Swaragini – The Music of Love – Chapter 6


Recap: Ragini clicks pictures of Laksh’s betrayal. Swara is pulled into a room by a drunk Rahul, Naina’s brother.

INT- A dark room – Alia’s house

Swara: Rahul, what the hell are you doing? First you pull me to the dance floor without my permission and now you lock me inside an empty room. Let me go!
Rahul: No baby, not so soon. I have been waiting for this opportunity since 7th grade.

Swara struggles to get away but he holds her tighter and pushes her against the wall. He keeps his hand on her mouth and presses hardly. Swara whimpers as it hurts her. Rahul smirks and looks at her. Swara tries to bite him so he loses his grip on her.

Rahul: Being feisty, are you?
Swara: Enough Rahul, let me go or I will inform Naina. I will scream.
Rahul: No one will hear you. No one saw you and the music is too loud. I can finally have my way with you.
Swara: Don’t you dare touch me!
Rahul: If it were Sanskaar, you would be so happy so why not me? I see the way you were looking at him. So what if you were not talking to him or dancing with him? You were dancing with me but you had eyes for him. I don’t like my girls looking at anyone else other than me.
Swara: I am not your girl and I can look at anyone I want. You are pathetic and I hate you! Let me go!

Swara struggles but he pushes her against the wall even harder. He runs a finger on her bare arms and presses his lips on her cheeks. Swara struggles and tries to fight him off but in process a vase on the table falls down and crashes. The music is loud so no one can hear it but Sanskaar is right outside the door trying to find Swara and he hears it. He hears a slight scream and pushes the door open. He sees two silhouette’s and switches on the light. His face freezes in shock as he catches Rahul molesting Swara who is crying and trying to fight him off.

EXT – In the garden
Ragini receives a text on her phone and she opens and sees the photos sent by Swara to her phone as well. She stuffs her phone in her pocket and is about to leave when someone pulls her behind the bush towards the other side. It is none other than Laksh.

Laksh: Spying on me, Ragini? Babes, leave us. *the girl with him leaves*
Ragini: No. I was talking to my mom and I came across you eating the girls face.
Laksh: It is not called eating her face. It is called kiss when a pair of lips meet…
Ragini: *cuts him off* I know the meaning of kiss, thank you very much but that is not the point. You were into Alia the entire night and now you are with another girl?
Laksh: *smirks* I don’t see how this is any of your business. Are you jealous?
Ragini: In your dreams! *angry tone* Alia is my friend! I am not going to let you hurt her, you get it?
Laksh: What are you going to do? Show her the pictures you clicked of me?
Ragini: *surprised that he knows* Yes, I will. Are you going to take them away from me just like your brother did? Since you both are the same?
Laksh: Oh no Ragini … go ahead and show her the pictures. *steps towards her*
Ragini: *Steps back* I definitely will!

Song: Nazdeekiyan plays.

Ragini turns and is about to leave when Laksh holds her hand and pulls her towards him. She bumps into him from the back and stiffens. Laksh runs both his hands over her bare arm and keeps his chin on her shoulder. Ragini closes her eyes, her heart beating faster as his lips touch her ear.

Laksh: I thought you ought to know how pretty you looked today. *genuine and honest tone with eyes close*

Ragini breathes, her heart feels like it has stopped as his touch causes butterflies in her stomach. She feels like her legs are made of jelly as they wobble and she shivers. Laksh opens his eyes and stares at her face for an entire minute, observing her every feature and smiling. He blows by her ear and Ragini’s eyes jerk open. She is freezed at her place when Laksh smirks as he remembers something.

Laksh: Weren’t you going to Alia? Or do you think I am much better company than her?
Ragini: *pulls back annoyed* I am going to her! *she starts walking away*
Laksh: I bet you will be the happiest person when she leaves me. I know you like me Ragini. *he screams that loudly*
Ragini: *stops by the house door* I don’t Laksh Maheshwari. Stop pleasing deluding yourself with that thought. *she turns and runs inside, her heart still beating fast*

INT – Room – Alia’s house

Sanskaar sees Rahul molesting Swara and gets mad. He pulls Rahul off Swara, who punches Sanskaar in return. Sanskaar punches him back and starts beating the crap out of him. He punches him again and again in every part of his body and throws him onto the bed. He holds his hair and picks him up from the bed before hitting him again. Rahul’s face starts bleeding as he pushes Sanskaar who falls on the bed. Rahul storms off the room but not before turning to look at Swara.

Rahul: You bit**. I am going to come back for you, Gadodia. I will not forget this. You will regret that you tried to fight me off and you will scream but no one will hear you. Oh and Sanskaar Maheshwari, you will pay for hitting me like this.

Rahul leaves and Swara breaks down but Sanskaar reaches over to her. He takes off his coat and puts it on to her. Swara who is shit scared and crying, hugs him tightly. He feels awkward but then hugs her back and closes his eyes. He says nothing as Swara cries. Sanskaar pats her on her head and makes her stand straight. He gives her a handkerchief and asks her to wipe her tears. She does as he asks while he stares at her.

(Song: Tujh main rab dikhta hai plays in the background)

Sanskaar pushes her hair strands behind her ear as she closes her eyes feeling his touch. He lets his hand stay on her cheek as he stays at her face with her eyes closed. Suddenly the room light goes off and wind blows from the open window. Sanskaar steps closer to her and Swara steps back but hits the wall. She opens her eyes and whispers Sanskaar….

He does not respond…however, they are too close. Swara’s hair fly due to the wind and collide over his face. He removes them and pushes them back over her ear. Swara breathes heavily as his intense stare is getting to her. She can’t look anywhere but at him. Sanskaar’s hand loosens on his jacket which falls down from Swara’s shoulder.

He lets his hands slip over her arms, slowly, giving her a tickling feeling which gives her goosebumps and she closes her eyes again. His face is close to hers as he can feel her breathe on him and can see every feature of her face. Sanskaar blows on her eyes before realizing what he is doing. He steps back, picks up his jacket and hands over to Swara. She opens her eyes, flustered and pulls on the jacket. Swara & Sanskaar leave the room and step out.

Ragini is looking for Swara and she notices both of them. She notices Swara’s tear stained face and runs over to her. Alia runs over to them too as she sees Swara disheveled.
Ragini: Swara? What happened? Look at you? What did you do to your hair? Why are you crying?
Swara: *remembers the incident and hugs Ragini*
Sanskaar explains everything to Alia, Ragini and Laksh who arrives at that time too. Alia is furious and asks Sanskaar & Laksh to drop Swara & Ragini at home. She decides to end her party and as everyone leaves, she too goes with Swaragini. Naina is jealous at Swara wearing Sanskaar’s jacket, and at Sanskaar’s proximity and storms off angrily. They drive quietly back at the baadi.

INT – Outside the Baadi

Swara adjusts herself so she looks fine in front of her parents. She gets down the car with Alia & Ragini but walks over to where Sanskaar is sitting. She hands him his jacket.

Swara: Thanks Sanskaar, for saving me from Rahul today.
Sanskaar: *simply stares at her* Don’t worry about it.

They get a glimpse of their moment. Ragini thanks Sanskaar too and ignores Laksh but her cheeks are flustered. Alia kisses Laksh on his cheek and goes with Swara & Ragini inside their home while Sanskaar & Laksh go back to their house. Everyone is sleeping so they get in quietly and close their room behind them. Ragini makes Swara sit on the bed and gives her water.

INT – Swaragini room

Ragini: I don’t believe it. Rahul…Naina’s brother would do something like that?
Swara: *doesn’t say anything but hugs herself trying not to cry*
Alia: It’s okay Swara, I am not going to leave that bast***
Ragini remembers the photos and asks for Swara’s mobile. Swara opens her gallery and realizes the pictures are deleted. She remembers Sanskaar taking her phone and keeping it at a side and realizes he deleted the picture. She gets angry at him and calls him a cheater.

Ragini: It is okay, he saved you from a bigger problem. Plus you sent me the pictures so don’t worry.

Ragini shows the picture to Alia who remains unaffected. Ragini is surprised and stares at Alia along with Swara.

Ragini: You don’t care if he does stuff with others while being with you?
Alia: Not really because…. I don’t love him. Like I am not in love with him Ragini. I like him and he is a good way to kill boredom and a good company but I don’t love him.
Swara: But why are you with him?
Alia: Swara, Ragini…I can’t tell you my goal because this is something between myself only but I need Laksh to achieve my goal. I don’t love him and that is clear so it doesn’t matter who he is with to me but it does matter to you, doesn’t it Ragini?
Ragini: *confused* What? No…Why would it matter to me? I am looking out for you as you are my friend.
Alia: *hugs Ragini* Ragini Gadodia, I know you since childhood and I have never seen you look at anyone like that. You ignore him, you get annoyed at him, you argue and fight every time but when he comes in front of you, your eyes lighten up like anything and it is not just you. Laksh might not know but I saw how his face glowed when you came. He wasn’t so happy when he heard you guys weren’t coming…

Ragini: I don’t know… I don’t have time for this. Right now my main goal is to teach Rahul a lesson for molesting my sister.
Swara: It’s okay, leave it now. Alia, I just want you to be careful…with Laksh or whatever your goal is. Don’t be reckless and hurt yourself ok?
Alia: Don’t worry about me Swara. You know I think before I act.

The three girls hug each other (Swaragini plays) and go out to drop Alia who Laksh comes to pick. They wave them goodbye and go back to their room. As soon as they close the door, someone in a veil enters the baadi. They slip an envelope in the letterbox. The person removes the veil and we see it is Naina.

PRECAP: Laksh sees someone in a veil give something to the watchman of Maheshwari house. Sujata opens the envelope and is shocked! Laksh enters the baadi and calls Swara out. Naina makes her second move.

Credit to: Maria

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