Swaragini-(Na seekha main ne jeene tere bina) (episode 1)


Guyzz.I’m Nandana Rajasekharan and I’m back with my another ff.please comment after read if you can’t accept it then ok I will end it here

Please forgive me that I am using Malayalam names once more because I don’t know about the North Indian surnames and rituals. If I am using a Marwari name for the female protagonist may be I will use a Punjabi name for the male protagonist.It will create confusions to all of you.So please pardon me I don’t know much more about North Indian names and rituals because I am from Kerala


Tejaswi Prakash wayangankar as Ragini warrier,a well educated girl,she loves her family very much,she is motherless and today she is the mother of her younger sister and brother.She is the pet of her dad

Helly Shah as Swara warrier,a bubbly girl.She is careless and likes to wear glamorous dresses.She loves her sister very much. She accepted her sister as her mom.She has a twin brother.She is only 2 years younger than Ragini.Her ambition is to become a model.

Sanskar Menon as Varun Kapoor the main male protagonist.He has an elder brother.

Shaheer Sheikh as Harshan Menon.Sanskar’s elder brother

Ashwini Koul as Sidharth warrier(Who played the role of Sidharth Rajput in mtv warrior high)Twin brother of Swara.Careless character

Paarth Samthaan as Vivaan Vadhera(Manik Malhotra of Mtv ky2&season 2)Swara and Sid’s best friend.

Madhura Naik as Hema Reddy(who played the role of Sheetal in IPKKND) Sanskar’s girl friend

Sanaya Pithawalla as Neha Gupta(Siyali of warrior high) Sid’s girl friend

You can assume any actors for the characters given below.

Hari Krishna warrier-Swaragini’s dad
Sreedevi Warrier – Swaragini’s mom
Neelima Menon – Sanskar&Harshan’s mom
Srikumar Menon- Sanskar& Harshan’s dad
Radha Menon-Sanskar’s aunt
Vikrant Vadhera-Vivaan’s dad
Neeti Vadhera-Vivaan’s mom
Others characters will appear in the story



Ragini is calling Swara to her phone.
Ragini: where are you
Swara:I’m in the audition centre for India’s next top model
Ragini:What?Dad will kill you
Swara:no Rags he can’t do anything because I will go to London for move on my career
Ragini:you devil…I’ll not let you go
Swara:No Rags you can’t do that
Ragini:what ever where is Sid & Vivaan.Neeti aunty had called me 1000 times.Dad will be back today after his business tour you know na.Come home early.I’ m going for a shopping
Swara:okay Rags I love you.
Ragini:I love you too

Shopping mall

Ragini was in book stall.She wants to buy the book “2 states”. She finds only one copy in the book stall.She goes to take it.But an another hand took it.
Harshan:l’m sorry you want it
Ragini:No mention, you can take it.
Harshan:But it is out of stock here
Ragini:It’s okay I will buy it in online
Harshan:no problem actually I have read it’s half portion in my home.But the probelem is my home is so far away.I will read that,you take this
Ragini:okay ty
Harshan:it’s valentines day limited edition, you can also gift it to your boy friend.
Ragini:No use,actually I am not committed I’m single.if you have a girl friend you can also take this
Harshan:Same to you, I’m not commited.okay bye see you later
Ragini: yes if fate is with us

They goes to opposite directions

So frnzz how was it. If you don’t like this I will end it here Please comment fast.

Credit to: Nandana Rajasekharan

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  12. Hi nandana njanum malyaliyan
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