Swaragini-(Na seekha main ne jeene tere bina) (episode 4)


Hey I just hope you will like this episode.May be it’s heart breaking.please pardon me

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Hari and Vikrant are in Hari’s guest house.He is in a drunken state.Vikrant is trying to console him.
Vikrant:Please calm down Hari why are you boozing so much today.
He snatched the glass from him.
Hari touched on his own chest.
Hari:Here today my pain is here.I assured to my Sri that I will never give my children any pain.but…

Vikrant:I know you.You punished her alot but you are punishing yourself now.I only saw you like this when Sridevi left you alone
Hari:look Vikrant.I am not a stubborn father.I am not disapprove modeling, it is an awesome career.But modeling is not life.She wants to suss that.I want a comfortable boy for her one who holds her hands for her entire life.We know na a big majority of models had to give up their family life for their career and it will continues too.If she had choosed that then I have no objection but I will solely allow this once she find her soulmate. I know she have no beliefin love.But oneday she will definitely realize that what is love.May be she is hating me but once she will realize her dad.May be I won’t here.
Vikrant:I don’t want any type of philosophy. You will be here and after me.you got it. Can I ask you something.

you can solely order me.
Vikrant:Will you give me Swara as our daughter.
Hari:What?I can’t get it.
Vikrant:I am asking her for my Maanik.
Hari:I can’t believe you. You are asking her to me, especially for Maanik.
Vikrant:Please don’t misunderstand me Hari,it is the desire of me and Neeti.if you can’t,just vanish it from your mind. I think it won’t affect our friendship.
Hari:Why are you asking her to me,take her to your own home.All though it was the wish of me and Sri.
They hugs joyfully.
Vikrant:But the problem iiiissss
Hari: I know, Will they accept it. Right?
Hari:Just wait and see he will clear all this.
He looks at above that means he signals to god.

Maanik’s home

Neeti is amazed to see Maanik’s massive box.

Neeti:I don’t know,this boy was too forward.Thank you god my son had choosed the girl that had wished as my daughter in law.

Ragini:what aunty we don’t think that you are also wishing that I have wished.
Sid:Rags I love you I also desired that.
Neeti:Oh god I will die now because of joy.
Ragini: Then what about our angry old man. Vikrant uncle will allow this but what about our dad Rags.
Hari:I am also agreeing this.
Hari and Vikrant enters
Sid:What,dad it is your right decision in your entire life.
Hari:You idiot I once did a fault in my entire life that was you.
Everyone sees Maanik’s massive box
Neeti:I will get some sweets
Ragini: Please calm down. Maanik is coming.
Maanik enters.He is very happy. He is singing a song

Maanik:Yeh kya hua hai kya khabar yahi pata hai zyada hua ishq wala love.
He enjoyed some pleasure time with Swara
Ragini:Maanik why are you so happy and where is Ammu.
Maanik:No I am just singing. I dropped her to home and what is going on here. why are you having sweets.What is the happy news.Please tell me.I also wanted to be happy
Sid:Actually Maanik,Swara’s marriage was set.
Sid alerts everyone that he is beguiling Maanik.But Maanik was shattered.
Ragini:Thank you god you had gave her such lovable life partner.
Neeti:Maanik take some sweets because she is your best friend na.
Maanik:Is she ready for it and have you all think about her career?
Vikrant:We will make her ready but we want your answer from your own words.
Maanik:Why my words?
He is standing depends on the wall and wipes his tears.
Ragini:Because you are her suitor you idiot.
He shrieked

Hari:Yes Maanik we find her soul mate in you
He punches on his shoulder.
Maanik:I can’t believe this Definitely uncle I will love her,trust her and support her.I solely try to fulfill her wishes.And don’t let her down. It’s my promise.
Vikrant:You proposed her ?
Maanik: She don’t know my love.
Hari:Go and propose her.
Maanik:I will definitely do that but not now.once she will be….
Sid:I know once
she will be the miss India.She will wear the crown.you will come to her with her favorite red and white roses.She looks at you but you can’t look at her because you are afraid of her response. You don’t know what will she say. You will propose her at that moment.right?
Maanik saw his box in Sid’s hand.
Maanik: You damn it you stoled my massive box.I will show you.
Sid runs away. Maanik runs towards him. Everyone are very happy to see them.

Siyali’s home

Sid had jumped to Siyali’s (Sorry frnz can I call her Siyali)room towards the window.

She is lying on her bed.Her head was on the pillow.She is crying,he touched her.She retrospected to him with fear.
She cries and hugged him.She lied on his chest.
Sid:What happened Siyali.jiju is back?
She nodded her head.
Sid:was he tried to molest you?
She is silent.
Sid:I will kill that bastard.

Siyali:Sid Sid no please don’t create any drama.
Sid:But he tried to molest you damn it
Siyali:If he will destroy me I will go to my mom and dad.I will be peaceful with them in the heaven.
Sid:And what about me.You know na I can’t live without you.
He is touching her cheeks.

Siyali:Please leave me Sid this relationship will harm you too.
Sid:I don’t care,I will come here soon for you.I will make you my life partner.
Sid kissed her.They are in a lip lock.A flower vace fell down because of Sid.
All lights in the house are on.A sound comes to them”who is that”
Siyali:Sid that satan is wake up you please go from here
Sid:No Siyali I won’t go.I will face him.
Siyali:Sid you please get out of here.
Sid:Ok I am going you take care and one more thing
Sid:will give me that kiss once more.
Siyali:You damn it.
She showed him out of the window.
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa he shrieked.
Siyali:Sid are you okay.
Sid:Yeah I am okay bye you take care.
He said her in a low volume tone.
He gave her a flying kiss.

Ragini and Harsh are coming closer to each other. Now they are discussing about all matters of the world. Sometimes literature, sometimes Movies,music,cooking,even though Harsh is a well trained cook.Because when

he and Sanskar were in Canada he had to do all the cooking activities. And cleaning duty is belonged to Sanskar.Many of his friends misses his cooking today too.

Ragini:Actually I am not a very good cook.But Ammu,Sid and Manik are pricing my cooking everyday.After mom”s death I am responsible for all household work.Sid tells that it is exactly like mom’s food Sometimes dad will appreciates me that I did a good job.But I never saw him that he joyfully eating it.I never saw him smiling after mom’s death.He never comes to us.Whenever he comes to us something will restrict him.May be memories of mom.Ammu and Sid never noticed it.They are thinking that he no longer loves us.But he loves us more than him
Tears are flowing from her eyes like raindrops. Harsh wipes it.Ragini comes to the present world.She wiped her tears

Ragini: oh sorry are you bored.I never shared it to anyone.I can’t find a friend like you.I am feeling comfortable with you
Ragini’s palm was on the table.He touched and holds it.She looked at him amazingly.
Harsh:I am with you for now and for ever.

Finally Harsh decided express his love to Ragini. He dressed up with a white t-shirt,a Brown leather jacket, branded jeans,limited edition watch and finally a handsome awesome smile.She fall for him when she notice that smile.
Sanskar:Oh you are going to propose her.
Sanskar:All the best bro.

Harsh sees a bouquet seller at the footpath.He buys a bouquet of Red rosses and carnations.

He remembers about when he gave her exactly the same bouquet last time. She smiled at him it was too gorgeous.

He calls her.
Harsh:Ragini I want to meet you please come to the park
Ragini:Ok I will be there in 10 minutes.
Swara:Are you going to meet him.

Swara:I think he will propose you today.
Ragini:I don’t think so.
Swara:If he proposed you then what will be your answer.
Ragini:I don’t know I am going.
She blushes
Swara laughs at her.on the way to the entrance she heared a phone in conversation between Hari and Vikrant.
Hari:No Vikrant Anu won’t disappoint me. I trust her more than me.She had approved this proposal.I had send the jathakam(Horoscope) to Seenu and he is going to the astrologer today.I just hope everything will be fine.
He sees Ragini.
Hari:Anu come here

She comes there.
Hari:I had send the guy’s pic to you.Take a look at it.

Ragini is feeling bad for her dad.She leaves to the park.Harsh is waiting for her.She is looking too gorgeous in her yellow salwar.Her sky blue duppatta is playing with the wind.He feels that he have to hug her for preventing her from sunrays.Her ear rings are glittering like twinkling stars.Her hairs are irritating her.He is conscious but is unconscious.

Harsh:H h hii
These 3 simple words are like cancer once it strucks in our vocal cords it will kill other words too.
Ragini: why did you called me.
Harsh:I I want to tell you something
Ragini: ok carry on.you are looking so cool today.
He likes her appreciations.

Ragini:where were you. Tell me what is the problem
Harsh:Ragini it is a big problem. When I saw you first time. I just wanted to see your smile. When I touched you first time I just wanted to see your feared eyes just like a deer,When I wiped your tears first time I just wanted to wipe all your miseries and when I hold your hands first time I just wanted to hold it for ever and walk with you life long. I can live without you but without you I am just a corpse which had no feelings.
Ragini was silent

Harsh:Ragini why are you silent.If you don’t love me its ok but don’t break up our friendship.
Ragini is so happy she wants to tell him that I love you more than you love me but her father’s words are resisting her
Ragini:Harsh I am the elder daughter of my family.
family.I don’t fall in love with anyone. I don’t know what is love.I only know about my father and family.He never accepts our relationship.if I loved you,then what about my dad’s trust.If I can broke that then what about your trust.We accidentally met each other.
Harsh:If your dad is your problem then I will talk to him.I will do for you anything what ever he say

Ragini:No Harsh he will not approve this. In fact my marriage already fixed.
He is shocked
Ragini:He will die but he can’t break his promise
Harsh: Do you love me
Harsh:May be your answer is no but your eyes can never conceal the truth.okay I don’t want you my lifelong I want you for just a moment come come and hug me and say I love you and give me a smile I want only that moment for my entire life.I will live with that.
She was silent.
Harsh:if you can’t do that then okay come hug me and say I love you.
She continued her silence.
Harsh:Raginiii please say I love you it is enough for me

Ragini please say I loved you for just a moment.I will go from your life with joy

Ok you can’t do all this please look at me with love.I will be happy to see your eyes like that

Sun had hide sun’,s face and cried. rain had vanished her tears but harsh can’t see that.
She runs to her home. Harsh was almost shatterd.He throwed the bouquet to the road.An unknown tyre wedged it.It hadn’t bring her smile to him but it brings tears from his heart.

Credit to: Nandana Rajasekharan

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