Swaragini – The Music of Love – Chapter 3


EXT: Rooftop at Baadi – Night

Swara follows Ragini to the rooftop after her incident and sits beside her. Sanskaar and Laksh too come up and are talking to each other. Suddenly Alia suggests to play a game of truth, dare or situation. They all agree and Swara starts making chits. Alia goes and sits beside Laksh and smiles. She has changed into a short pink dress and heels. Laksh, impressed with her outfit smirks and turns his attention towards Alia.

Laksh: I must say you have an interesting choice when it comes to fashion.
Alia: *chuckles* Oh I know…my mom is a fashion designer so I learn it from her. I take it you like my dress?
Laksh: Way too much.

Ragini glances towards their direction and glares at them angrily. Alia smiles innocently where Laksh winks at her. Ragini puffs and turns back to her sister muttering how cheap
Laksh was. Swara looks at her and smiles.
Swara: Does it affect you?
Ragini: No way…why would it? Alia is my friend, I am looking out for her.
Sanskaar: Alia is not a kid, she knows what she is doing.

They both turn to look at Sanskaar who is standing behind them. Swara narrows her eyes and stands up with the chits in her hands.

Swara: It is not good to eavesdrop on two people’s conversation, Mr. Maheshwari.

She is about to leave when he blocks her way and takes the chits from her hand.

Sanskaar: Okay, I will leave you two to gossip about things that are none of your business while I start the game. *turns to the others* Okay guys, let’s start the game. Truth, dare or situation is basically…I will roll the bottle and whoever it points at, will have to pick a chit and do as it says or answer whatever it says. Get it?

Everyone nods and Sanskaar turns to look at Swaragini who are looking at him in disbelieve.

Ragini: Who made him incharge?
Swara: Uhhhh! I don’t care…I am going to get a drink.

She walks to the table and picks up a glass for herself. Sanskaar comes over to her and smiles,

Sanskaar: Why don’t you serve everyone. Afterall, it is your party.
Swara: Oh really? Didn’t seem like when you started the game but okay. *she turns to face everyone* Guys, drinks and snacks are here if anyone needs. Help yourself.

She finishes her drink in a gulp and takes the glass from Sanskaar’s hand who had just picked it up.

Swara: Thank you

She takes his glass and starts drinking before moving away from him and goes to take a place with others without looking back at him. Sanskaar is entertained as always but takes another glass and picks the empty bottle. Everyone takes snacks and sits. Ragini is leaving the table when she sees Laksh coming towards it. She purposely sticks her foot out and just when he is about to trip, she holds him.

Ragini: Ooops. Sorry.

She quirks her eyebrows in a teasing way and leaves. Laksh keeps looking back at her before taking two drinks and walking back to Alia. He watches Ragini laugh with Swara but shakes his head with a smile and sits with the girl.
Sanskaar spins the bottle and it comes towards Naina. She winks at Sanskaar and goes to pick a chit. It says salsa dance with someone. Naina walks over to Sanskaar and asks him if he would dance with her. Sanskaar agrees and they come to the center. Swara rolls her eyes and goes to play the song when Sanskaar asks her.

*song plays – Gulabi ankhein*

Sanskaar lifts Naina and dances with her quiet well. Swara is on her phone and not looking at them while Ragini whispers to her.

Ragini: It’s funny how both Maheshwari’s have worked their magic on Naina and Alia.
Swara: Tharkis….both brothers are and then we do know Alia doesn’t mind all this. I am surprised with Naina…
Ragini: I think she likes him or something
Swara: Maybe, I don’t care…really. They can like or do whoever they want.
Ragini: *nods* You are right.

The song ends and Sanskaar and Naina go to sit. The bottle spins again and it points towards one guy from the baadi. It is a situation.

Laksh: Okay bro, so you have a situation. You are stuck in the forest cottage and two girls. You have to save one and trick another so who will you save and who will you trick and how?
Boy (Rehan): So the two girls I would want to be stuck with is Ragini and Alia. I would trick Alia by having a one night stand and I would save Ragini.

He looks away shyly and Alia mutters and calls him a scoundrel. Everyone laughs and Laksh smirks looking at Ragini who is not looking at anyone.
The bottle spins again and points at Alia. Alia picks a chit and it asks her to kiss someone. She without asking pulls Laksh on her feet and pecks him on his lips with a sly smile. He is surprised but smiles back and sits down.

Ragini and Swara are shocked along with everyone but Sanskaar spins the bottle again. Everyone is giggling and the bottle points towards Ragini. She picks a chit and it asks her to sing. She feels shy and tries to get away but everyone convinces her.

Ragini starts singing Jalte Diye. Everyone is quiet and mesmerized with her. She walks to Swara and pulls her up and asks her to sing with her. They both sing and all the guys can’t take their eyes off them. Swara and Ragini look at each other while singing and are so happy. They reminisce about getting united.

In Flashback we are shown Swara finding out about her true father, Dadi disgracing them, Durga Prasad warning them, Dadi trying to destroy sumi’s reputation with a man, people insulting them, throwing them out of baadi with disgrace, Shekhar marrying Sumi, them coming back to baadi. Swara overhearing a man coming to baadi and giving some money to a government officer to change the documents of Maheshwari’s business in his name. Swara and Ragini inform their father who informs DP. They act quietly and catch the government officer making the change. DP thanking Gadodia’s. The same man trying to kill dadi for revenge. Swara and Ragini come in between and instead he hits Swara with the knife. Dadi surprised and sad, and accepting them.

The flashback is over and their song finishes. When they stop, they look at everyone who are staring at them. Swara clears her throat and Ragini smiles shyly. Finally, she screams and they all look surprised.

Swara: What? Did you all die or something after hearing us? I know we are awesome but we honestly don’t want to kill anyone with our music.

Everyone sighs and continue with the game. Sanskaar spins the bottle again and it falls on him. He picks a chit and it is a dare.

Laksh: Let me give a dare. Sanskaar dance with Ms. Swara Gadodia. She can sing well but let’s see does she dance well too?
Swara: Why me?
Laksh: You act like a queen of everyone so let’s see how good you really are at everything or is it just with words?
Ragini: Don’t talk like that to Swara.
Laksh: Man, sometimes I get confused. I don’t get if I am talking to Swara or Ragini. You say something to one but both will answer.
Swara: Yes because Swaragini comes together in everything.
Sanskaar: *walks towards Swara and pulls her towards him. He looks at Ragini and the music player* Let’s dance Ms. Gadodia.
Swara: *feels a little awkward and looks at him* I don’t know how to dance.
Sanskaar: I saw you dancing. Stop lying at least.
Naina: Dance already! *feels a little jealous*

Song plays: Oh jaaniya

Sanskaar pulls her towards him and twirls her around. He closes his eyes and scents her hair before running his hands from her shoulder to her bare arms till he reaches her hands. He entwines their fingers and turns her back to him, face front. Opening his eyes, they stare at each other with Sanskaar’s face too close to hers. Swara breathes heavily but doesn’t say a single word. She looks away towards Ragini but he runs a hand over her chin and turns her face towards him. He lowers her then pulls her up. Sanskaar slowly puts his hands on her waist, pulling her close to him without taking his eyes off her. Swara follows his steps with difficulty but because of their fast moves, she tilts her right foot and loses balance. She is about to fall face front but Sanskaar catches her and pulls her towards him. She breathes in relief but realizes she can feel his breathe. His face is buried in her hair and his hand is around her waist.

Everyone is looking at them. Ragini surprised and confused, Naina obviously jealous but trying to compose her face, Alia and Laksh smirking and everyone else either smiling and looking away. Swara tries to move his hand but when he doesn’t, she pinches him. Sanskaar mutters an ouch and lets her go. Swara glares at him and walks back to Ragini without looking at anyone.

Naina: I am feeling sleepy. Let’s leave?

Everyone else nods and gets up to leave. Swara leaves without looking at anyone, embarrassed at what happened. Sanskaar looks after her thoughtfully when Naina asks him if he will drop her. Sanskaar agrees. Laksh and Alia leave with them. Ragini hugs Alia & Naina and starts clearing up everything.

Everyone has left, it is midnight and Ragini clears everything and goes to the store room to keep everything. Laksh comes back as he realizes he has forgotten his wallet. Sanskaar is waiting outside in the car alone and looking at the baadi, lost in thought. Laksh is going to the rooftop when he hears footsteps and rushes to the nearest open door which is of the store. Dida is coming and sees store room open. She mutters about useless kids and goes to close the store room. She locks the store room from outside and closes the light before going to her room.

INT: Storeroom – Baadi

Ragini feels someone enter and the light closes. Laksh enters the room and the light closes behind him.

Laksh: Oh crap! Now what?

Ragini hears the man’s voice and gets scared. She tries to keep in a corner with her mouth close. She thinks who will come in the storeroom so late? And why storeroom? Her hand hits a bottle and it falls. Laksh hears that and turns towards the store-room.

Laksh: Who’s there? Show yourself.

He opens his phone’s flashlight and waves around the store room. It falls on Ragini and she keeps her hand on her mouth from stopping her from screaming. She looks at Laksh and is shocked.

Ragini: What in the world are you doing here?

PRECAP: Swara & Sanskaar succeed in taking Ragini/ Laksh from the store room. Swara & Laksh bond. Ragini sees Laksh with a girl from her music academy.

Credit to: Maria

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