Swaragini-(Na seekha main ne jeene tere bina) (episode 3)


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Episode 3
Ragini can’t find Swara.Finally she found her in a park.Boys are playing football there.She is placing her hand at her chin.Her eyes are filled with tears.Ragini was confused about how to console her.Suddenly she saw a ice cream seller.
Ragini:Yeah I got it
Ragini comes to her with 2 cone ice creams with a smile
Ragini:Ammu you want some
Swara was silent.
Ragini:I will finish both of it.It is revenge. Did you remember, in our childhood days mom and 4 of us (Swaragini,Maanik&Sid)visited everyday here.On those days my devil sister were consumed my ice creams too.So I will eat both of this.
Swara:Rags please leave me alone. I am not in a good mood.
Ragini:What happened Ammu,it was just a proposal.
Swara:I’m not discussing about your alliance Rags.it was about my importance in our home.didn’t you hear dad had told me. This was amidst him and you. I’m your sister Rags.
Ragini:I know Ammu but please pardon him.You can’t accept my words?I’ll be far away from you within some days.I accepted that proposal.

She is about to cry.
Ragini:Ammu try to accept the truth.Both of us have to apart one day.
Swara:Means you will forget me for ever.You don’t remember me.
Ragini:Ammu people have to remember that things which are they forgetting. But you are a part of my life how can I forget you
Swara hugs Ragini
Ragini:Now wipe this tears fast.it don’t suites on you.
Swara:I want ice cream.
She asked like a child. Both of them ate the ice creams.

Harshan is in the shopping mall. He is in a phone in conversation with his mother.
Harsh:No Amma I can’t do it.I don’t like to become married.
Neelima:I had seen a gorgeous girl’s pic.She is very beautiful. I sended it to you. You please take a look to her.You will definitely like her.You know her she is your childhood friend
Harshan:No Amma I can’t
Neelima:Are you committed to any girl

Harshan sees Ragini is coming with Swara.
Harsh: Amma I will call you later.

Neelima:But kanna listen to me.
The call gets disconnected.

Ragini smiled to him.

Swara:Rags who is he.
Ragini:He had given me that book.
Swara: Oh I see.

Harshan:Hii Ragini do you remember me
Swara:What type of question is this. She remembers solely about you.
Ragini:Ammu please be quite.
Harshan:Who is she.
Ragini:She is my sister Swara.
Harsh: oh you found her at last.
Swara: oh hello are you thinking that I am abducted by someone.
Ragini:Ammu you come with me.
Harsh:Actually you are breaking your promise. Can we have coffee together.
Swara gets a call from Maanik.
Maanik:Swara did you forgot today is the first round of your competition.
Swara:Omg I will be there in 10 minutes.
Swara:Rags I am going for the competition. You can spend time with him.Come home slowly okay.
She leaves with a grin

They went to cafe coffee day.

Harshan:So how are you.
Harshan:What about your family.
Ragini:I have a sister and a bro actually they are twins and my dad is a CEO of an exporting company
Harshan:And what about your mom.
She is upset.
Ragini:She is no more
Harshan:Oh I am really sorry if I hurt you.
Ragini:No its okay its quite natural.So did you have any job here.
Harsh:No actually I am here for a business deal.My bro will also accompanying me.
Ragini: Ok fine shall we go.
Harsh: okay as you wish.

Ragini returned to home.

She can’t see anyone there.She called the servant.
Ragini:Meenakshi where is Swara and Sid
Meena:They went to Maanik’s house.
Can I get tea for you
Ragini:No thanks.I am going there.
Meena:I don’t know mole but there was a clash here.Sir had slapped Swara.
She is shocked.

She runs to Maanik’s house.Swara is sleeping on Neeti’s lap.Her cheeks was reddish.
Ragini:What happened aunty?
Neeti:Hari had learned about Ammu’s Competition.He takes her from the ramp. I had resist him from slapping her.She is mother less how can he beat her like this.
Ragini:where is dad
Neeti:I don’t know.But Vikrant is with him. Don’t be afraid.You take care of her.I will be back soon.
Swara wakes up.She hugs Ragini and cries.

Swara:Rags dad no longer loves me and more over he hates me.
Ragini:Ammu please don’t cry.He loves you more than him.

Maanik and Sid enters

Ragini:Where were you idiots.
Sid:We went to buy this application
Ragini read it’s heading
Ragini:Femina miss India what is going on here.These incidents are won’t sufficient for you.
Sid:Rags please
Swara:Hey don’t call her Rags it’s only for me.
Ragini:Ammu I know you are changing the topic.
Swara:No Rags.I want to be a model. It’s my ambition.Why dad is resisting me from this.
Ragini:Because he is your dad.If he tells that modelling is not apt for you so definitely it is for your good.
Swara:What ever I am going to submit this it is my revenge
Ragini:Ammu please come back.
Manik:I will take her Rags you don’t worry.
They lives
Ragini:I don’t know. It will bring a storm in our home.
Sid Sees a box in Maanik’s room. It named that Maanik’s massive dream.
Sid:Rags you know.This box is with him since from our childhood. But I don’t know what is in it’s inside.Now I will definitely open it.

Ragini:No Sid,it is abrasiveness. Don’t check other’s personal belongings.
Sid:Rags,I’m his best friend na,I haven’t any secret that hide from him. But he is hiding this from me. So let us check what is Maanik’s great and massive dream.
They opened it. They are shocked to see Swara’s pics and belongings there.They found a diary in it. It was full of Swara’s pics from her childhood.
He was written in it like this.

One day she will be the miss India.She will wear the crown.I will come to her with her favorite red and white roses.She looks at me but I can’t look at her because I am afraid of her response. I don’t know what will she say. I will propose her at that moment.

May be she won’t accept me.But I will wait for her my life long

Hari and Maanik’s parents learnes about Maanik’s love to Swara.They accepts his love for Swara.Ragini starts to like Harsh whereas Hari forwards her marriage proposal.

Credit to: Nandana Rajasekharan

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