Swaragini – The Music of Love

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This is my first fan fiction ever so hope you like it!

INT: Gadodia house – Morning

The story starts with Swaragini practicing on their instruments together at their house. They are coordinating with each other so that their tunes match. Dadi comes inside the room and asks them to stop playing early in the morning in the morning and come for breakfast. They grin at each other before rushing outside. While having breakfast, their father looks at them and smiles.

Shekhar: Have you prepared for your competition?
Swaragini: *together in harmony* Yes papa!
Swara: We are all set and ready!
Ragini: When Swara and Ragini combine their melodies together, no one can beat them.
Everyone at the table smiles at their confidence and their Dadi asks them to pray to God before they leave. Swaragini both go towards the temple and pray for their win before leaving. They pack their instruments on Swara’s bike and leave the baadi, heading towards their music academy.

INT: Maheshwari house – Morning

A boy in boxing shorts (Laksh) is focusing on hitting his punching bag, while the another one (Sanskaar) is running on the treadmill. An older boy (Adarsh) comes from the toilet drying his face with towel.

Adarsh: Laksh, Sanskaar, let’s go. Maa is calling for breakfast and you know papa does not like it if anyone is late to breakfast.
Sanskaar: *hits the stop button on his treadmill* Yeah Adarsh bhai, coming in a few minutes.

Sanskaar gets off the treadmill, picks his shirt and exits from the gym. Adarsh follows him and heads to his room. Laksh looks at them, sighs and exits the room too. All of them come down to the breakfast table and Mr. Maheshwari is looking at a few letters.

Mr. Maheshwari: Sanskaar, Laksh, we have received the invitation to judge a music competition in the Kolkota Music Academy that we are chairperson off. However, I have a very important board meeting today along with Adarsh and Ram so I would like you both to go on behalf of me. You guys have finished college now so I would like you to take this step. It is a big competition so I hope you will take it seriously as we are one of the board of trustees.

Laksh: Papa per I don’t even know anything about music, how am I supposed to judge it?
Sanskaar: Lucky, don’t worry. We watch enough movies to judge this competition.

Sanskaar raises his eyebrows and chuckles at Laksh as he shakes his head. Laksh thinks in his mind that Sanskaar has done a great job in getting him stuck judging this stupid competition. He thinks of all the things he could do with his friends at that time. Everyone gets up and Uttara, a young girl, runs with her books bidding everyone good bye. Sanskaar and Laksh go up to their rooms, get ready and leave for the competition.

EXT- On the road

Laksh: Sanskaar, what have you got me into?
Sanskaar: Laksh, we can’t say no to bade papa and he is right. How long are we going to hang around with friends and party? It is time to get serious and do something worthy. If you want to party, consider getting in a college or university. You will enjoy it.
Laksh: Good idea bhai, I will think about it. Right now I just want to enjoy. I have heard this music competition is between girls only so at least that would make it a less boring.

EXT – Parking lot
Sanskaar chuckles and shakes his head. They are parking at the academy when they see a guy walking around holding a girl’s (Ragini) dupatta without the girl knowing. She is busy carrying her instrument. Another girl gets off from the bike and watches that. She removes her helmet and walks over to him, catching him from his ear. The guy drops the dupatta and when he looks at Swara, he freaks out and crosses his hands together.

Boy: Swara sorry, Ragini’s dupatta was falling on the ground so I was just holding it for her.
Swara: You liar! I saw you purposely holding it. Next time you come near my sister, I will bind you in the same dupatta and throw you in a bin. blo*dy Tharkis!
Ragini: *shocked* Swara leave it, we are getting late. Come fast.
Swara glares at the boy before running back to her bike and picking her guitar before racing with Ragini inside the academy. Sanskaar and Laksh who are watching the entire scene are amused and look at each other.

Laksh: What a girl… She looks more like a hitler than a girl honestly. Poor guy, he was just holding the dupatta.
Sanskaar: I am glad it was not you.
Laksh: Bhai, you know I am not so stupid. I don’t hold dupatta’s as that is really old style. I directly hold the girl.

INT- Inside Music Academy

Laksh winks at Sanskaar who laughs and get out of the car. They hurry inside the academy and mention that they are here in place of Durga Prasad Maheshwari who was busy and could not come to judge. They are well treated and given a seat next to three other judges. While Sanskaar is reading through the judging rules, Laksh is busy checking out the girls around him. He wolf-whistles at the lady who comes to ask them if they need help. She smiles slyly at Laksh before departing.

The MC comes and announces the start of the music competition. He mentions as this is a team competition, they will be judged on their team working skills, the combination of their harmony and the theme of their music. The one who wins this competition will win a grand prize and entrance to the state level music championship. The competition starts with pair of girls coming up to perform. They perform and sing on all kind of music. Sanskaar is marking them and listening to them with full attention but is even listening to Laksh who is marking the girls on their looks. He rates them out of 10 and whispers it to Sanskaar who tries to control his laughter. Finally Swara & Ragini are called up on stage. Ragini comes with her sitar but Swara is not there anywhere. Laksh and Sanskaar sit up to hear the girls properly. Ragini pushes her open hair back and starts singing. In a minute, Swara makes an appearance from the crowd as to surprise them and does a great performance along with Ragini. Their music compels the entire audience as it feels like that while they are playing separately, they are joint from the same tone. It feels like they are joint from the souls and their music is inseparable. Everyone is mesmerized and lost in their singing until they finish. There is a silence of one minute before the audience stand up and clap loudly. Swaragini are also lost while playing music that they see or hear nothing but each other. They come back to present and smile at the crowd. Bowing a thank you, they both exit and Swara starts jumping happily around Ragini.

Sanskaar is still staring at the stage where both girls were playing but Laksh jerks him back to present.
Laksh: Hello bhai? They are gone. Please vote now. *Laksh points at the lady standing above them and smiles*
Sanskaar: Oh yeah, sorry. They were too spellbinding so couldn’t help it. *he writes a 10 out of 10 on the score sheet*
Laksh: *smirks and hands over their score sheet to the girl and winks at her. The girl leave and Laksh turns to Sanskaar* 10 out of 10? Even I gave because they were too hot and their music was really something beyond.
Sanskaar: You heard their music? That is surprising.
Laksh: Couldn’t help it bro, it was the only thing I could hear.

They are called upon the stage to announce the winner and Laksh is handed the trophy to give. Sanskaar announce Swaragini the winner and both girls hug each other and rush to the stage. Ragini takes the trophy shyly from Laksh and thanks him. Swara just looks around happily as Sanskaar announces that they will be representing the state level championship. He asks her if she would like to say anything.

Swara: *takes the mike* Yeah, thank you, thank you, thank you! If it hadn’t been for everyone of you, we wouldn’t be winning this. But this is also because of our parents, us Swaragini and obviously God who gave us the confidence to reach this place. Thank you again.

Swara hands over the mike to Sanskaar, still very excited. Sanskaar looks at her with curiosity and amusement and they all leave the stage. Swara runs ahead jumping and giving everyone chocolates from her bag. Ragini who is following her laughs at her sister but when she tries to go ahead, she feels that her dupatta is slipping away. Ragini holds her dupatta immediately and looks around to see Laksh holding up his arm where her dupatta is stuck. Ragini makes an oops face and walks over to him shyly. She mutters a sorry and tries to take out her dupatta but it entangles more in his watch.

Laksh: Wait, wait, wait…you will tear your dupatta and then you will cry that I ruined your dupatta and god knows what else. Let me do the honors…
Ragini: *stares at him quietly with raised eyebrows but drops her hand*
Laksh: *looks up at her with a smirk and manages to get her dupatta out* Here you go, and you are welcome.
Ragini: Thanks, oh and by the way…I don’t cry. You probably do which is why you are assuming everyone does.

Ragini gives him a big sweet smile before walking away to her sister who is still jumping and stuffs a big chocolate piece in Ragini’s mouth. They are laughing and Laksh is staring at Ragini, semi-confused at what she said to him and he didn’t even respond.

Sanskaar: Laksh, stop staring at her and at least keep your mouth close. Let’s leave.

Laksh says nothing and is about to leave when both the girls run up to them. Swara stands in front of Laksh and offers him chocolate but he is still looking at Ragini with a blank expression.

Swara: Hello? Judge sir, thank you…now will you take the chocolate.

Ragini: *shakes her head before taking the chocolate from Swara’s hand. She takes Laksh’s hand and keeps it in it* Swara, he looks like he is in shock so I am sure he heard nothing but it’s okay, we have given him the chocolate.
Swara: *shrugs and turns to Sanskaar and offers him a chocolate* Are you in shock too or will you take this chocolate?
Sanskaar: *laughs* Oh no, thank you. I actually like chocolates so I am not denying your offer. But why chocolate?
Swara: We just won? Duh! And my dida says, we should give everyone sweets upon our win. It is a good thing. Anyway bye!
Ragini waves them by and leave with Swara while Sanskaar and Laksh are staring at them. Sanskaar is amused and smiles a little while Laksh is still trying to take in what happened.

If you like it, I will continue it 🙂

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