Swaragini – The Music of Love – Chapter 2


If you guys missed the first part of this fan fiction, here you go: http://www.tellyupdates.com/swaragini-music-love/
PS: Sorry in advance for it being too long. I just wanted it to be detailed. I did not directly want to jump to romance as it is unrealistic.

EXT: Outside the Academy

Sanskaar & Lakshya watch Swaragini leave before Sanskaar pinches Laksh awake and makes a gesture of moving.
Sanskaar: Will you walk or do you want me to carry you to the car?
Laksh: *comes back to present and lightly slaps Sanskaar on the back* Let’s go bhai.

They reach the car and Sanskaar takes it out of parking lot. Laksh is still looking at both the girl with confused expression as they exit the academy on the bike, laughing. The boys too leave and Laksh sighs looking ahead of him.

Sanskaar: What happened? Ragini after-effects? But have to appreciate her, no one has really bothered answering you back like that. She has one heck of a confidence.
Laksh: Yeah because they know Lakshya Maheshwari and then no one can utter a word because they are too hypnotized by my beauty. Right bhai? *laughs*
Sanskaar: *laugh* Yeah, yeah, whatever you say bro.

Laksh receives a call from his mother and informs Sanskaar that she is calling them home immediately. They take an exit for home.

INT: At the Baadi

Swaragini reach home and find their mom, Dida and Dadi hard at work. Their father is ordering sweets and decorations. Confused but excited they rush to them and start screaming, “We won, We won” and start dancing. The parents are happy and hug them.

Sumi: Yes, we already received the call from your academy informing us the same so which is why we have kept the durga puja. After a long time, we have got happiness in our house so we were planning for this anyway.
Dadi: Yes and we have invited a lot of people for this puja from outside. Even the head of Madwadi community. He was the one who had threatened to kick us out of the community so we will show him how we don’t care about his threats.
Dida: You are right Parvati.
Shekhar: Okay now enough talking. You guys start the preparations as we don’t have time.
Swara: Okay papa but please can we have a little celebration after the puja for our victory?
Ragini: Yes papa please? And can we call our friends?
Shekhar: Okay beta, you guys can do as you want after wards but start getting ready now. I will be back soon.

Swaragini hugs each other and run to their room. They call their friends and invite them to puja and start helping their family for the preparations.

INT – At Maheshwari house

Sujata: Jijji, why are we going to this family’s puja. You know their history and how they are living together with the Bengali’s. How can we go their house?
Annapurna: Sujata, you know they have done a lot for your bhai sa’s office so it is wrong of us to not go. After what we have done to them, we should go.
Sujata: *shakes her head and mutters* Bhai sa …no one can understand you.

Sanskaar & Lakshya arrive at the house and notice everyone getting ready. Uttara runs towards them and grins.
Uttara: Get ready bhaiyya, we are going to attend Puja at the Baadi.
Lakshya: You mean the place where papa tried to kick out the family from our community?
Sanskaar: Or the place that helped us get out from nearly losing half of our business?
Uttara: yeah yeah, that place only. Get ready fast, okay?

Uttara goes calling for Parineeta bhabi while the boys go and get ready. They all exit and leave for the Baadi.

INT – At the Baadi
Everyone is running around when two girls enter dressed in desi wear. They call for Swaragini and both Swara and Ragini run towards them. The baadi is beautifully decorated and the pandit jee arrives and talks to Shekar. Ragini and Swara hug the two girls and take them to their house.

Swara: You guys came! Alia, where is Kanika?
Alia: Sorry Swara, she couldn’t come. She has people coming to her house to see her.
Ragini: Ohooo. Already? I thought she didn’t want to get married so soon?
Naina: Yeah but you know her family right? Anyway party after the puja?
Swaragini: Definitely!

Sumi: Shona, Ragini, come fast… Everyone is here. Hello Alia, Naina, you guys come as well.

Swaragini run outside and are stopped by their Dadi and Dida. They take their blessings and are praised by a few women when Alia nudges Swara.
Alia: Swara, who is this family who just entered? Oh god…I think I am going to die, their boys are way too handsome. *she says that staring at Adarsh*
Ragini: *looks up as well* Oh my god….are you kidding me? Aren’t those the judges?
Swara: Shoot! You are right! What the hell are they…Oh wait…The heads are the Maheshwari right?
*Flashback* Showing the MC announcing Lakshya & Sanskaar Maheshwari to announce the winner*

Swara: Oh my god! They are the Maheshwari’s… Head of Madwadi community.
Naina: The ones whose family tried to insult you?

Ragini and Swara stare at them with narrow eyes. They are shocked to see them. The Maheshwari’s enter along with the men. Alia is busy staring at Adarsh who is holding Parineeta’s hand. She shys away and goes to stand by Annapurna. Sanskaar grins at his Adarsh bhai and looks around to notice Swaragini. He is about to call Laksh when he notices Laksh already staring at them.

Laksh: Bhai, what are they doing here?
Adarsh: They are the daughters of the family who have kept this puja. Gadodia’s.
Sanskaar: *surprised and remembers calling their name* Lucky, where are you going?

He follows Laksh who has already started making his way to them. The Gadodia’s go to greet them and start talking to them when Swara looks at Alia.
Swara: Alia, I think that guy is already married. Take your eyes off him.
Alia: *sulks*yeah, whatever but even he is cute. *they watch Laksh and Sanskaar walk over to them*

Laksh: So Swara & Ragini Gadodia…what a surprise. Who knew we would meet twice a day? I must say you guys are really lucky. After all, you are meeting Lucky Maheshwari.

Swara: Don’t flatter yourself. We weren’t really dying here to see your face. It is just a coincidence that you happen to be Maheshwari’s…
Ragini: *rolls her eyes*
Swara: *looking at Sanskaar* Is your brother really that delusional? *everyone chuckles*
Sanskaar: Hey, don’t say anything about Lucky.
Swara: Why? What are you going to do Mr. Maheshwari? *she challenges him gesturing with her hand*
Sanskaar: *Catches her hand* You don’t want know Ms. Gadodia. *he drops her hand and smirks*

Swara glares at him and leaves from there. He watches her with yet another amused expression. Lakshya meanwhile turns to Alia and winks at her. He starts flirting with her and Ragini whispers to Naina to come with her and leave the flirts alone. Naina asks her to go and she starts talking to Sanskaar. The puja is starting and all the four friends stand with the Gadodia’s in front and do the puja. After that everyone asks them if they would dance. A few women pull Swaragini and ask them to dance.
They start doing a diya dance and then continue on Lahu munh lagaya. Their two friends join them, so does Sharmistha. A few women from Baadi join them too. A woman brings Parineeta and Uttara who start dancing too. Everyone is watching and enjoying. Sanskaar & Lakshya keep watching the girls dance, mesmerized. We can’t really tell who they are looking at. Suddenly Lakshya looks at his watch whispers to Sanskaar and leaves from there.

After the dance is over, Swaragini are looking for Alia and Naina. They find Naina talking to Sanskaar and shake their head. Alia is nowhere to be found. Suddenly Dadi asks Ragini to get the sweet trays that are kept in the room. Ragini is going upstairs when she sees a shadow at the rooftop. She freaks out but dismisses it but when she sees it again, she goes to check. Just as she enters the rooftop, she notices a man standing right in front of her with his back towards him. Ragini shrieks and he turns immediately, startled. It is Laksh. Ragini starts to scream again when he pushes her behind and she collides with the wall. He presses his body against her to keep her still and keeps his hand on her mouth.
Laksh: Shhh! Don’t utter a single word. I am taking my hand off. *takes his hand away*
Ragini: *scared, nods.* What the hell are you doing here? Puja is down, not on the rooftop!
Laksh: I know you crazy girl! I came here to meet Alia but instead you came up.
Ragini: Why would you meet Alia? *putting it all together* Oh so you are planning to romance on our rooftop?
Laksh: Do you have a problem?
Ragini: Yes I do Mr. Maheshwari! This is my home and if you guys want to do anything stupid like this, you can find a place somewhere away from my house. This isn’t some flirt zone that you can…
*she realizes they are still in the same position and looks at the other side, looking awkward*
Laksh: *realizes as well and moves away* I will do whatever I want, where I want.
Ragini: Not here! *starts walking away* I will tell Alia in front of everyone that you are waiting for her up here.
Laksh: *surprised, holds her hand and pulls her towards him* No you won’t do anything like this.
Ragini: *bumps into him back first* Then take your stupid antiques outside of our place. Anyway we are having a party here so we will be occupying the rooftop.
She pushes him and runs down, gets the sweets and runs to the baadi*
Dadi: What took you so long?
Ragini: Sorry Dadi, actually… *she sees Laksh coming down and shaking his head* I got stuck up there.
She gives everyone the sweets and Laksh comes down and stands beside Sanskaar. He whispers something in his ear before going to his father.

Laksh: Papa, Swara & Ragini won today’s competition…the one you sent us to judge. They are having a party and have asked us to stay since we were the judges and all. Can we?
DP: *Looks at them and Swaragini* Sure, but don’t stay too late. *looks at Swaragini* Congratulations! You must have sung very well.
Laksh: Thanks Papa.
Swaragini stares at them and Swara turns to Ragini and gives her an expression of What the hell?

Swara: You invited him??????
Ragini: No I didn’t! *She tells her everything* What kind of guy…he just met Alia and was already waiting for her alone at the rooftop. *they turn to look at Alia*
Alia: What? Who cares if we were meeting? I like him.
Swara & Ragini shake their head. Everyone is leaving now and the elders go inside. The girls and Sanskaar and Laksh and a few other girls and guys from the Baadi go up to the rooftop. Swara stops right in front of Laksh and Sanskaar.

Swara: You know that you aren’t invited…
Sanskaar: Yeah, we invited ourselves. Who wants to miss a party? Unless you want us to go back home and say that you guys changed your mind and kicked us out of your party.
Ragini and Swara fume but say nothing and make their way upstairs. Suddenly, Ragini loses her balance and trips over her dupatta falling behind. Swara shrieks…Ragini but Lakshya in time holds her hand and jerks her upwards. Ragini instead of falling behind falls on him. They both drop on the stairs with her on his lap.

Embarrassed, Ragini gets up, mutters a thank you and rushes to the roof. Swara looks at Sanskaar & Laksh who are smiling and glares at them before rushing towards Ragini.

Precap: Sanskaar dances with Naina, Sanskaar dances with Swara. They have an intense moment. Ragini & Laksh get locked in the store room.

Credit to: Maria

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