Swaragini – The Music of Love – Chapter 4


Recap: Sanskaar and Swara dance intimately, Laksh & Ragini locked inside the storeroom.

INT- Inside the storeroom

Ragini: *furious and walks over to Laksh* Laksh Maheshwari, what the hell are you doing here? Did you forget your way to your house and ended up in my storeroom?
Laksh: *sighs* Ragini please, stop with your lecture and let me figure out what to do. If you didn’t hear, someone has locked us in this store-room.
Ragini: Oh god, what are we going to do. *she checks her phone but realizes she has forgotten it on the rooftop*
Laksh: *spills flashlight on her face* What? Do you have a plan on how to open this door?

Ragini takes his phone from his hand and tries to unlock it. Laksh snatches it back.

Ragini: What? Give it back!
Laksh: Why? This is my phone. What do you want to check? Don’t tell me you will check my messages like all the other girls.
Ragini: oh hello? I am least interested in your personal conversations. I just want to call my sister, if I don’t I am stuck with you the entire night.
Laksh: That is not a bad idea, you know? But on a second thought, I would rather get out than hear your lecture the entire night.

Ragini fumes and asks for his phone. He hands it over to her reluctantly. Swara’s phone is not connecting so she hands it back angrily. Laksh stares at her than dials a number.

Laksh: Sanskaar yaar, I am stuck here in this storeroom in the baadi. Can you try to get me out?
Sanskaar: *on the phone* How the hell did you reach the store room? Didn’t you forget your wallet at the roof?
Laksh: Bhai, long story. I will tell you later. Come fast before Ragini starts with another lecture.
Sanskaar: Ragini? How did…
Laksh: *cuts him* Bhai just come. *he cuts the call*

EXT- In the baadi

Sanskaar leaves his car muttering how stupid Laksh is and enters the baadi. Everything is dark so he puts his phone’s flashlight on. Swara leaves her room thinking it is so late and Ragini hasn’t come back yet. She is climbing the rooftop stairs when she notices the flashlight and thinks of thief. She wants to shout but thinks of Ragini. What if Maa, Papa realize Ragini has been out of bed so late and scold her? She decides to investigate herself.

Slowly she walks over to the guy with the flashlight. She can’t see his face so she slowly walks from around him and picks up a book that is kept by the window. Coming from behind him, she hits him on his head and the guy shouts ouch and drops his phone. Swara gasps at the noise and at the same time Dida opens her door wondering who made the sound.

Dida: Who’s there?
Sanskaar picks up his phone, takes the girl who hit him from her wrist and pulls her in the corner so no one sees them. Dida walks by the baadi and switches on the light. Sanskaar sees that the girl is none other than Swara and Swara is shocked to see him. Dida makes sure there is no one and she switches off the light and goes back closing the door.

Sanskaar: Are you crazy? Why would you hit someone without knowing who they are?
Swara: Just shut up! Why would you enter someone’s house like a thief? And you want me to ask a thief who he is before hitting him?
Sanskaar: I am not a thief!
Swara: Who knows? Why did you come back like one?
Sanskaar: *angrily pushes her to the wall and tightens his grip on her wrist* Can you stop assuming? I came to get my brother out. He is stuck in the store room along with your sister Ragini just for your information.
Swara: *surprised and says nothing but realizes his grip is hurting her* Okay let me go.
Sanskaar: No, you owe me an apology.
Swara: No, I don’t owe you anything. Let me go or I will call Dida.
Sanskaar: Okay, call her, scream, whatever. In the end they will see you with me…like this and Ragini and Laksh in a store room. What a cute scene it would be, right?
Swara: *glares at him* Leave or …
Sanskaar: Or what? *he pushes her further into the wall and presses himself against her*
Swara: Look Mr. Sanskaar Maheshwari, you are really going to regret this. We need to get them out of the storeroom. Let me go.
Sanskaar: Not until you say sorry.
They are too close to each other, staring at each other’s eyes while talking. Swara’s hair lock falls on her face and he blows it off. Swara catches her breathe and looks around scared. Sanskaar keeps staring at her. She looks back at him and tries to look away but his eyes are too intense for her to manage that. She suddenly looks at the door way and becomes scared. Sanskaar gets confused.

Swara: Oh crap!
Sanskaar: What? *he turns to look behind at the door*

Swara bends and bites his hand. He loosens his grip and Swara pushes him a little and escapes. Sanskaar shakes his hand and glares at Swara who gives him a cheeky grin and jumps in victory. She then runs towards the storeroom. Sanskaar fumes but looks at his hands where she has bitten before following her.

INT – Inside the storeroom.
Ragini: *glares at him, her arms crossed* I don’t get it. You left with Alia, Naina and your bhai. Why did you come back? Didn’t you get enough of the two girls already that you are here to annoy the others here in the baadi?
Laksh: Look Ragini…stop assuming and let me think how to get out of here. You and your sister jump to conclusions without letting the other speak and that is very annoying.
Ragini: Why? There is no need for you to speak. I understand everything. You both…you and your bhais are tharki’s in short.
Laksh: *steps towards her* Ragini, don’t judge us like that. It wouldn’t be good. *he keeps walking towards her*
Ragini: *Slightly nervous but doesn’t back down* Stay where you are or I will shout. And why? We know guys like you. In the competition when you came to judge I thought you were grown up, matured and smart guys and maybe you are but you are still a player that sees a girl and bam! Flirting mood on.
Laksh: *keeps walking towards her until he is right in front of her* Ragini…this is the last warning.
Ragini: Why Laksh? Has no one been honest with you? I know truth is sour but it is the truth. You …I saw you taking advantage of….Laksh!

Laksh holds her arm and twists it behind her back. He turns her and pushes her towards the wall. Her face is towards the wall and back towards him. Laksh closes the gap and smirks. She is breathing heavily and he brings his face closer to her, his lips closer to her ear.

Laksh: So , what were you saying? I take advantage?
Ragini: Laksh, let me go or else I swear I will scream.
Laksh: Ragini scream, I have no problem. Like you said, I am a guy and it would not matter. Everyone will think wrong of you and then your poor sister….I can perfectly imagine her face.
Ragini: What is your problem? Aren’t you tired of already playing with Alia and now you are trying to hurt me.
Laksh: You think I am playing with Alia? Now you watch, I will play with her and for your kind information, I have no problem. You are the one with all the problems. I am trying to explain to you that don’t judge us but you don’t want to stop. I didn’t come here for anyone, I forgot my wallet at the rooftop so I came to get it. Understood?
Ragini: *quiet* Sorry….
Laksh: *smirks* Say that again?
Ragini: I said it once, not saying it again. Now let me go.

Laksh moves closer to her and runs his hand over her hair. She tries to hit him with her elbow but it doesn’t affect him. Suddenly someone knocks on the door and Swara whispers, Ragini. Laksh let go of her and returns to the door. Ragini breathe, composes herself and walks to the door.

Ragini: Swara, I think Dadi maa locked the door so you will have to get the key.
Swara: What? From Dadi maa’s room? Are you crazy?
Ragini: No there is another key in the dining room with the shop keys.

Swara runs to the lawn and brings the key. Sanskaar is standing by the storeroom waiting for her to come back. She runs back and finally opens the door. Ragini rushes out and hugs Swara. Laksh comes out and runs to the rooftop, retrieves his wallet and comes back down. Swaragini are standing with their arms crossed and eyebrows raised.

Ragini: Okay now you guys can leave. *she turns to go to her room*
Laksh: Ragini…your phone. *he hands over her phone which he got from the rooftop* Don’t worry I did not check anything. Oh and just for your information, Alia is the one who wants me so if she doesn’t have a problem, you shouldn’t. If I am serious or not…that shouldn’t be your concern. If she doesn’t mind me not being serious…no one should.

He winks at her and pats Sanskaar on his shoulder and leaves the baadi. Ragini takes her phone and turns to leave confused and slightly angry. Swara turns too but Sanskaar calls her. She turns to look at him and he raises his hand where she bit him and kisses it. She glares at him angrily as he too leaves. Angrily, she goes to her house.

INT – Inside the house.

Ragini: Swara come fast otherwise we are screwed.
Sumi: Swara, Ragini, what are you doing out so late?
Swara: *jumps in surprise* Oh Maa, what are you doing out late?
Ragini: Maa, we were cleaning the mess and then talking because can’t sleep na.
Sumi: Okay both of you go inside and to bed, it is very late.

Swaragini nod and run back to their room. Once they get ready for bed, they sit and look at each other and tell about the entire incident.
Swara: I don’t believe both of them…They act like they rule us or something. Since the time we have met them, they have not left an opportunity to annoy us.
Ragini: I know but I think today I just over-assumed everything. I called Laksh and Sanskaar a player and said so much. I didn’t think that he came back for a different reason. I was so stupid.
Swara: Yeah I know, but it is alright. Everything they did before…. Anyway, let’s sleep. We have to start practicing tomorrow.
They hug each other and go to sleep. That night Swara dreams of her running and hugging Sanskaar and they coming too close to kissing. She wakes up with a start, looks around. She breathes heavily remembering their proximity, recalls earlier night incident and is sweating. She gets scared and is surprised but then takes it as a dream and goes back to sleep. While Ragini moves uneasily in her sleep. She is practicing her sitar and then Laksh comes and says surprise and hugs her tightly. She doesn’t wake up but moves uneasily in her sleep.

Precap: Ragini catches Laksh playing with another girl. Alia confessing her feeling for Laksh. Swara & Sanskaar meet again. Swaragini share their dream.

Credit to: Maria

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