Swaragini n sanlak I always love you-part 2(OS)

hi everyone i am back with next part.plz comment i know i have done so many mistakes i. last part sorry i need your comment

she says she cannot become his because …she stops and stand and said i have to leave .Sanky was heartbroken he ask him the reason she didn’t tell anything.He holds her shoulder tightly and ask her the reason.She didn’t utter a word after so much struggle she jerks his hand and said bcz she had a past .After listening to her he said then i had history.he said he doesn’t have any problem with her past everyone has past.but she tell that she cannot forget her past.he said i want to know that she said she can’t. he said you have to.she sit on one side of the boat and he sit beside her and….
fb is shown

She starts
I am orphan so i leave in orphanage my life was quite good but before two years someone came to orphanage and talk to my orphanage Incharge about my marriage alliance she accepted it when i got to know about that i was shocked i was not ready for it so i decided to leave the orphanage When I was leaving the guy called my name i looked at him he looking good and belongs to respected family he only have his mother with him his name is Laksh he tells me swara u don’t no me but i know u i fell in love with you at first side i know u don’t love me but i do my love is enough for us to live he said he loves more than anything he said his mother will accept her daughter and he promised me that he never leave me alone he will be there for me always i was touch by his word and i decided to go with him his mother treat me like her own daughter i was so our marriage preparations start we go for shopping he always carries bag even he is tired when he looked my happy face he becomes happy he changed himself for me one day i told him that i want to drive car he simply nodded we went I was talking n he is watching me suddenly we heard a truck sound the truck was coming towards us i loose control but laksh open his seat belt and and hides me n comes in front the truck came and bash with our car THUD

she comes out of fb n tears were continually flowing from her eyes snky tells her its not your fault for laksh’s death u r not responsible she looked at me n said he is not dead he is alive but in coma from past 2yrs he is alive for me for the promise he made to me snaky was shocked and looked at her with teary eyes n ask her do n love him she said no i don’t bcz i only love …she stops and tells him that she wanna go bcz she hav to meet laksh she always spends sine time in night with him she went
BG music hamari adhuri kahani plays
they both remember the time rhey spend with each other

sanky opens his eyes and some tears falls from his eyes ragini sees this and rested her head on his shoulder. Its night so sanky decided to halt n in morning they will again continue their journey rags tells her that we will continue after 2;3 hours we will reach he said he has stopped travelling in night she understood n nodded.ragini goes to her room and starts thinking how sanky calls her n tells her that he has proposed her n how she denies he tells her that he wants to enjoy this moment n takes shampion bottle n pour it on his face that no one can see his tears but rags saw this and consoles him

Next Day
she is talking to to sum1 that how can u let this happen sanky is not opening his room n not talking to anybody swara hears her talks n directly goes to his sweet n shouts his name to open the door but no response then servant gives her another key of room she opens the door n saw the whole room is massed n so.many beer bottles n finally she spot him lying unconscious she goes to.him n start crying vigorously he open.his eyes n saw her she hugs him but he jerks her n said go away if u don’t luv me why u cam here just to see i m alive or not. she goes from their unwillingly but rags stops her n drag her to the door of the room where sanky is crying badly she sees this rags knows that after watching she don’t need any explanation swara left from there.
its morning in present ragsan again starts their journey sanky goes to his memories
he was on bridge n back hugs a girl n says why are u leaving me u know na i cant leave without u then also this is not fair rago . rags said u dont need to worry about that she has arranged everything u will not miss me n points towards at some place he goes there n shocked to see teddy bears which he gives to swara som1 huuged her from back he turns n shocked to see swara.he was not in his senses swara shook her gives a kiss on his cheek n he came back into his senses he under stood that he got his love he picks swara n rotates swara in air.swara gives his time to both daily.after so days sanky ask her that he wants to.meet laksh she said no.u cant if u will meet him he will die he agrees but after some days he decided to go to meet him without informing swara he leaves and rushes to hospital he goes to laksh room n.saw him lying on bed like lifeless body.he goes to him n tells him that he will.take care of his swara n he will never leave her alone n goes an unknown Tear fell from laksh eyes.
next day

he goes to office he was very but then he receives a racing nation letter of swara he contacts her but cant reach her n 1 day when he was going he saw church where She always comes he goes inside n find her he goes to her but she ignore him he pins her to.wall n ask reason behind her absence but she remain silent snaky keeps asking her finally she speaks n says u r a murderer u killed laksh i have told u not to go but u went n now he is no more he was shattered and falls o. his knees she leaves from there both are crying

At ganga
laksh’s pinddan rasam was goingbon sanky was, there but no.crow were having the food swara speaks n tells looking at sanky that she will never let anyone enters in her life she will live with laksh.memories but nothing happen sanky comes n says laksh i promise u i will never leave her alone never i will complete your promise then somes crows.came ate the food swara was shocked laksh mom came to sanky n tells her to marry swara for laksh swara first denies n then agrees slowly slowly she forgives him n they got married n gave birth to a girl he kept her name samaira their life was going happily but

One day a swasan was going somewhere in car
soch na sake plays
they both were lost in each other
but a truck cam n bashes with their car they both were holding each others hand their hands get separated but sanky again holds.his hand and some drops of blood fell in to there hand
sanky cam into senses when rags tells her that we reach they both go to house n the door opened
a sweet voice cam

u again came late u know today is my birthday i have not cut my cake
sanky holds his ear n said sorry swara plz I was busy
she said ok they cut the cake n swara says i hav to leave she takes the tiffin n leaves sanky sees her n gets emotional rags comes to her encourage her
swara goes to a room where laksh was admitted n tells u know today my birthday n u didn’t whish me come whish me ragsan was watching from mirror sanky says she forgets everything our love;marriage; daughter she is living in her past she daily comes here n talks with Laksh bed n thinks that he is there but he is dead she forgot she think me as her friend n doctors told that if she remembers anything she will die

I’m imperfect without her I’m incomplete.
But i will live for her for my daughter for my promise that i have given to laksh bcz
saying this he break down n ragini consoles her


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  1. It was amazing yaar..Iam feeling proud of Ragini.She loves sanskar still she did everything to make swasan one..I want u to write more stories.

  2. its so emotional

  3. Wooow…this is amazing 1223 sorry..I don’t know ur name….it’z soo nice..I. loved it…keep writing…god bless u ..plz write another os…like this…with happy ending…

  4. abhi swetha shani thank u i am really very happy i know im not enough comments but i am very happy because some one us their who likes it thnks

    1. Don’t worry dr….there are soo many silent readers also…u know I’m not from india…I’m a sri lankan…and u know the best part..there; are some frndz of mine who reads ff from my phn but there are silent readers…soo u have to be proud…not only indianz lots of swaragini fanz are reading all the ff…soo keep writing dr…u have an amazing skill.

      …Ireena nice to meet u…

      1. And my all the frndz who read it told..it’s amazing story ,it’s soo emotional etc..all loved it…

  5. my name is IREENA

  6. Superb episode. I love this ff.

  7. It was awesome

  8. i have posted my another OS on swasan*sssshhhhhhh*koi hain

    1. I have read the first part dr…it’s so amazing…it’s seems like a horror story…I like it…I invite to.others also to read it…
      Keep writing ireena…god bless u ..

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