah exactly I met girl.But I don’t love her. But I want to see her once more.
Sanskar:That is love my bro.
Harshan:What ever I am going to asleep.
Sanskar:You can go but remember you are in love with her.

Ragini and Harshan thinks about each other.

Manchala performs

Swaragini fallen asleep. Suddenly calling bell rang.It was their dad.

Ragini:Can I serve food for you dad.
Hari:No I had consumed it.
Swara: Dad you are so late.We are so afraid.
He hugs them both.
Hari:No mole now I am here na.
She looks to Sridevi’s pic his eyes are teared.

At the morning Hari called Swaragini to his study room.

Ragini: you called me dad? What is the matter.
Hari:Actually Seenu had called me.
Ragini:Is everyone fine there. I want to meet them.I can’t meet them from 12 years.
Hari:May be your desire will be fulfilled.
She is happy. Swara gets irritated.
Ragini:what they are coming here.
Hari:No you are going there.They are wishing for an alliance with us I mean for you. For his elder son.
Swaragini are shocked

Swara:But dad she wants to move on her career.
Hari:Career what career her studies are over now.
Swara:But she wants to do PG in classical music.
Ragini:Ammu please shut up.
Hari: Anu you want to do that?
Ragini:Yes dad.
Hari:I will discuss it with Seenu he can easily get a admission for you in Swati Tirunal Music college.I think Classical music studies are more effective there than here.And it was a wish of yours na that you want to study at that college.
Swara:But dad
Hari: No no more questions, It was the thing amidst me and Anu so you shut up.
She leaves there angrily
Ragini:Ammu Ammu please stay there.
Hari:What is your opinion Anu.
Ragini:I can’t do anything opposite of your wish,I am agreeing for this alliance.
Hari:Where is Sid I also called him too.
Ragini:He went to college early.
Hari: okay

Swara leaves the house angrily.Ragini runs towards her.Suddenly she collided with Harsha.His books and files are fell down.

Harsha: Oh you again?
Ragini: yes
Harsha: How are you, have you read that book.
Ragini:No I can’t read it fully.
Ragini helps him to retake his belongings.
Harsha: I think you loves to read books. Have you read this
He gave a book to Ragini.
Ragini: “I too had a love story” no but I am searched for this.Studies are over,Alone in house,So books are best friends.
Harsha:Take it
Harsha:no formalities,you can return it to me after reading.So what is your name.
They shook hands
Ragini:Ragini warrier
Harshan:Harshan Menon.
Ragini: oh u r a malayali and I am also a malayali
Harshan: That proverb was true that where ever we go a malayali will be there. Can I offer you a coffee.
Ragini:No actually I am searching for my sister.We will drink coffee unite next time
Harshan:Okay I am also started to believe in destiny.
They goes to opposite directions.

Ragini and Sid are in Manik’s room.

Sid:So let us check what is the great and massive dream of Manik.
Ragini:okay let us check.
They opened a box and they are shocked to see Swara’s pics and belongings in it

Credit to: Nandana Rajasekharan

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