Swaragini: my side story (episode 22)

Ragsan wedding is completed.swara was jealous as she lost to ragini..
Ragini’s bidai is completed..
They come to Maheshwari mansion..
Ragini sees swara’s marks on the wall where sanskar’s wife’s hand prints should be there..
Ragini looks on ..
everyone else notices it ..
Suji: aadarsh we should have painted the house..
Aadarsh : chachiji wo there were pari’s prints also so maa said let it be..
Swara: oho ragini what will u do now..I have taken your place..( she smirks)
Sanskar looks at her angrily..
Ragini smiles and dips her hands in turmeric and makes her prints above swara’s ..
Ragini: problem solved..I have taken my place back..
Swara nods her head annoyingly ..
Sujatha: Yeh chori.just shut your stupid bhashan ..Ragini come I can’t wait to bring my bahu…
Ragsan smile..
Ragini kicks rice pot and is about to enter..
Maya: stop ragini..Sanskar yours is a special love story toh your gruhpravesh should also be special..
Sanskar thinks…
Swara rolls her eyes..Sanskar looks into ragini’s eyes and cups her face
Sanskar: ragini do you trust me..
Ragini: more than myself..
Sanskar smiles..
Sanskar: watch out maya…
He holds ragini’s waist and pulls her against his chest..Everyone looks amused..
He lifts her above and places her feet on his feet.She was so close to him that their garlands interlaced with one another and the their noses were touching ….
He held her waist tightly…
both smiled at eachother..Maya looked on amused…
Ragsan completed their gruhpravesh….
Elders go to look after other arrangements..
Laksh: Wow bhai You are so romantic..You broke my record of romance
Swara: don’t even compare yourself to sanskar..His mere look makes a woman turn on..Eyeing sanskar intensly
Pari and maya look shocked while aadarsh looks away in embarrassment..Ragsan look at each other with irritation..
Laksh: haa that’s because he has amazing and understanding wife like ragini with him..Me?..I have you then how will I be romantic..

Swara stomped and left to her room…
Laksh: there goes five feet ki problem..Thank god.
Maya: but yaha ragini’s footprints are not there..Its sanskar’s prints
Everyone look teasingly at them..
Ragini: bhabhi ragini and sanskar are not different ..She holds his hand .they are one soul in two bodies..
Sanskar kisses her hand.
sanskar: so all rasams are completed na..ragini lets go to our room..
Ragini blushes ..everyone laughs..
Pari: areh devarji ..wait till then ragini will be in your room and you will be with laksh..
Sanskar pouts..
Sanskar: bhabhi…ok till night I wont do anything but let me be with her…
Aadarsh: chal beta tu..
Aadarsh and laksh drag sanskar away..Pari and maya take ragini to sanskar’s room ..
ragini is stunned when she enters the room…
Whole room was filled with ragini’s pics …it stored every moment of ragsan together..
pari: I think this defines how much he loves you…
Ragini nods with happy tears..
Maya: and this is something he hates in your eyes..She wipes them..
That evening….sanskar comes into the room..
Ragini was sitting in the center of the bed clutching her duppatta tightly..
Sanskar smiles and moves towards her..ragini’s heartbeat was rising with every approaching foot steps..
He sat next to her and removed her ghunghat…ragini’s lips were trembling and her hands were cold..
Sanskar: Jaan if you are not comfortable then we will wait…
Ragini looks into his eyes..
Ragini: I am scared sanskar that this will turn into dream…
Sanskar cups her face..
Sanskar: no one can separate us even in dreams….
Ragini hugs him tightly..
Sanskar kisses her on top of her head…
He leans closer to her and kisses her lips…Ragini clutches his shirt tightly and her eyes were closed in shyness..
She moves back on the bed and he moved along with her not leaving her lips even for a sec…his lips traced her jawline making her shiver..When he reached her nape he couldn’t help but sink his teeth into her soft tender skin thus leaving a hickey there..

Ragini moaned in pain ..but this time it didn’t gain sympathy from him…instead he was more turned on…

He slowly and passionately hugged her and covered themselves with blanket…

Next day all the ladies were in kitchen..It was 10 :30…
Swara comes into the kitchen..
All the ladies were tensed..
Swara: mom….suji gives sharp look..I mean chachiji..what happened..
Suji ignores her..
AP: swara do one small thing ..would you please go and wake ragsan..
Swara: what? They are still sleeping?
AP: slowly..If your papaji listens then we are gone..Please go wake them..
Swara: Why me?
Suji: because you are shameless..
Swara: what?
Suji: I mean we are feeling embarrassed ..
Swara: ok..
She goes to wake them…

Here ragsan were still sleeping..They slept in early hours ..They were still hugging eachother..their clothes were thrown all over the room..
Swara : ab tak they sleeping..huh?
She knocks on their door..
Sanskar gets up and sees ragini who was still sleeping peacefully….He didn’t want to disturb her so he covered her with blanket ad got dressed and hurried to open the door..
Sanskar: yeah?
Swara gets shocked seeing his face…there were lipstickmarks all over his face and ragini’s bindi was sticking on his neck..
Sanskar: will you talk fast..
Swara: haa wo maa is calling ragini for rasoi rasam..
Sanskar: we will come you go..
Swara goes..sanskar goes to sleeping ragini and caresses her smooth hair…..Her face expression changes..
Sanskar: Jaan?
Ragini: hmmm..
Sanskar: Badimaa is calling..
Ragini: badimaa?
She gets up with a jerk..
Ragini:what is the time?
Sanskar: hmm 11..
Ragini: omg…badimaa will be angry…How will I manage..How could I sleep till now?
Sanskar: jaan chill..
Ragini: no sanskar..my god..
He immediately captures her lips with his into a passionate kiss…When he breaks the kiss ragini becomes quiet ..
Sanskar: are u okay now..
Ragini bends her head and nods..
Sanskar pats her cheek..
Sanskar: now get ready..

Ragini looks at him happily..

Okay that’s it..Two apologies..
1) Due to mumma’s health I couldn’t post soon and 2) I am sorry I am a worst writer when it comes to consummation scenes..I tried my best…

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