Swaragini – The Music of Love – Chapter 12


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Recap: Swara & Ragini win the competition, Alia’s plan is successful and Swara/ Sanskaar are cleared of the blame, Alia and Laksh plan to celebrate with the rest so they go on a night outing before they return to their house, someone attacks Swara.

INT- Tent

Swara enters the tent and thinks that she should rest. She is annoyed at the fact that Sanskaar isn’t paying much attention to her but wonders why that is affecting her. She recalls how she had been blaming him for the ongoing in her life although he had saved her…she wonders if she had thanked him. She is about to go to her bed when she hears a shuffle and turns to look when someone puts a cloth on her mouth. Swara gives a light scream but before she can do anything, she faints. A flashlight is shown and it glows on the face of Rahul who is smirking. He thinks of his plan and congratulates him before picking up Swara in his arms and creates a gap in the tent from the other side. The other side of the tent is half torn but he doesn’t care and carries Swara with him towards the forest.

EXT – at the bonfire

Everyone is talking with each other when Alia smiles at Adarsh and waves at him before going towards the other tent. Before going she looks around and asks about Swara and mentions that she might have gone inside the tent and if she is fine. Sanskaar hears it but doesn’t react in front of anyone. When everyone is back to talking, Adarsh follows Alia in the tent. Sanskaar notices Adarsh going and he is about to question him when he remembers Alia’s words about Swara. He wonders where she is and gets up.

Sanskaar: Where is Swara?
Ragini: *looks around* Alia said she has gone inside…I am going towards the forest; I’ve heard Mumbai has beautiful fireflies in this weather at night.
Sanskaar: Okay…

Laksh smirks and watches Ragini get up. When she leaves towards the forest, he looks at Sanskaar and winks at him before he leaves and follows her. Sanskaar shakes his head towards Laksh and decides to check on Swara. He wonders if he should follow her inside the tent, stops for a while but decides to go. As he enters the tent, he notices it’s dark. He puts on his mobile’s light but sees no one there. Sanskaar wonders where she could have gone and is about to lie on the floor when air blows towards him. He looks ahead and notices the torn tent. With a frown, he walks over to the part and steps outside from the other side. He realizes that it led towards the forest and wonders if Swara went inside…Why would she tear the tent? Uneasiness creeps towards him and he starts walking towards the forest when someone hugs him from behind. Sanskaar comes to a halt, surprised. He turns and stares at Naina.

Sanskaar: Naina? What are you doing here?
Naina: I found out that you guys are partying here. Really? Without me?
Sanskaar: I wasn’t aware that you were here or we would have invited you.
Naina: Well, now I am here. Come on, lets go to the tent and have some drinks and all.
Sanskaar: Why don’t you go inside the tent? I will join you in a minute. My mom’s calling but I lost the signal so I’m going to call her back.
Naina: You can call her later?
Sanskaar: Sorry, can’t do it later, need to call her now. Go ahead, Swara, Laksh and Ragini are inside the tent.

Naina who has just arrived believes him and goes inside the tent and Sanskaar noticing that, rushes towards the forest and out of sight.

EXT – Forest

Rahul takes Swara deep into the forest in his own tent that he has built. He makes her lie down and stares at her.

Rahul: Swara…swara…You used to be my sweetheart back in high school and although I have a new sweetheart, I have to do this for my sister, you know? On another thought, I am doing this for myself too…You Gadodia’s are so god damn tempting that a man can’t resist himself, ya know?

He takes off his shirt and lies beside her. Rahul runs a hand over her face and sweeps her hair to a side and thinks last time Sanskaar spoiled his plans but this time there is no one. He ties Swara’s hands to a pole and sprinkles water on her face. Her eyes open.

EXT – Cliff

Ragini walks over, hugging herself. She feels happy and overjoyed at the feeling that she won the competition. She wonders what to do now that everything is over…Perhaps she should contact the company Shreya Goshal gave the card off

Laksh: *from behind her* Looking for fireflies?
Ragini: *Surprised and turns around* What…? What are you doing here?
Laksh: Coming after you..I am not sleepy, just a little bored.
Ragini: Why don’t you go to Alia? She might be bored too.
Laksh: Are you jealous? *he walks closer to her*
Ragini: *doesn’t move* Why would I be? She is my friend.
Laksh: In case you haven’t noticed, we don’t like each other that way.
Ragini: That’s supposed to make me feel better?
Laksh: *steps more closer and whispers* Yes
Ragini: *heart beat grows but doesn’t say anything*
Laksh: There is a firefly…

Song plays: Tera Nasha – Blitz

He holds Ragini from her waist and turns her around. He slips his hand in hers and raises it in the air, her palm open. A firefly comes and sits on her palm. Ragini is thrilled, her expression is priceless. It is filled with awe and excitement and her eyes flow with the light of the firefly. Laksh, runs his hand on her waist and pulls her closer to him. She breathes heavily but stares at the firefly. Laksh removes his hand from under hers and runs it over her arms. He lingers it on her neck, slowly moving it towards her ears and tucking her hair behind her ears. He buries his face inside her hair and scents it. Laksh moves his face slowly from her hair to her ears and kisses her ear lobe. Ragini’s breathe hitches and at the same time the sky is filled with fireflies.

Ragini: Laksh…look.

Laksh looks up and stares at the fireflies. They both smile looking at it.

EXT – Forest

Sanskaar follows the path into the forest. There is a single path so it is easier for him. He wonders that maybe Swara did not go so far and she must be in the other tent but he keeps on going because he has a bad feeling in his heart. He knows the other tent was the one where Adarsh and Alia went and he has a feeling something is wrong. He continues into the forest until he sees a tent a little further from he is. Lights surround the tent and it stands in the middle of the deep forest. Sanskaar wonders why anyone would come so far into the forest.

INT – In the tent

Swara’s eyes open and she looks at Rahul’s face. She is shocked and starts to get up but is pulled down. She tries again but her eyes fall on her tied hands and she screams. Rahul puts a hand on her mouth but removes it. He smirks.

Rahul: Today I won’t stop you from screaming, love. We are in a place where not even God can hear you so scream as much as you want. I actually like my girls when they scream and make noises…It makes this whole process even more amazing.

Rahul slowly moves her hair behind and runs a finger on her neck before stopping it on her high neck collar button. He undoes her button and Swara screams for help while crying.

INT – In the other tent

Alia takes off her jacket and she is wearing a strapless top with skinny jeans. Just then Adarsh arrives inside and lights the lantern that has been kept inside. He stares at Alia who turns to look at him, half surprised.

Alia: Adarsh?
Adarsh: *stares at her* Sorry…
Alia: No problem.. *she stares back*

Adarsh stares at her and steps closer to her. She pushes her hair back and smiles seductively at him. She stares at his eyes and licks her lips. In her mind she wonders where the others are but she hopes they won’t come there in this tent. She recalls herself asking about Swara and hopes that Sanskaar or someone has gone to look for her. She prays in her heart, hoping Swara is fine.

Adarsh: Are you okay? *he is very close to her*
Alia: Not really…I am scared for Swara. If anything happens to her, I will never forgive myself.
Adarsh: Nothing will happen to her. I know Sanskaar, I am sure he is looking for her.
Alia: Still, it is my fault. I should have told them everything from the day it started.
Adarsh: If you would have, Naina would have ruined you and me. The only thing we can do now is be a step ahead of her and protect all of them.

Adarsh steps closer to Alia and takes her hand. He pulls her closer to him and stares in her eyes. Alia stares back with a sad expression and is about to remove his hand when
Naina enters and stares at them.

Naina: Oooh, the love birds….
Alia: *shocked* Naina….What are you doing here?
Naina: Did you really think that you guys would party without me and I wouldn’t know?
Adarsh: I guess we did?
Naina: Too bad, I am always one step ahead of you. Go on, enjoy yourselves…I won’t say a word about this but remember, you try to spoil my plan, I will ruin you and you Adarsh Maheshwari and you will regret ever going against me.
Alia: Don’t worry…We are minding our own business.
Naina: *stares at her* I hope you are, sweety. Where is Laksh and Ragini?
Alia: I’ve no idea. They were outside before I came in the tent. They must be in the other tent or somewhere in the forest.
Naina: I’ll find them, enjoy your night. *She winks and leaves to look for Sanskaar*

EXT – Forest

Sanskaar is looking for Swara and he sees the tent. He walks closer to it when he hears someone scream. He stands there, shocked because he knows the scream. Without waiting any further, he rushes towards the tent and pulls the tent cover open

INT – The tent

Sanskaar is shocked at what he sees. Rahul is trying to get Swara’s shirt off while she is writhing, screaming and crying. He holds her neck with his hand and chokes her but Sanskaar pushes him behind. Rahul, who has not seen Sanskaar coming, is shocked! He turns to see Sanskaar, who is fuming with rage. He pulls Rahul on his feet and punches him.

Sanskaar: How dare you touch her! How dare you come near her! You blo*dy ….. I will kill you, I will end you!

Sanskaar’s rage is taking over him as he beats Rahul. Rahul hits back and knocks Sanskaar to the ground. Sanskaar gets up and they fight until Rahul takes out a knife. He pulls it over his neck but Sanskaar kicks him and pushes him to the ground. Rahul’s head hits the rock and he falls unconscious. Without looking back at him, he rushes to Swara inside and removes the rope that is tied around her hands. Swara who is crying badly, hugs him and cries uncontrollably while Sanskaar consoles her.

Outside the tent Naina reaches and sees her brother unconscious. She freaks out wondering what Sanskaar will do to him so she takes his body and hides him behind a lot of trees and sits with him quietly, trying to protect him.

Inside the tent, Sanskaar looks for a blanket or cover but he can’t find anything so he takes his shirt off and covers Swara with it. A few minutes pass before she calms down and looks at him. She realizes that he is shirtless and she is hugging him and she pulls back. Sanskaar wipes her tears away and shakes his head.

Sanskaar: Don’t cry, Swara. I promise I will kill Rahul and he will never harm you.
Swara: Sor..ry. No, don’t. I will talk to Naina. If you had not come today, I don’t know what would have happened.
Sanskaar: Nothing would have happened, nothing will ever happen because I will not let anything happen to you. This is my promise to you,

Swara and Sanskaar stare at each other, unable to look away and he wipes her face. Swara closes her eyes and feels his touch. She opens her eyes and realizes how close they are and gets nervous. She stands up and leaves the tent.
Sanskaar follows her out and stares at the ground. Rahul’s body is gone and Swara who is afraid, steps back and into Sanskaar. She turns to look at him with fear in her eyes.

Sanskaar: Where is Rahul’s body?
Swara: What did you do to Rahul?
Sanskaar: I didn’t do anything. He hit the rock and fell unconscious but his body was right here!
Swara: *afraid* What if he is awake? What if he comes for me again? *There are tears in her eyes and she shivers*
Sanskaar: *holds her* He won’t do anything, trust me. He won’t come near you until I am alive. I will always protect you.

They stare at each other again and Swara gets nervous again and turns to leave. Sanskaar holds her hand and stops her from leaving. He steps closer to her and Swara closes her eyes. He turns her towards him and stares at her. Swara shivers, with her eyes closed.
Someone on the other end is watching them but they are too lost in each other to notice.

PRECAP: Naina is watching with pure hatred and a murderous look on her face. Swara and Sanskaar get closer. Ragini’s foot slips and she is about to fall off the cliff.

Credit to: Maria

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