Swaragini – The Music of Love – Chapter 5

Recap: Swara & Sanskaar successfully free Ragini & Laksh from the storeroom. SwaRagini dream of the boys.

INT – Maheshwari house – Night

Sanskaar & Laksh finally reach home at 2 am but find the door locked. They stare at each other shocked when Laksh sees the watchmen and Sanskaar sweet talks with him. Adarsh arrives during that period and shakes his head before opening the door.

Adarsh: Have you seen the time? Sanskaar your mom knows you are still outside the house.
Sanskaar: Oh shoot. Okay I am going to climb the pipe and go up so she doesn’t know…
Laksh: Best of luck Bhai.
Adarsh jokingly hits Laksh and they enter quietly from the gate. Sanskaar starts climbing the pipe and enters his room. He closes the window and sighs thinking mom will never know.

Sujata: *from behind* Your mom know everything. I am your mother and you are my kid, not the other way around. *she holds his ear*
Sanskaar: Ow mom… I am not a kid.
Sujata: What were you doing so late? You and Laksh…If Bhai sa finds out, you know how angry he will get.
Sanskaar: Mom he won’t find out. You and Adarsh bhai are there to cover us up.
Sujata: I will see this Adarsh. Now get to bed.

She is about to leave room when she turns and looks at Sanskaar who was thinking about something and smiling. Sujata wonders what he is smiling about and hopes he did not get attached to those Gadodia’s or their friends. She says “Aye Bhagvan” and leaves.

INT – In Laksh’s room
Laksh stares out of the window and thinks about everything happened that night with Ragini. His phone receives a message when he opens he received Alia’s picture with a flying kiss and a caption, “miss me?” Laksh rolls his eyes and messages back, “Ofcourse darling. Your thoughts are not letting me sleep.”
Alia replies: “Liar”
Laksh: “Don’t you trust me, babes?”
Alia: “Maybe…..Maybe not. Meet me tomorrow?”
Laksh: “Where?”
Alia: “I have a house party, at 8. Get your brother too.”

Laksh smirks and keeps his phone on charge but not before messaging Sanskaar about the party.

Next day Laksh and Sanskaar both go to the office with their fathers and Adarsh trying to learn how to run the business. Laksh is busy flirting with the receptionist while Sanskaar is trying to understand what his father is teaching.
Sanskaar: Papa, enough for the day. It is my first day. Can’t take in so much.
Ram Prasad: Okay but tomorrow no excuses.
Sanskaar: Okay papa. I am going now, will be late at night. Have a friends party to attend.
Ram Prasad: Don’t be too late. Bhai sa will not like it.
Sanskaar: Don’t worry papa, Laksh will be with me also. *he leaves and sees Laksh at the reception*
Laksh: So babes, you want to party with me tonight?
Receptionist: No sir, I have a date with my fiancé.
Laksh: You have a fiancé?
Sanskaar: Yes she said that already Laksh, let’s leave. *he drags him away*

At the Baadi, Swara & Ragini are playing their instruments and practicing for their competition. People come around and look at them, appreciating their music. They are so composed and in the beat that everyone is lost in the music.
Dida: Swaragini start together, they end together.
The girls smile and after that go into their room. Ragini receives Alia’s message about the party and she calls her and tells her they can’t come. Naina calls Swara and she says the same and Naina seems happy. Alia tries to convince Swaragini to come but they deny. Finally she speaks to Sumi who says she will speak to them. Sumi convinces the girls to go as they have been practicing for a long time. Ragini messages Alia they are coming.

Swara: *while getting ready* Ragini, did you realize something? Yesterday, we went through nearly the same situation with the Maheshwari’s.
Ragini: *thinks and remembers her close moments with Laksh and recalls Swara telling her the same* Yea, I know…Our lives seemed to be linked.
Swara: Swaragini are always linked.
They hug each other and make each other’s hair. Ragini wears a pink and orange jumpsuit with a blue jacket, while Swara wears a blank jumpsuit with a blue jacket. They have their hair open and leave for Alia’s house.

INT – Alia’s house party

Sanskaar & Laksh arrive both wearing casual jeans and top with a coat. They look at each other and smirk.
Laksh: time to have fun, bro. *he looks around but someone jump-hugs him*
Alia: Hello cutie! You came! Hi Sanskaar
Sanskaar: Hi Alia, looking good.
Naina: No compliments for me?
Sanskaar: *looks at Naina who just arrives* Oh you too. You’re looking good.
Naina pulls Sanskaar inside the house while Alia drags Laksh. They enter the party where Laksh immediately goes to get a drink and Sanskaar is looking everywhere but at Naina.

Alia: *whispers in his ear* The one you are looking for is not coming.
Sanskaar: *looks at Alia with an innocent expression* I am just looking around.
Alia: Really? Alright… *turns around to leave*
Sanskaar: Your friends are not coming?
Alia: *turns to look at him and smirks* Thought so. *winks at him and goes towards Laksh*

Naina hears all of this and turns to Sanskaar and pulls him towards the dance floor. He stops her.
Naina: Are you upset that Swara and Ragini are not coming?
Sanskaar: *Surprised but tries to hide it* Why would I be upset? I just don’t want to dance. *he walks towards the drinks table and picks a drink for himself*

Naina watches him sourly and thinks that it is a good thing Swara & Ragini are not coming. At the same moment Swara & Ragini enter. Sanskaar is busy talking to Laksh and Alia when his eyes fall on the door and he stares. Laksh follows his gaze and stares too. Alia too looks and notices the sisters arriving. She grins, pokes the two guys and runs towards the door first hugging Swara then Ragini.

Alia: You guys came!! Thank you! Everyone was missing you. *She does a cough and looks towards the Maheshwari’s*
Naina: *arrives, looking shocked but composes herself* I thought you were not coming Swara. *she questions accusingly*
Alia: They were not but I convinced Sumi aunty and she made them come. *she jumps and drags them towards the table but Swara stops Alia*
Swara: Alia, you go with Ragini, I will meet Kanika, Fatima and come.
Ragini: Yeah Alia, you go I will come with Swara.

Alia looks confused but she shrugs and goes back to Lakshya & Sanskaar. Those two are all of a sudden with full energy but are surprised when SwaRagini don’t come over to meet them. Their eyes follow them but the sisters don’t look. Naina too is confused but happy and goes to the two. Swara & Ragini avoid looking at Sanskaar & Laksh but they feel their eyes over them. They stand and talk to their other friends when the DJ starts playing music and asks everyone to dance.

Swara: This is my favorite song!!
Fatima: Okay let’s dance please!

Swara & Ragini’s academy friends drag them to the dance floor and they start dancing on O Gujarya, London Thumka and Gallan Godiyaan. Swaragini are so lost in dancing that they forget about the people for some time. Alia joins them as well while Naina, Sanskaar & Laksh simply stare at them. Both of the boys cannot take their eyes off Gadodia girls. After they stop dancing, slow song plays and Naina drags Sanskaar to the dance floor. He reluctantly dances with her. At the same time, Naina’s brother enters and Naina runs over to him and hugs him. She says something to him and he smiles.

Naina runs back to Sanskaar and mentions to him about her brother. Naina’s brother walks over to where Swara & Ragini are sitting and shakes their hand.
Swara, Ragini and friends: Hi
Rahul: Hi, I am Naina’s brother. Remember we were in school together?
Swara: Oh yeah I remember. You used to pull at our pony tails.
Rahul: *laughs* Yeah, I did. Anyway nice song, will you dance with me? *and without waiting for her answer, Rahul drags Swara to the dance floor*
Ragini and her friends are surprised but say nothing. Swara is shocked too but can’t say anything as the light is on her. Sanskaar notices this and stiffens but looks away, angry at himself for having confused reaction. He later makes up his mind that he doesn’t care and excuses himself from Naina and goes towards the tables.

Swara: Rahul, I didn’t say yes.
Rahul: You would have.
Swara: Aren’t you so confident?
Rahul just smiles and eyes Naina who winks at him. She walks over to where Sanskaar is standing.
Naina: Aren’t they looking cute. My brother always had a thing for Swara. It is so good to see them like this. My best friend and my brother.
Sanskaar: Yeah, I will be right back.

He leaves the party and goes out for fresh air. Ragini at the same time is leaving the party too as her phone rings and she can’t hear anything.

Ragini: *on phone* Maa we are at the party. We will be back by 11 pm. Okay maa, don’t worry, we will be back soon.
She feels so good staying outside when Swara too runs out breathless and annoyed. She finds Ragini and runs over to her.

Swara: What is wrong with guys? Rahul…I can’t believe he dragged me like this.
Ragini: You didn’t say anything though….
Swara: What could…Ragini shh.

Swara drags Ragini behind the bush in the garden. They hear laughing voices than of someone moaning. Ragini peers from the bush and notices one of the girls from the party laughing and hugging someone. Then the boy pushes his hair out of his face and smiles at the girl. It is Laksh. They both are shocked to see him.

Ragini: I thought he liked Alia….
Swara: Shh… I know. The way they were today at the dance floor, he by her side and so cozy…
Ragini: I swear, I was right about him! He is such a cheater! He is playing with my friend. I will expose him.
Swara looks around while Ragini takes Swara’s phone. She quietly clicks intimate pictures of Laksh and the girl. They are about to kiss when a voice calls over them. They jump and turn to look at the man. It is Sanskaar and his eyebrows are raised.

Sanskaar: What are you guys doing?
Swara & Ragini: Nothing…. *Ragini quietly slips the phone in Swara’s bag and pinches her*
Swara: What are you doing here?
Sanskaar: Why are you clicking pictures of my brother?
Ragini: He is playing with Alia. I will show these pictures to her.
Sanskaar: No, you will give me the phone. *he steps towards Ragini*

Ragini steps back and at the same time Swara steps away and walks back to the house. Sanskaar snatches Ragini’s phone and opens it but finds nothing. Ragini smirks and looks at the door from which Swara entered. Sanskaar understands and growls at Ragini.
Ragini: Best of luck finding Swara.
Sanskaar goes inside but can’t find Swara. He starts looking for her. Naina comes towards him but he ducks and avoids her. Swara who has raced inside the party just before Sanskaar is going towards the ladies toilet as she spots Sanskaar looking for her when someone holds her hand and pulls her towards a room. She lets out a shriek but the person keeps a hand on her mouth. He closes the door behind Swara. He keeps a hand on Swara’s mouth and stops her from screaming. Light falls upon his face and it is revealed to be Naina’s brother who is extremely drunk.

Precap: Sanskaar saves Swara from Rahul and they share an intimate moment. Naina plots against Swara, Ragini reveals Laksh’s betrayal to Alia but is shocked to hear her response.

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