Swaragini n sanlak I always love you-part 1(OS)


hi every one im new hear plz forgive me fir my mistake as im writing in my phone sorry

the story starts with the girl in red gown trying to call sum1 there were so many guards around her.her back is shown and she turn sheis ragini.she us very tensed.suddenly her phone ring.she pick up the phone.she starts yelling on phone.
R:where are you i am calling you since morning
ahelicopter is shown in which a guy is riding it yes he is the same man ragini is talking to
guy:chill iam busy now
R: what are you not ciming sansker how can you do that it is important it is inaugration of your club so many peiple are coming who will handle this
S:listen you are my best friend and my manager also so you can do this and now im busy
R: what? before she could say sonething he cut the cal
and one boy asked her what hPpen she is about ti say something when the wind blows vry fast all look at sky theres a helicooter coming ti them she understood everything.heli land and our handsome sanskar come down she goes ti him
R..so you cam
S..yes darling hiw can i not come you na ther will be so many girls
R..yaa cime lets go .:-) they go and inaugtate function
sansker danceswith girls and ragini feels jealous(san &rag are best friend from childhood vry clos ti eachother but ragini loves him he is unware if it.
kanwaara hoon kanwara son plya in BG
next day
they were driving in car and suddenly a girl come in front with her cycle her face is civered with scarf sanky saw her eyes and get mesmarised when he us about ti say somthing she went and rag is blabering in anger actually they are late for iffice .they went fir office
when they reach there san is controlling rags then he saw same girl comig to his office she remowed her scarf she is si beautif ul she is our swara.rag suddenly drags him to cabin to conduct interview but he us not in hus senses then he hears rags voice in cam in sense
R..shall we start
S..sure.then swara came to cabin for interview
R..cime sit
Sw..sure man
S..so how are you
Sw .what sir
S..i mean your gualification
Sw..sir iam a commerce graduate abd have one yera experience
S..yiu are appointed
R..she said that she will not come to ni8 ship
S..ok plz listen swa ra yiu have to we wil provide you cab dnt tak tension
Sw..no sir icant come i have my personal reason
S..u cn tell ne idint mind
Sw..but i do sir
R..sorry you can gi
she leave sanky feeks bad
Next day he leave fir office alone cz rsgs was upset with him cz she appointed shona she said ni ti her
sanky came to office and convince ragini .
suddenly he jerks and find he was sleeping driver tell him they reach
he goes insude then a small came to him said i hate you papa
S..o sorry shona I was busy
Sh..u again not bring mom i want to talk to her i am 6 yrs old n she never come to meet me
S..with teary eyed. she willcm next tim
they cut the cake cz shona is bon today gives gift n left(shona leaves in another city alone with her caretakers )
sanky leaves n goes to ragini hom her whol hom was filled with her n sanskar images
sanskar tells her you shiuld moved on she tells him yiu moved on
then they leave without saying anything sanky again gies to fb
shona joints office n the trio becimes good friends sanky totally fallen i. love with swara rags knows this but she us happy fir him. swara never cm ti party in night .
ine day sanky decidef to propose her he takes her to boat blindfolded he was si nervous he was not able to say anythi.g swara was laughing at him n finally he collect some courrage n shows her sky she look at sky some jets realeases simething an.d its write
swara was shocked she tells him she wants ti go hrask him why she was just telling him i want to go he tells him that he loves her but she jurks his hand tell icannot she tells him that she will nit becime his cz………..


Credit to: 1223

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  1. Its swasan or ragsan??Eagerly waiting for next part.Poor rags

  2. who is ragini pair¡

  3. please ragsan

  4. coz???? plz update soon

  5. your all will get clear in next part i thought to write it as ff but my exams are going to start so i cant post it daily so i wrote as an os i have so many plans for this story its really a big story so i hav done everything very fast si plz pardon me i hav uploaded next part also n thanks fir ur comment im really very happy by ur comment

  6. waiting for next part

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