Swaragini – The Music of Love – Chapter 8

Recap: Sujata sees Swara & Ragini in Laksh’s car. Sanskaar gets angry at his mom and leaves.

INT – Sujata’s room

Sujata stares at Ragini who steps out of Laksh’s car. He comes out and it seems like they are arguing on something. She gets tensed and starts muttering to herself and praying to lord to save both the boys from the evil sisters. Sujata starts pacing in her room when Ram enters.

Sujata: Your son is going to Mumbai with Laksh and those two girls. Bhaisa finds out, Sanskaar will be in so much trouble.
Ram: *looks at her strangely* Finds out about what? Bhaisa only agreed to let them go to Mumbai, he has no problem.
Sujata: No but come here. *she pulls him towards the window and points at Ragini and Laksh…Look, What is Laksh doing?
Ram: *looks outside and shakes his head* Talking to that girl, what else?
Sujata: He is going to Mumbai with these girls and you are completely okay? What is wrong with you?
Ram: What is wrong with you Sujata? Bhaisa recalled Gadodia girls had won the competition so he asked Shekhar ji if his sons could take the two of them. He is right…How will the girls go alone in buses and train and you know our bhaisa. He always wants to protect women so he asked them to go with Laksh and Sanskaar.
Sujata: What? Bhaisa asked himself?
Ram: Yes he did and he is right. Poor girls…Now our boys will have some company too. Why are you so worried?
Sujata: *mutters* How can I not worry. *speaks loudly* these girls were nearly kicked out of society and one of them is Bengali. How can I let my boy go with her?
Ram: Sujata! You utter one more foolish word; I will turn you into Bengali. They are going to Mumbai for a competition, not to get married. Lord, save this woman.

Ram walks out and Sujata mutters and talks to the God by saying you better not do any foolishness. I will not accept these girls with my son. I want some nice Marwadi bahu who gives me good food and presses my legs and takes care of me. She walks back to the window and looks at them still muttering.

EXT – Outside Maheshwari house

Sanskaar and Laksh bid everyone goodbye and come outside. Uttara runs and comes to them and hugs all four of them.

Uttara: I am going back to college so I don’t know when I will see you but I will come back soon, okay? Take care! And Swara, Ragini, good luck on your competition. I know you will win.

She runs back inside and they smile. Ragini then turns to Laksh angrily. Swara is still sitting in the car when the guards open the door and say they have to put things inside. She steps out of the car.

Ragini: Laksh, what is the meaning of this? We didn’t ask you to take us; we could have gone on our own.
Laksh: Hello? Even I was not interested in taking you but papa asked your papa and they agreed so we had to. Do you really think I want to hear your lectures the entire ride? I mean I would rather prefer riding with Swara then you. At least she is interesting.
Ragini: *fumes* Laksh Maheshwari, you are the last person I want to drive with! I would rather prefer Sanskaar’s company.
Swara: Ragini…relax. It isn’t their fault. Durga Prasad uncle asked papa, not them so let’s not argue. We have a long way to go and little time.
Sanskaar: *he is looking at Swara who is avoiding him* Swara is right, let’s leave.

Sanskaar & Laksh go to sit in their respective cars. Ragini opens the back seat door but sees that the back seat is filled with luggage with no place to sit. She looks at the front seat and stares at Swara.

Swara: Laksh, where will we sit?
Laksh: One of you sit here, the other in bhai’s car. We have too much luggage so the back seats are full.
Ragini: Okay, I am sitting in Sanskaar’s car and you sit in Laksh’s car.

They all agree and Swara sits with Laksh while Ragini sits in Swara’s car. All the while Swara is avoiding Sanskaar with all her energy. She can’t look at him as his mother’s words come into her mind. They leave the Maheshwari house and start driving towards their destination.

INT – In Laksh’s car

Swara: Thanks Laksh for coming today and informing us about the photos. If you hadn’t, we would have been in so much trouble.
Laksh: It’s okay Swara, we are friends and that is what we do for each other.
Swara nods and they fall silent. Laksh looks ahead and thinks of Ragini and her attitude towards him. He wonders what is wrong with her. He turns to look at Swara.
Laksh: What have I done to Ragini? Why does she hate me so much?
Swara: *Surprised* She doesn’t hate you and you have not done anything. It’s not you…
Laksh: Is it because I am with Alia?
Swara: Are you with Alia?
Laksh: Not really…we are really good friends and we just flirt but you know there is nothing wrong in that. I don’t do it on purpose and she likes it. I made sure that I was not hurting her and she was totally cool with it.

Swara keeps quiet and doesn’t say anything. Laksh continues

Laksh: She told me about the photos Ragini showed her.
Swara: *Shocked* She did?
Laksh: Like I said we are really good friends and we like to have fun. I don’t know why Ragini is so against it, why does it affect her so much.
Swara: I will speak to her. Maybe she is Alia’s best friend and she is looking out for her you know?
Laksh: Maybe but today she was different….it was like she was angry at me. Did I do anything?
Swara: You didn’t Laksh…it was. *She quietens*
Laksh: *looks at her* It was what? Did someone say anything? I noticed you were avoiding bhai too. Did he do anything to you? You know he did not send those pictures.

Swara doesn’t say anything but just looks ahead.

INT – Sanskaar’s car

Ragini: Why did Durga Prasad uncle send you? I thought he was going to come and judge this time.
Sanskaar: Laksh suggested…he wanted to go away from Kolkata for some time and this was the best excuse.
Ragini: Why did he want to go?
Sanskaar: We were supposed to go for a trip after college, and then things got busy so we didn’t get time. This was the best way we could.
Ragini: *nods and thinks about him*Why did you come?
Sanskaar: Isn’t it obvious? Me and Laksh are package deal just like you and Swara. We go together everywhere.
Ragini: *laughs* Yeah, I figured. I am sorry about the pictures, I don’t know who could have clicked them but I wanted to thank you for saving my sister. If you hadn’t reached on time, I don’t know what would have happened.
Sanskaar: Don’t thank me…I am glad. I wanted to tear him apart for even coming close to her.

He remembers that time and closes his fist angrily. He can feel his chest rising angrily and a pain searing through him at Swara’s crying face and the same pain surges as he recalls her ignoring him. He is confused and tries to rid his thoughts. Ragini is observing him.

Ragini: Why does it affect you so much?
Sanskaar: It doesn’t.
Ragini: Don’t lie. I can see it. You were looking at her, waiting to catch her eye even when you knew she wouldn’t look at you.
Sanskaar: What did I do? I didn’t send those pictures, I swear.
Ragini: I know…it’s not you. It’s your mother.
Sanskaar: *Shocked* What about my mother?

Ragini informs him everything that Sujata told to her and Swara at the Baadi and her threat of spoiling their reputation, accusing them of running after money. Sanskaar is shocked and gets angry and hits the steering wheel with a punch.

Sanskaar: Is that why Swara was avoiding me and you, Laksh? Is that why you didn’t go with him?
Ragini: Mainly…It’s funny. We haven’t known you for a long time but now we find you around one another, all the time. Before we would never see each other’s faces and now there isn’t a day that goes around without seeing each other.
Sanskaar: Life is complicated. When it bents on doing something, it does. Maybe our meeting was written. Our becoming good friends were written too.

Ragini smiles and looks ahead at Laksh’s car.

Sanskaar: Don’t you think you were rude to him without any reason? He doesn’t know what Mom said to you and you behaving like this must have hurt him. It’s not our fault for what others say. We aren’t a part of it. You should talk to Laksh…he is your friend too.

Ragini thinks…is he? What is Laksh for me? She cannot find any answer so she does not respond. Sanskaar calls Laksh and asks him to stop in the restaurant ahead. They all stop and get out of the car. Laksh goes with Sanskaar to get something to eat for all of them. Ragini and Swara stand by the car.

Ragini: Swara, what you are doing is wrong.
Swara: What is wrong?
Ragini: Sanskaar saved you, you owe him a thanks but instead you are ignoring him and hurting him.
Swara: How can you say this? Don’t you remember what Sujata aunty told us? And even you are doing the same to Laksh.
Ragini: I know and I am going to talk to him but you should talk to Sanskaar too.
Swara: I don’t want to. I can’t. After the accusations, I can’t see his face. We are not after their money…
Ragini: I told him about his mom, you should speak to him.
Swara: You told him what?

Swara is shocked but at the same time Sanskaar and Laksh come. They are laughing at something and the girls stare at him, losing into their laugh for a minute. They regain their minds and are about to sit when Laksh asks Ragini if they can talk. Ragini stares at Laksh and agrees. Swara nods and goes to sit in Sanskaar’s car. Ragini sits with Laksh and they start driving.

INT – Naina’s house

The party is going on at Naina’s house and she is impatiently waiting for Sanskaar and Laksh. Alia is in the middle with all her friends and dancing but there is no sign of the boys. Naina goes to her and drags her out. Rahul comes till then and looks at Alia. He smirks as she eyes him angrily and he leaves. Naina asks her where are Sanskaar and Laksh and she shrugs saying she doesn’t know. Naina calls Sanskaar but he disconnects her call. She calls Laksh but no answer. Naina calls Gadodia house and asks for Swaragini. Dadi informs Naina that they have left already with Laksh and Sanskaar to Mumbai. Naina gets angry and goes to her room and breaks a glass.

“Sanskaar Maheshwari, you ditched me on my party and went with those cheapsters. Now for this Swara will pay! I know that you can’t bear her pain but now you will have to and oh, it will be so much fun!”

She makes some calls and opens her draw. There are so many picture copies of Sanskaar and Swara. She takes a USB and opens her laptop and emailing those pics to someone.

INT – Laksh’s car

Laksh speaks to Ragini about her anger. Ragini informs him what Sujata told them and she apologizes for her behavior.

Laksh: Wow…Ragini Ma….*he pauses wondering what was he saying but corrects himself* Gadodia, I mean…did you really apologize? Can I hear it again?
Ragini: *laughs* Golden words are just said once Mr. Maheshwari.
Laksh: I am sorry that you had to hear all that. I promise no one is going to say anything to you while I am around. Friends?

He brings his hand forward and gives a sincere smile, Ragini happily shakes his hand.

INT – Sanskaar’s Car

Sanskaar: I am sorry for what my mom said Swara. I didn’t know. She got worried when she saw those pictures and jumped to conclusion. I know you probably hate me after hearing all that but…
Swara: I don’t hate you Sanskaar, I am just shocked. No one has accused us of such thing before so it hit me rather hard but I know I was wrong to judge you like that. I am just worried…I feel something worse is coming.

A wind blows fast and she sees a tree falling by a forest. It is a sign of trouble and Swara closes her eyes and prays to her lord. Aye bhagwan, please keep me, my sister and my friends from any harm. When she opens her eyes, she sees Sanskaar staring at her. She stares back and they are lost in each other but Sanskaar’s phone start ringing and he looks at it. Naina is calling and he cuts it. Swara notices but says nothing but a huge feeling of relief sweeps through her.
They all arrive at the hotel in Mumbai where they are staying for the competition. People greet them and someone clicks a picture of all four of them entering. Other judges and administration of competition come to greet Laksh and Sanskaar and tell them about the opening ceremony which is in the evening. Everyone goes to their room. Swara & Ragini practice their music and lie on bed thinking about the Maheshwari’s. Laksh & Sanskaar go in their rooms after the meeting and take a nap while thinking about SwaRagini. Someone knocks on every door and asks them to get ready for the opening ceremony as it is in an hour.

PRECAP : Sanskaar/ Swara’s pictures start playing on the projector, Adarsh and Alia arrive, Naina is seen giving someone money. People misbehave with Swaragini and call them sl*ts.

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