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Hai u guyz .
I just saying my suggestion and views don’t bash me ok. Sry raglak fans: Rags and swara were the two side of coin but there is some thing we can notice is the way ragz behave is very sensitive. May be becoz of pampering of her daadi. But our shona is well brought to any harder situation. Hetic situation also she behave bravely. According to me. When lucky betrayed rags that time suicide is just time lose drama if they wish for trp then they can made like this
shekar take shona home. Sanky heart broken. In gm swara pleading but he is not doing anythng becoz helpless. Mm decide to go to apolgize and take their bahu. When they reach shekar tease them. Atlast dp ask abt swara decision. Shekar ask ragini to call swara. Ragini came and shout that she did not open the door. Sanky rush and break the door and saw swara lying on floor btw pool of blood. Sanky pat her chin she open eye.
Sa: why shona.
That time ragz tied her hand.
Swa: i can’t without u.
This intense can’t be seen in raglak. May be in future they may.

Credit to: devanandhini

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  1. i used to a swalak fsn and in mid I stopped watching when Ragini turned evil and all jail drama…..now since evrything is fine i am watching again and i am loving swasan jodi… they look lovely… 🙂 hihi

  2. Helly is very good actress.but there is no intensity in her acting.plz dnt tell me about golden petal awards.bcz everyone knows that that’s really stupidity. L

  3. I thought raglak me kuch to bat hogi that’s why u r comparing between raglak and swasan.kyu ki kamiya chhupane ke liye aksar comparison ka hi sahara liya jata hain.

  4. hey unknown shut up.. if you don’t like helly’s acting it don’t means she is not a good actress.. swasan fans vote like mad and they made helly varun win the award.. you don’t like any person’s acting does not means she is not good actress.. who r u to judge her? you are no one ok? she has many fans. and she is definitely brilliant actress.. if you don’t like her acting ignore her.. why so much jealousy? she is a great actress and popular than any other in SR cast..

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