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Hello friends let start my new OS My life

I am hearing a sound . its its my sweet choti bhai Laksh.
“Di, wake up. It’s your first day in higher secondary school. You are getting late” my choti Laksh yelled in my ears. I didn’t gave up a single reaction rather than turning to another side.
After five minutes, I inhaled a sweet smell of Gulab jamun near my nose. I started to sit in bed automatically and opened my eyes. I saw Laksh stands with a plate full of Gulab Jamuns. My mouth starts to watering.

“ My pyarri Chotu! Please give me one” I pleased him.
He returned a wicked smile and replied” di, do you know naa we never eat anything before taking bath” by saying this he fills his mouth with two another gulab jamuns.
I irritated and started to chase him. he run to kitchen where my maa is cooking mummy ka bacha.
“Maa, di want to eat Gulab jamun before taking bath. Even she didn’t brush her teeth” he complained to my maa.
“Anjel..” my maa said with stressing tone. I returned to my room with my head down. Suddenly my choti twirled me and fills my mouth with Gulab jamun. I give him expressed face and he whispers into my ear” sweet morning and rock in school as its your first day” by saying this he went to his room.
Its my daily routine. Everyday he will wake up me with different sweets , irritate me, make me chase him and wish me. I really lucky to have this lucky with me. I just smiled in the direction which he goes.

Clock rings and tells “ its 7:30”
Suddenly reality hits me that I am getting late for my school and it’s my first day in that school.
I take bath and wear uniform and presented myself in dining table.
Papa come here and smiled to me. he is always silent but he is so caring towards us. He is so concerned to protect his little world. Eventhough we are middle class family, he always tried to fulfill all my wishes sometimes which even I can’t said.
Maa and Laksh comes with tiffins in their hand and placed it in table. Laksh is always wakeup early and helps mom and chats with papa to make him laugh while reading newspapers.
Maa starts to serve dishes to us and papa serves dishes to maa. Asusual we ate food fastly and get ready to leave for our destinations.
“ wait a minute, Swara” papa stopped me. I saw him with a question. He gave me a gift box. I surprised because it’s not my birthday. I opened it and see a key. I ran to entrance and saw a beautiful lady bird cycle. I hugged my papa “ thank you papa”

My papa kissed me in forehead and my mom presented me a NEET entrance books. Laksh come near to me” It’s my present” . I opened it rushly and sees a parker pen. He saved his pocket money and bought a parker pen for me.” it’s not costlier” he said in a embarrassed tone. I pulled him in my hug” it’s very precious to me” . It gives me a smile in his face. He asked” really?”. I nodded to him because it’s very special to me . it’s my choti’s first present for me.
“ we are getting late” papa announced. I start to pedal my cycle and take my choti in back side after bidding bye to my parents.
I dropped my choti in his school and I went to my school. It’s a big school only rich peoples can study in this type of school. I secured state rank in higher school and then I got admission in this school.

I parked my cycle and ran to my class room. I got placed myself in second bench and after a minute a girl sit next to me. I stare her for a minute and she smiled to me.” I am Sandiya”
“ I am Swara” I replied to her and we both have a genuine handshake.
Then , my class teacher entered into the class.
“ good morning students” teacher wished and we wished her back. Then introduction session started.
Hours rolled and I returned to my home . I got new friends Sandiya, Vani, Kavya and Kavitha . Sandiya is brave one , Vani is shy type , Kavya and Kavitha have little bit attitude but they are sweet. I formed a gang in my first day.

I entered to my home. As soon as I entered my home, Laksh asked me” how was your first day? Is everything ok naa?” . I sense his worry in his voice.
“ it’s super and I have new friends” I exclaimed. He smiled and eagerly listens me. once I finished, he shared his day with me.
I started to laugh when he describes about his prank on his maths teacher.” Laksh, stop .. stop.. I can’t laugh more” I told him with moist eyes because of laugh.
Laksh refused and finished it fully. I hold my stomach and rolls in floor while laughing.
Papa and Maa returned from office and we cooked lunch because they are so tired.
Days rolled.. I share a good bond with my friends.
Laksh high school exams got over.

I alone starts to go my school and I felt some gaze following me.
One day, I returned to home.
My cycle is punctured. so I left it in home for repair.
Someone blocked my way. I stared him with scaredness in my eyes.
“ why are you blocking my way?” I asked him after somewhat gathered my courage.
“ I am following you for a month. I love you” he replied.
It increases my anger.” You are a stranger to me. even I didn’t know your name. let me go”
But he just smirked.” I am Rajat. Rajat Singhania”
“ it’s nothing matter to me. Leave my way” I mocked him.
He suddenly grabbed my hands” you have to love me.”
I take a pepper spray and just sprayed at his eyes. he winced in pain and by using this chance I ran away.
I arrived home and Laksh saw my tensed face.
“ di, are you ok?” Laksh asked me.
“ I am ok Laksh” I lied him for the first time in my life. I don’t want to make him worry and my parents. But its my worst decision.
I decided to handle myself.

Rajat is following me and tortures me. . A woman can’t have any rights for decision. why he torturing me, why he forcing me , even I also have feelings. I cursed god why he make him to meet me that idiot.moreover my dream is to be a doctor. I don’t have any place for this things in my life. It’s affect my studies. I felt that I get exhausted and I slapped him
One day, I am returned to my house. I felt that someone hold my mouth and grabbed inside a car.
I try to shout but they tied my mouth and eyes with kerchief and my hands with rope. I remembers my good moments with my family and my Laksh. it gives me courage. At that time, a man entered into car , removed kerchief from my eyes. It’s rajat. He smiled devilishly and hold my cheeks.
“ I told you naa I will make you mine” Rajat said evilly.

I turned my face and tears flowing on my face. My mind yelled to me” it’s not time for cry. You have to escape from this”
I saw a little knife in the car floor and I cut ropes with some scratches in my hand. I wait for correct time. They stopped the car and went out for checking the bannet.
“ car tyre is punctured” a man shouted and kicks the car. Rajat goes outside and using this chance, I started to run. I ran like a mad and goons followed me. I bumped into someone.
We both fell and I stand and again starts to run. But someone holded my hand.
“Swara, what happened?” a voice asked me.
I recognized the voice , its Sandiya. I turned to her and hugged her tightly.
“ they try to kidnap me” I said while panting.
She hugged me and I burst out in cry.

Sandiya’s father is a police officer. They arrested them and informed my parents.
Sandiya and her father took me to my house. As soon as my family saw me, they hugged me tighter. I felt that I am in a secure place.
Laksh took me to my room and put ailment in my wounds in my hand. I hold his hands tightly.as he can’t see my pain and my shivering, he take me in his embrace. I slowly broke the hug and place my head in his lap.
Sandiya’s father asked my papa to give complaint.
“ we are very thankful to you sir. But I can’t give complaint. It’s about my daughters It will create problem in her life” my papa expressed his helplessness.
Sandiya’s father tried to convince my father. My papa stood in his decision. I surprised that my papa always taught me to stand inside of truth. But he.. My thoughts cut by Sandiya’s father.
Sandiya’s father” okay Mr. Gadodia.. I will warn him and make him never cross your daughter”
My papa thanked him. Sandiya and Sandiya’s father leave and my parents come to my room.
My papa touched my head.

“ I didn’t do anything wrong , papa” I pleaded him and try to make him understand.
He take my head to his shoulder” I trust you, anjel. Just forget it as a nightmare.”
I stare him with tears in my eyes and starts to think what’s in my fault.
“there is nothing your fault di” Laksh said and caressed my head. Maa came with a glass full of milk.
“ Swara, drink this” Maa told and I also need that. I drank it in a one go. I felt dizzy and my eyes are closing unknowingly. I started to sleep.
The next day,
“di wake up. It’s Sunday. We will have fun” I heard Laksh voice. As usual, I turned another side.
After a minute, I inhaled a sweet scent of Ladoo.
I wake up and he started his drama.
“ I have a worst nightmare , Lucky” I said.
“ if you want Ladoo then chase me” Lucky told me and starts to run. The next minute, I started to chase him. suddenly I felt a pain in my hands. I saw my hands that scratches. I remembered. It’s not a nightmare it’s real. I sit in a place where I stand with a thud. Laksh returned to me and wipes my tears. He take my hands” as long I am alive, I will protect you di. just forget it as a nightmare”. I don’t know what I will reply. I walked towards my room and sees mirror. It shows the mark in my cheeks which was given by rajat.
I lost my stability and I want to erase that mark. I rubbed my cheeks but still I felt disgust by his touch. I felt worms runs in my face. I want to destroy that mark. Laksh called maa and papa . I start to slapping myself for no reason. Maa holded my hands.
“maa, leave my hands . I want to erase that marks” I yelled to her and I eyes nearby knife and try to take it.
Then I just felt a burning sensation in my cheeks and sees my face in that mirror. My maa fingerprints covers Rajat marks. I smiled sarcastically.
But it will increase their fear. Maa took me in her embrace” Swara, forget it. don’t harm yourself.”
“ I want to be alone” I said firmly.

Laksh takes maa and papa outside and then comes to me.
“di” he called me.
“ I said I want to be alone” I said rudely.
But he is unaffected by my words. He sat nearby me and placed his head in my lap.
“ di, why are you make him win” he asked me calmly.
“ what are you saying?” I asked him.
“ you are making him win by hurting yourself. If nothing is your mistake, then why are you hurting yourself” Laksh asked me.
“ I don’t want to make him win, Laksh” I lost my control.” But I can’t forget it what happened yesterday.”
“ I don’t say to forget it. I know it’s hard. But leave your frustration . why are you spoiling yourself. Just think about maa and papa. Prove yourself that you don’t affected by him” laksh said.
I take Laksh’s head from my lap and walks towards maa and papa. I saw them worried face. No .. I never make them feel worry for me.
I walked towards maa and papa and hugged them” sorry maa..papa”
Laksh sees it with a smile.

Hours rolled, Maa and papa went to see Sandiya’s father. Laksh took me to doctor for dressing my wound. When we returning, Laksh somewhat made me smile. He slowly make me feel normal.
I felt bored in house. I just on the tv. It’s my favorite hero movie. In this a scene come, hero forcefully married heroine. Laksh changed the channel.
“ di, tv is boring, can you teach me for Neet which you learn till now?” he asked me.
I agreed and we both immersed in our studies.
Maa and papa returned to home and we all are going to restaurant. Within a day, I returned to normal because of my family.
I decided that I only focus on my dream. My dream is to be a cardiologist.
The next day, Laksh drops me to school. On the way, while crossing the place where I kidnapped, my hands are shivering. Laksh presses my hands and smiles to me. I somewhat feel better.
I entered my classroom.
Kavya saw my scars in hands and asked me” what happened to your hand?”
I searched answer and remembered what happened to me. Sandiya hold me and said” she met a minor accident. That’s all”
I thanked her through my eyes and she returned asmile.
After that I became a nerd. To forget that worst evening, I make me immersed in studies. But Sandiya and Laksh together make me the normal swara who loves pranks.
After 8 months,
My exams are started.

I wake up by a alarm and starts to revise. I felt a aroma of coffee. I raised my head.
“drink it then study” Laksh said.
I obeyed him . sometimes, I wondered that I am the elder one or he.
I always used his Parker pen. It’s my lucky charm. I smiled to him and again immersed in revision.
Years rolled,
7 years rolled after that incident. Laksh, me and Sandiya got a place in same medical college which is far way from our home town . Laksh is practicing home surgeon and I am a cardiologist and Sandiya is neurologist.
We are returning to our home . papa received us in railway station and we are having some funny moments.
At night ,
I come to terrace that Laksh wants to speak something important.
“ di, what are you thinking about Ragini?” he asked me.
Ragini is my junior. She is classmet of Laksh and she is an orphan. I wondered why he asking about her to me.
“ she is very nice girl” I replied to him.
“ I love her” Laksh said calmly by staring moon.
I was surprised. my little brother loves a girl. I don’t know how to react for this. I really happy with his decision.
“di” Laksh called me.”are you not happy with my decision?”

I starts to play with his hairs” I am happy with your decision,Lucky. She is good match for you. but I wonder when my choti grown that much longer.”
He blushed and I asked” is she also?”
He immediately said” we are loving each other for two years. I want your help. Please make maa and papa agree”
“don’t worry. I will handle it. but its costly. I want …” I said.” Gulab jamun” he completed.
He hugged me” thanks di”
The next day,
I wake up and Maa told me wear a red silk saree. I asked Laksh through my eyes . he replied me that he don’t know.
I take bath and wears that red saree. When I come to hall, I see Kaveri bua and his son Sahil.
Maa whispers to my ears” they asked your hands for their son.”
I don’t know why I am start to blush. I nod my head down.
Papa sent me and Sahil to terrace for speaking.

“ I don’t know what to speak. Well I am Sahil. I am cardiologist. I love my family more. For me, my maa is everything. I want you to keep my maa always happy” he said.
I observed that he loves and cares his maa most. My maa always said that the one who loves his mother, he keep his wife happy. I remembered that. I promised him and we returns to hall.
They start to arrange for Marriage. Sahil and me started to talk till midnight and somewhat I started to have feelings for Sahil.
Tomorrow is my engagement. Laksh invited Ragini to home.
In Hall,
Papa and maa is planning budget for my engagement.
I took Ragini with me. she is so scared.
“ my parents will like you, Rago” I tried to boost her confidence. But all in vain. I see Laksh whose face is pale and tensed.
“maa..papa..” I called them.
“haan Swara” papa said.
“papa. She is Ragini” I told.
Ragini takes blessings from my parents.
“maa.. Laksh loves her” somewhat I told them.
“laksh..” papa called him.
Laksh comes there.
“I disappointed with you Laksh.”papa said. Laksh have moist eyes. He can’t giveup our parents at the same time ragini also.papa continued” if you have courage to love means then you should also have same courage to tell it to us. ”
“papa..” Laksh sees papa with surprised look.
“we already know. We heard your conversation. I am happy with Ragini” maa said with a wide smile.
“ my children happiness is important to me than anything” papa told by side hugging Laksh.
I felt myself relaxed and happy. Maa hugged Ragini and gave her bangle.
“ papa we are going for shopping” I announced and take Raglak with me.
We roamed full town and shopped . Laksh is carrying our bags with pout face. I felt that someone is stalking me.
Ragini saw a bangle stall and pulls Laksh with her. I stand that place with smile. Suddenly a man come infront of me.
“Rajat” I whispered.

“ Still you remember me. good but I will never let you live. If you will be never mine, then no one get you” he said.
I scared by seeing shiny knife in hands and my hands and legs didn’t help me. he is going to stab me and I closed my eyes in fear. I felt immense pain in my stomach. I opened my eyes. His eyes are darker one and didn’t show ant mercy. I am not a thing. I am a human. I also have some feelings.why that Rajat didn’t understood that. My dream is to work as doctor and my dreams about my life with Sahil. What is my mistake to born as a girl. My thought are cut when Again he is going to stab me. I closed my eyes. I heard Ragini’s scream” Laksh…”
I opened my eyes. That moron stabbed my lucky. Lucky saved me from second stabbing . Laksh gathered his strength and take Knife from his hand and make himself slit his wrist.
The peoples are running. Laksh holds my hand” di, I am sorry. I can’t protect you”
We fall down and share a painful eyelock. Ragini pleads people for help.
I whispered”Laksh..”
I see some light and I opened my eyes. I see the worried face of maa.
“maa..” I whispered.
She comes to near me.
I collected my strength” maa.. I want to see Laksh”
Maa said” I will take you after an hour. He is sleeping”
I relaxed myself and again slept.
I wake up and hears some sound. It’s papa’s voice. He is pleading to someone.
I removed glucose strips and walks outward.
I saw my papa pleads to bua to not stop marriage.

“ I don’t want that impure girl as my bahu.” Bua announced.
Maa pleads to sahil” beta,please make your mom understand”
“ my maa is saying correct.how can I know she have affairs with another person” Sahil said mercilessly.
I shocked. Is that man I saw that day. Is he really trusted me. Thank god I didn’t marry him.
“maa. Don’t please them. Let them go” I said.
Bua and Sahil left the place after badmouthing me. I went to near maa and asked” maa.. where is Ragini and Laksh?”
Maa and papa takes me to Laksh room. Ragini holds his one hand. I slowly walked towards him. and caressed his hairs. He wake up and see me” di..” he called me.
One week rolled, we moved to my house. I requested Sandiya’s papa to make the case stronger.
I heard the ladies are gossiping about me and someone badmouthing about my character. I just wondered why society always blames girls even they didn’t commit mistake. I felt exhausted.
I entered into my house. Now I lost faith in marriage and in mens. The two mens Rajat and Sahil made me to hate all the mens. I know that all mens are not like them. But still an unknown fear occupied in my heart.
“ swara, we decided to move on another city” papa said.
Literally I thanked god to sent them as my family.
“ ok papa” I agreed.
After two days, we moved on into new city. Laksh refused to do marriage until I got married. Maa make Ragini to stay with us.
Laksh and Ragini prepares for their entrance exam for higher studies and try to cheer up me. Rajat was punished for life time imprisonment. First time, I felt happier for someone’s depressing. I felt little bit satisfied and he lost his one hand also.
I joined into a hospital as a junior doctor and Sandiya also joined in the hospital.
One day, one of my collegue Sanskar proposed me.

“ I love you” Sanskar said. I remembered Rajat. My body got stiffened.
“sorry mr. Sanskar. I lost faith in men” I answered him and walked away from him. I felt pain when I saw his sad face.
After that he never disturbed me. but he always helped me from my back. I also felt a soft corner for him but my past didn’t let me to trust other men .
One day , my car is repaired and my phone also dead. I can’t call Laksh for helping me.
At that time, Sanskar arrived there.” Do you want any help?”
“ my car is repaired” I replied to him.
He get down from his car and examined my car.” We need mechanic” he answered. Suddenly , Raining is started with a storm.
“ you can come with me” Sanskar asked me.
I scared but my heart trusted him. I agreed and get into his car.
“Swara can I know why you lost faith in men?” he asked me.
I don’t want to share my horrible past but unknowingly I told everything and starts to sob.
There is an silence in the car.
“swara…” he called me calmly and offers his hanky.
“ I have a medicine for your sorrow” he told me and I stared him.
He stopped the car and takes his coat and then told me to come outside.
“ it’s raining outside” I remembered him. but he make me come out.
“Swara, just enjoy the rain and wash your sorrow in this rain” he said.
I just stand in rain and I felt my self so light.
“ thanks Sanskar” I told him.
“ ok, lets go” he said, after 15 minutes.
Days rolled, slowly I started to fall for him but somewhat I resisted.

One day,
Laksh come to my room and asked me that I am in love. I shocked.
“ di, I got to know about Sanskar” Laksh said and shows my dairy.
“ di, he is a good man. If you love him just say to him, please” he told me.
“ but I rejected him once. I didn’t want lose him, atleast I want him as my friend” I explained him. I scared to lose him.
A voice comes there” I love you Swara”
“Sanskar” I whispered.
I hugged him with moist eyes. I don’t know when I started to love him, trusted him. but now I love him.
I hear Laksh’s cough and I break the hug. I starts to blush. After I got to know Laksh is friend of Sanskar. They are enmity friend I meant they are becoming friends after fighting in ring. I forgot to say Laksh is a kick boxer.
“ Sansku, you know about me. if you make my sister cry, then..” Laksh said in a threatening as well as teasing tone.
“even I will never let her to cut onion. Now ok, lucky”Sanskar replied. I chuckled.
I hugged them both. One is my life and another one is my world.
Papa and maa are happy about my decision. Sanskar is an orphan. So we decided after our marriage we will stay in one house. I don’t want to go away from Laksh.
Maa and papa decided to make the marriage in consecutive days. First me and Sanskar and then Ragini and Laksh.
My life now go very smooth. Ragini and I manage the house as well as our profession. Ragini is like a sister to me. she is like lucky so understanding. She always treats maa and papa as her own parents. My hubby and my choti always tease me with sweets. Ragini takes my side.
years rolled,

I heard a voice” chachi, wake up. You are getting late for hospital” Raksh said. Laksh’s son. Like son ,like father.
I turned to another side and I inhaled a scent of gulab jamun. I see Sanskriti, my daughter.
I started to chase them for my sweet. But suddenly a arm pulled me and take me into his embrace.
“Sanskar, leave me. I want sweets” I said to him.
He kissed me in my lips” there is nothing sweeter than your lips” he said.
“ have some shame. You are father of a two child” I said to him.
We heard foot steps of Ragini. She is struggling with two babies. One is Raksh and another one is her hubby Laksh.
I smiled by seeing smiled face of My Laksh. I myself locked in Sanskar embrace and he stares me lovingly. I know his love for me and our family never reduces. I kisses him in his lips. He closed his eyes and I ran from the place. He starts to chase me and caught me.
I starts to travel in his eyes” I love you Sanskar”
He said” I love you swara”

The end
Friends first time I tried different. Hope I didn’t bored you all. If its boring , forgive me. please leave your suggestions. It’s very important to me.

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