Swaragini – The Music of Love – Chapter 9


Recap: Naina sends pictures via email. SwaRagini, Laksh & Sanskaar reach the hotels.

INT – SwaRagini Room – Mumbai

Swara and Ragini are getting ready for the opening ceremony. Ragini wears a purple one shoulder long dress with a silver bolero and silver shoes. She curls her hair from below and leaves them hanging on the side. Swara is wearing a dark blue dress with net sleeves and silver accessories and shoes. She ties her hair in half pony and blow dries them. They look at each other and hug.

Swara: I am so excited; we are going to win this!
Ragini: Me too! I can’t wait. Let’s go now; we are already a little late.

They leave their rooms and go towards the ballroom where the opening ceremony is held. There are lots of people which make them slightly uncomfortable but they also notice that many male eyes come to a halt over them. They ignore people and walk over to the drinks table, eyes searching for Sanskaar & Laksh. Laksh and Sanskaar, who were talking to the other judges, are already searching for them when their eyes fall over the two sisters.

Song plays: Main Agar kahoon

Both of them stare at Swara & Ragini and cannot take their eyes of them. Swara & Ragini, who noticed them as well, blush and look away. Some other girls approach them and start talking to them and they are relieved. The entire evening Sanskaar and Laksh are only looking at them, often conversing with other judges or the girls who approach them. Laksh is about to go towards Ragini but Sanskaar holds his hand.

Sanskaar: No Laksh, not now, not today. Remember we are judges…and they are contestants. If we are caught being friendly to them, we will be in trouble of being biased.

Laksh sighs and takes out his phone when a message arrives. Ragini has messaged him asking if he got scared coming over to her.

Laksh smirks and replies; “no baby, just saving your skin from getting disqualified.”
Ragini replies, “Saving my skin? I think you are saving your own from being called cheaters.
Laksh: *laughs and looks up at her*
Ragini: I dare you to meet me. That will prove how good of a friend you are.
Laksh: Okay, before the night ends we will meet and even dance.

Ragini is surprised but keeps her phone back. People start dancing on the dance floor with each other. People ask Swara and Ragini to dance but both of them say no and that they can’t dance. Laksh messages Swara to help him fulfill his dare. Swara looks at her sister and realizes it would be unfair but Laksh is her friend too so she wants to help. At the same time Ragini tells her she is coming from the toilet. Swara in actions inform to Laksh who thanks her.

INT – On the dance floor

People are dancing and Swara & Sanskaar are standing opposite to each other at different ends. Their eyes meet and the previous night plays. Thinking of Sanskaar so close to her makes her breathless so she leaves the ballroom and goes outside in the garden. There are people scattered so she finds shelter by a small pond where she is hidden by trees. Swara thinks about her situation and wonders what to do. She wonders if she has started liking Sanskaar but takes the thought out of her mind thinking he saved her life so maybe that’s why. The leaves by the bush rustle and she looks around to see Sanskaar standing.

EXT – In the lighted garden

He comes quietly to her and stands by her. They both stare at the pond and are thinking of what to say but can’t come up with anything. The song is still playing and they can hear it outside in the garden. Suddenly Sanskaar looks at her;

Sanskaar: I know I can’t ask you this inside but will you dance with me? *he gazes at her with solemn and deep eyes*
Swara: *is about to refuse but looks in his eyes* Sanskaar….*she nods*

Sanskaar offers his hand and she takes it. He slowly pulls her towards him and slips a hand on her waist. Swara bites her lips and closes her eyes. She keeps her hands on his shoulder thinking of how she could not refuse him. [[Song: Labon ko Labon se plays.]] They start dancing slowly and intense, their steps matching at every beat, his hands caressing her waist slowly and intensely. Swara’s breathe hitches but she doesn’t take her eyes off. Sanskaar keeps his distance but they can feel the closeness. Their body heat seems to be radiating from one another. The song stops and Swara steps back hastily. She looks at him, a strange feeling consuming her and runs from there. Sanskaar watches her go but does not follow her. His chest hurts from the feeling that crowds inside him. He can feel her presence, the beating of his heart growing faster. He closes his eyes, takes a deep breath and goes back inside the ball room.

INT – Ballroom’s hidden passageway

Ragini is going towards the toilet when she sees Laksh following her from the corner of her eye. She decides to play and hides. Laksh starts looking for her so she mixes in with people and reaches directly behind her. He is still searching for her when she pats on his shoulder. He turns but she hides behind a woman. Laksh notices this and smiles, stepping towards the woman. Ragini realizes and she steps away, running towards what seems like a hidden passage. Laksh looks around and follows her. He finds himself standing in a passageway which is dark.

He sees a shadow and steps towards it, into further darkness. The shadow tries to escape but Laksh catches her hand. He stops her and steps in front of her. It is too dark to see anything so he takes out a lighter and flicks it on. [[Song: Zara si dil mai de jaga plays]] The fire from the lighter illuminates Ragini’s face which seems to sparkle in the light. Laksh stares at her and runs a hand over her face. Ragini closes her eyes. Laksh steps closer to her and takes out a flower which he runs over her face. Ragini’s breathe catches and she tries to leave but Laksh pulls her back and turns her towards him. He blows a strand of hair out her face and steps closer. At the same time they hear an announcement by the MC calling all judges and contestants. Ragini pushes him away but not before Laksh puts the rose in her hair. She leaves out of breath and goes to stand beside Swara. They don’t notice each other’s reaction but stare ahead.

Lights go off. Laksh goes to Sanskaar and stares at the stage. Suddenly the MC announces a small music presentation to showcase their competition that has been held for 7 years. The video starts playing showing various contestants. Then they start playing the current contestants who will be playing that year. After that, the judges are presented and then the presentation changes. Swara & Sanskaar’s intimate pictures start playing. Everyone is shocked. Swara steps back in surprise. Sanskaar holds Laksh’s hand in shock. Laksh is shocked too but he runs and takes out the presentation wire. Everyone starts whispering and at the same time Swara runs out of the ballroom.

Ragini follows Swara, confused and angry at what had happened. Laksh is so angry that he goes to the directors of the competition.

Laksh: What is the meaning of this? Are you playing some kind of game with us?
Director: No Mr. Maheshwari, we have no idea how this happened. We purely had presentations. Someone must have changed it.
Laksh: Changed it? How? You mean to say someone purposely put up one of the judges pictures to humiliate us?
Director: Look Mr. Maheshwari, we are extremely sorry and we will start the investigation immediately. We will call a board meeting. Please don’t take any action.

Sanskaar is too shocked to say anything. He turns to leave when someone whispers.

Random boy: Did you see it was the judge? And wasn’t it one of the contestant? That pretty girl Swara…
A girl: Yes, it was Swara Gadodia. Is something happening between the two of them?
Boy: I saw them staring at each other. They couldn’t take their eyes off each other.
Another boy: That is unfair. Being a judge he will be biased and give her more points.
Girl: We should protest.
Another boy: Yes we should but what a sl*t? Is she with the judge to win this competition?

Sanskaar gets angry and holds the boy’s collar. He says if he calls Swara another word, he will rip his collar off. Laksh takes him away as more people whisper. They go to their room.

INT – SwaRagini’s room

Swara: *crying and hugging Ragini* Ragini, I had a feeling something bad would happen. What have I ever done to anyone? Why are they doing this to me? First sending those pictures at our house, then Sanskaar’s house and now presenting it here….What have I ever done to hurt anyone. *she cries uncontrollably*

Ragini consoles her quietly. She thinks of people who could do it but can only think of Rahul. At the same time Alia calls and tells her that she will come soon. Ragini tells everything to Alia who is shocked and says she will be there soon. Ragini sits by Swara and thinks of Laksh and Sanskaar and what will happen.

INT – Laksh & Sanskaar’s room

Someone knocks as Sanskaar paces in the room. He is too shocked to say anything. Laksh is staring out of the window thinking hard. Laksh goes to open the door. It is the director.

Director: Mr. Maheshwari…we have investigated and we have got these pictures by a blocked id but we are not aware of the person playing it. The investigation is still undergoing but till now there have been no reports however, the board had his meeting.
Laksh: Okay and what now?
Director: See Sanskaar, I am a friend of Durga Prasad and I know that you being a part of the family care about the family reputation. This is a trick played by someone to destroy your and that girl’s reputation but I am afraid the other members of the board see it in another way. They all agree that there is an ulterior motive as we believe you would never do anything wrong but people are talking.
Sanskaar: Rehan uncle, please tell me clearly what are you trying to say.
Director/ Rehan: In these situations we usually disqualify the contestant and eliminate the judge but in this case we are going to let Swara Gadodia carry on with the competition. However, you will be unable to judge. Everyone is talking and if you judge they will think that we are trying to show favorite’s which is untrue so I am sorry but the board has come to a decision that you won’t judge. You either have to give a quick replacement from your family or we chose an outsider.
Laksh: You know this is a cheap trick of someone! You can’t do this.
Director: I am afraid I have no option, my son.
Sanskaar: Okay I won’t judge but don’t disqualify her. Please keep the investigation ongoing and I will speak at home.

Director agrees and leaves. Sanskaar calls Adarsh bhai and explains to him the entire situation. Parineeta bhabhi suggests that Adarsh can go to Mumbai and she will cover for him at home. Anyway he is going to drop Uttara who studies in Mumbai so he can stay there. Sanskaar thanks bhabhi and they think about what to do.

The next morning Swara & Ragini go down for breakfast when three guys stop them. They smirk and start circling both of the girls.

Boy 1: So Swara Gadodia, nice catch. Tell me something, if I was the judge would you be with me?
Boy 3: Definitely…they always look for such catch. Now who wouldn’t want a rich eligible bachelor?
Ragini: Shut up and get lost!
Boy 2: Aww, don’t be angry kitten. I am also an eligible bachelor and so is Kumar. You and your sister can be with us.

He winks but at the same time someone turns him and slaps him. It is Alia and standing behind her is Adarsh.

PRECAP: Alia says that she has a plan to everyone. Swara says not to do anything and leaves. They all work on the plan. The competition is about to start. Naina arrives in Mumbai with her brother and is seen giving money.

Credit to: Maria Ahmed

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