Swaragini – The Music of Love – Chapter 7


Recap: Naina slips an envelope in the Gadodia envelope box.

EXT – Outside Maheshwari house
Laksh parks his car outside and is planning to jump the wall when he hears a voice and hides by the gate. He peers inside and sees a person in an abaya. He looks masculine and Laksh feels he glimpsed a man’s posture but is unsure. The person gives the watchman an envelope and leaves. Laksh waits for the person to pass unable to make out who it is. Once the person is gone, he goes inside and walks to the watchman. He asks him what the person gave him and the watchman, scared, gives him the envelope.

Laksh opens the envelope and looks inside to see intimate pictures of Swara and Sanskaar. He is shocked so he goes inside the house but on his way, he drops the photos and as he bends down to pick it up, one of the pictures falls by a person’s feet. Laksh, shocked looks to find Sujata in front of him. She bends down and picks up the photo. The screen flashes on her face twice as she stares at it horrified.

Sujata: Aye bhagwan, what is my boy doing with this Bengali?
Laksh: Chachi, there is nothing like that I am sure. They barely talk to each other. It has some story.
Sujata: They barely talk but they do this. Oh lord, what are you doing with me? Laksh give me all pictures and don’t say anything to anyone.
Laksh: *hands her pictures and leaves for his room* Sure chachi.

Laksh calls Sanskaar quickly who picks up and asks why is he calling him. He says his mother is coming to his room. Something happened but Sanskaar cuts his call immediately but not before saying Mom… Laksh understands and shuts his phone.

INT – Sanskaar’s room
Sujata: Sanskaar, tell me one thing honestly and don’t lie. What is this? *She hands him the pictures*
Sanskaar takes the pictures and is shocked. All pictures of him consoling Swara after he saved her and their intimate moments are revealed. Sanskaar stares at the pictures and raises his hand to run over Swara’s picture but realizes his mom is there.

Sanskaar: It is nothing like you are thinking, Mom.
Sujata: Then how is it because the pictures say everything clearly. I was already suspicious yesterday when you came late. I had a feeling something was happening between you and one of Gadodia’s.
Sanskaar: Mom! Why are you judging so quickly?
Sujata: Oh lord, what is happening in my boy’s life. You and Laksh are both distracted now, you come late home and you cover for each other. Even Adarsh has mixed with you. If bhai sa finds out, you will be kicked out of the house.
Sanskaar: Mom…you are thinking it wrong.
Sujata: I hope you are right. I don’t like Gadodia’s, Sanskaar and I will not accept this Bengali girl as my daughter in law. Never….What if she starts feeding me fish? *confused and pacing around the room, muttering to herself*
Sanskaar: Mom! *exasperated and sighs*Swara and me are not even friends…where are you going? Some guy was trying to take advantage of her, I saved her but I don’t know who was taking pictures.
Sujata: *looks uncertainly* Sure Sanskaar?
Sanskaar: Yes mom, don’t worry about me.
Sujata: If you say so. Hide the pictures, no one should see. Now you sleep okay? My boy.

INT – Laksh’s room
Sujata leaves and Sanskaar locks his room before calling Laksh immediately. In Laksh’s room, he is pacing and thinking something. *flashback* while Alia is sitting in the car, he sees a similar covered person go inside baadi but ignore. Laksh realizes something but Sanskaar calls him.
Laksh: Bhai, I was about to tell you…
Sanskaar: How the hell did mom get these pictures? Who clicked them?
Laksh explains to Sanskaar that when he was coming he saw someone give the guard and he even informs seeing a similar person in the baadi. Sanskaar tells him he cannot leave his room but Laksh has to go and see if there are any pictures. He says Swara’s reputation will get spoiled. Laksh promises he will go as soon as he can. He climbs his balcony and leaves the house to the baadi.

INT- In Sanskaar’s room.
Sanskaar is staring at the pictures and remembering the night. He closes his eyes and thinks what is happening but all he can see is Swara’s face. He starts thinking who could click pictures because no one is in the room. He thinks of Rahul but can’t think of anyone. Sanskaar hides the pictures in his cupboard and goes to bed.

INT – In the baadi

Laksh reaches and starts calling Ragini who is sleeping and does not pick up. He calls again and again when Swara wakes up and picks.
Swara: Laksh, why are you calling Ragini so late?
Laksh: Swara, come out now! This is urgent!
Swara: Laksh, it is 4 am….I can’t!
Laksh: Swara, if you don’t , your reputation will get destroyed. Come now.

Swara is surprised but wears her slipper and goes out of the house quietly. Laksh is waiting by the door and is relieved to see her. Swara is half annoyed, half confused.
Swara: What is wrong with you Laksh? Have you seen the time?
Laksh: Swara, first listen to me. *he explains the entire situation to her, Swara is shocked*
Swara: What? *she puts a hand on her mouth* How could…what must have your chachi thought of me….
Laksh: That is not a concern…what is a concern is that someone must have hidden the pictures in your house. You have to take before anyone else does.
Swara nods and goes inside searching her lawn but when nothing is there, she goes back outside and starts looking through windows and porch. Her eyes fall on the letterbox and she checks everyone’s letter box. Swara finally finds the envelope in the box beside her family’s and opens. She stares at the picture as they are not only Sanskaar’s but also when Rahul is molesting her. She starts crying and Laksh hugs her, consoling her.

Laksh: Swara don’t cry. Remove these pictures. I have to go but we will discuss this later. *he bids her bye and leaves*
Swara: *nods and goes back to her room and sees Ragini up* Ragini…
Ragini: Where did you go Swara? Why are you crying? Laksh called me….
Swara: Yeah Laksh came but he left now…
Ragini: Why did he call you outside?
Swara shows her the pictures and starts crying. Ragini is shocked and consoles Swara. Swara tells her everything and cries more.
Ragini: Swara don’t cry…You didn’t do anything…Sanskaar was consoling you…he didn’t have other intentions. I am sure this is Rahul…we should talk to Naina
Swara: No….he is her brother. She won’t believe us.

Ragini goes to keep the pictures in the cupboard and hugs Swara. They hug and sleep. Next day, Sanskaar & Laksh are up early. Laksh is talking to him about the last night incident when his father, mother arrive. Durga Prasad asks if Laksh will come to the office. Sanskaar and Laksh get ready to go with them. Sujata tells Sanskaar to come back home after office.

In the office they are working when Durga Prasad mentions that he has to go to Mumbai to judge the national state championship for music. Laksh recalls them announcing Swara & Ragini as winners. Sanskaar recalls his memory of meeting Swara for the first time.

Laksh: Papa, we judged the first music competition and we really enjoyed it. Can’t we go in place of you? This way we can have our after college planned trip and we can handle your work too.
Sanskaar: *is surprised but thinks about Swara’s molest* Yeah bade papa, it would be good for us and you can focus here.
Durga Prasad: Actually you are right. You are both grown up so I am sure you can handle yourself. There are a few projects that I have to look into anyway but stay within your limits. The competition is after 2 days so you should leave today as there will be judge meetings.

Sanskaar & Laksh agree. Ram smiles seeing both of them being responsible and Adarsh just smirks as he knows the main reason they are going. They both return home and start packing. Sanskaar informs Annapurna and asks for his mom but she says his mom has gone for shopping. Sanskaar is personally happy as he knows she will object. He thinks about Swara and thinks he will be there to protect them.
INT – Baadi

Sujata arrives at the baadi and sees Swara and Ragini practice. Swara sees her and informs Ragini. They both go over to her.
Swara: Hello aunty, how can we help you?
Ragini: Namaste aunty
Sujata: Look girls, I am going to jump to the point. I saw the pictures yesterday and I don’t know what it is but you better stay away from my boy and you too. I know girls like you… you see a rich boy and jump over him.
Swara & Ragini are shocked and they are about to say something but Sujata leaves. Naina is entering the baadi and hears everything. She smirks and watches Sujata walk out. She runs behind her.
Naina: Aunty… hi. I am Swara’s friend. Sorry I heard you speaking to her and I wanted to….
Sujata: Look girl, I don’t want to talk to you. Get out of my way…
Naina: It is good for your son aunty.
Sujata: *Stops* What is?
Naina: Your son is lying to you. I have seen them together and they are both into each other. Swara is like this ..even before she tried to get a rich boy in her web but the guy went to America so please be careful. I know she is my friend but I don’t like her ways. If you need help, I can always be there.
Sujata leaves after looking at Naina suspiciously but keeps thinking about her words. Naina smirks and enters baadi. She goes to SwaRagini and hugs them. She wishes them best of luck and she will miss them. She informs them she was holding a party but is sad they will miss it. Naina leaves and is happy they will not come to the party. Alia comes out of a pillar and sees Naina. *flashback shows that she is there when Naina speaks to Sujata* Alia goes to Swaragini and hugs them. She says nothing about Naina but informs them about Sanskaar & Laksh judging the competition.
Swaragini who are hurt at Sujata’s word are annoyed and angry but they don’t comment and start packing. Laksh calls Ragini who picks up his phone.
Ragini: How can I help you Mr. Maheshwari?
Laksh: *surprised at the harsh tone* Ragini, are you okay?
Ragini: If you don’t have something important to talk, I am closing my phone.
Laksh: Wait….we were going to Mumbai and thought if you wanted a ride.
Ragini: No thank you, we will manage ourselves. *she puts the phone down*

Alia is watching them and walks to Ragini and turns her towards her.
Alia: Ragini…is this because of what Sanskaar’s mom told you people?
Ragini: She insulted us! We are not after her sons, but I don’t know why she assumed. We aren’t even friends… We don’t need their money.
Swara: Yeah and it was really wrong of her to accuse us.
Alia: She is just being a mom…but that is not Sanskaar & Laksh’s fault.
Swara: Stop taking their sides. We should stay away from them anyway. I don’t need my life to be messed up.
Alia: How is your life messed up?
Swara purses her lips and thinks of Sanskaar and her dream, her time with him and looks away. Alia does not ask anything but just smiles. They pack their bags and are about to leave when they see Laksh outside their house talking to their father.
Shekhar: That would be really good. Thank you Laksh. *turning to his daughters* Laksh & Sanskaar are going to Mumbai so you can go with them. Alia, are you going too?
Alia: Yes but tomorrow to watch them.
SwaRAgini look at Alia in surprise and hug her. They bid goodbye to their parents and grandparents and go angrily with Laksh who is watching Ragini intently. They drop Alia to her house and go towards Maheshwari house where they are to pick Sanskaar.

INT – In the Maheshwari house
Sanskaar is bringing his and Laksh’s things out and asks the guard to put in his car. He then goes to his mother’s room who is sitting on the bed.
Sanskaar: Mom?
Sujata: *surprised* yes Sanskaar?
Sanskaar: I wanted to tell you earlier but you were out…I am going to Mumbai with Laksh. Bade papa is sending us to judge the music competition.
Sujata: What? Isnt that the competition that Bengali girl will be there?
Sanskaar: Mom, why do you keep jumping on her? A lot of people will be there.
Sujata: No you are not going.
Sanskaar: Mom, I want to go! Either you let me go happily or I will go without saying goodbye.
Sujata: I don’t trust that girl.
Sanskaar: You can trust me…
Sujata reluctantly lets him go and walks towards her window. She notices Laksh sitting with Swara & Ragini in the car and is shocked.

Precap: Sujata tells to her husband about the girls, Sanskaar and Swara go in one car, Laksh & Ragini in another car. Sanskaar & Swara’s pictures are revealed in a projector during an opening ceremony of the competition.

Credit to: Maria

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