Swaragini – The Music of Love – Chapter 11


Recap: Alia devises a plan to save Swara’s reputation, Naina is seen giving money to a man who has spoiled Swara’s instrument, Alia watches.

INT – Hotel

Alia is standing by the hotel as she watches Naina pay the man. Once the man enters the hotel, she follows him inside innocently. The man goes towards the housekeeping staff room after speaking to another man. Alia stops the man at the same minute.

Alia: Bhai, the man who was talking to you…who is he?
Man: ma’am, he is one of the housekeeping staff of the hotel. Why? Do you want me to call him?
Alia: No, no…What does he do?
Man: Ma’am, he is the caretaker of the recreation section of this hotel. He cleans the gym and music room facilities and looks after the whole area.
Alia: Thank you so much. Here. *She pays him a 100 rupees, and he leaves*

Alia is walking towards the room and thinking hard when she sees Sharma going towards the area he was called. She messages Adarsh and asks him to start investigating.

INT – Meeting hall

The manager of the function along with Adarsh, Sanskaar and Laksh stand in the meeting hall with two police men. A security enters and gives a CD to the manager, before leaving.

Police: Mr. Durga Prasad has asked us to investigate this matter on our level since you are unable to find the culprit. This can be a plan against the contestant which is why it is necessary to make sure that everything is going in order. This is after all, India’s biggest competition and it is recorded on television. Till now, we have Mr. Maheshwari’s name on news after the opening night feud and the entire Kolkata is talking about Sanskaar and Swara which gives us all the more reasons to look into it.
Manager: Inspector, like you asked this is the entire recording of the CCTV footage. We have gone through it before but you can go through it again.
Adarsh: Inspector, please play it in front of us because we have been asking to be shown this footage but everyone is keeping things to themselves. As a member of the family this conspiracy has happened again, we would like to see it as well.

Inspector agrees and the CCTV footage is played from the day of the ceremony. There is an error which is clear that the footage has been deleted from the middle.

Inspector: Sir, can you please show us the CD that was shown in the presentation?
Manager: Actually, I wanted to talk to you about this. I went earlier to retrieve it, like you asked but the CD is missing. It was there yesterday which means that someone has taken it out.
Inspector: *thinks* no problem, let’s go through the CCTV footage and see who all have gone to the room.

The footage plays again and the inspector stops it at the moment Sharma enters the room. Everyone stares at the video and the inspector plays again as they see Sharma taking out the CD and taking it to his room. The inspector looks at the manager and points at the video.

Inspector: Do you know this man?
Sanskaar: He is one of the members of this board, why is he taking the CD with him?
Manager: *shocked* I have no idea…we should go speak to him.
Lakshya: Should I suggest that the police should check his room for any evidence?

Inspector agrees and they go to Sharma’s room and knock. Sharma opens the door and is shocked to see the police.

INT – Music Room

Swara and Ragini are dressed and they hurry inside the music room to take their instruments. The man who is paid earlier watches them and messages someone. He leaves and Swara and Ragini come outside the instrument room. Just then Alia comes and hugs them and wishes them best of luck.

INT – Sharma’s room

Inspector: Mr. Sharma, we have a warrant to check your room. You have been seen taking the CD from the meeting room so we need to do this.
Sharma: But inspector? I am a member of the board, how can you search my room like that?
Inspector: And I am the inspector. Let me search or we will have to do it forcefully.

The officers start searching his room and when they finally open the bag, they find the photos and the CD. One of the officer looks closely at the photo and hands it over to the Inspector.

Officer: Sir, I have a feeling that something is wrong with this photo. I have done web designing diploma so I find this picture unbelievable…
Inspector: *looks closely and hands it over to the manager* There is only one way to find out.
Manager: *looks at the pictures and looks at Sanskaar* Hopefully Mr. Maheshwari, what this officer is saying will be right and we might have the chance to clear your name.

Inspector takes the photo with them and all of the rest proceed to the ceremony. The people are still mingling while the contestants are talking to one another. Swara and Ragini stand with Alia when Naina comes.

Swara: *surprised but happy* Naina! How come you are here?
Naina: I couldn’t miss my best friend’s competition, could I? I am so sorry, I heard what happened but I know you will nail the competition.

Swara and Naina hug while Ragini smiles. Alia glares at Naina but later smirks. Naina thinks in her head how this is going to be a great show when Swara’s instrument won’t work. Alia thinks how Naina is going to get the biggest shock of her life.

Alia: Aren’t you happy Naina? We will get to see our friends perform live! Oh and how thrilled will Sanskaar be…. I am sure he will be unable to take his eyes of you Swara, just like he is now.

All four of the girls turn to look at the door from where Adarsh, Laksh and Sanskaar have walked in. Sanskaar is staring at Swara without his eyes wavering. Swara stares back at him but quickly averts her eyes. Her cheeks are red, her heart is beating faster but she ignores him. He keeps staring at her. Laksh pinches him and says something in his ear. Sanskaar smiles and they go take a seat near the judge panel. Naina glares at Sanskaar angrily before turning to give a loathing look to Swara. She fakes a sweet smile and bids them goodbye before leaving. Her reaction is noticed by Ragini who is confused and Alia, who just smirks. Alia goes to sit with Adarsh while Ragini and Swara go to the contestant panel .

INT – Function day, ballroom

The Manager comes up on stage and looks at everyone. He takes the mike and clears his voice so he has everyone’s attention.

Manager: Finally the day is here for the competition and we are all excited to see the performances and the winner. However, there is an announcement that needs to be made. As you know that a situation led out on the opening ceremony night that led questions in the participants and crowds mind. We have finally found the story behind the projection. The pictures displayed of one of our judges, Mr. Sanskaar Maheshwari, along with our contestant, Ms. Swara Gadodia, on the opening ceremony were everything but true. Someone did a great conspiracy with the contestant as they wanted to knock them out of the tournament. Thanks to the police department of Mumbai, we were able to find out that one of the members of our board, Mr. Sharma, photoshopped the pictures together and displayed them in front of people to remove Ms. Swara Gadodia and her sister from the championship so it was give his niece in law a fair chance to win this competition. As this is not Ms. Nia’s fault, she is still going to be a part of the competition but we have removed Mr. Sharma from the competition judging panel and from the board as well. His place will be taken by Mr. Adarsh Maheshwari while Mr. Sanskaar Maheshwari regains his position as a judge for this competition. We thoroughly apologize on the behalf of all the people who have given a hard time to our contestant despite her innocent. Now that this is cleared, let the competition begin!

Everyone is talking to one another; a few contestants approach Swara and apologize while a few think that they must have given money. Anyway the competition starts and one by one everyone performs. Finally it is Swara & Ragini’s turn and Alia hoots as they go on stage. Naina sits straight and smirks thinking of what a disaster this will be. She thinks that Swara, you got out of the first mess but you will not be able to get out of this one.

Ragini starts playing on her sitar and Naina looks on curiously and excitedly as Swara starts. She is shocked when Swara does it perfectly well. They sing Suno na sangemarmar together and everyone is lost. The whole hall is quiet and the judges can’t take their eyes off them. Alia has a big smile and she turns to look at Naina who is shocked then furious and punches the seat in front of her. Once their song finishes and the competition ends, they are given a break. Sanskaar and Laksh keep sitting in their place, their eyes glued to the girls. Adarsh comes to them and claps his hand together.

Adarsh: I know they are very pretty but focus here. We don’t need another reason for everyone to doubt us.
Laksh: What man, we can’t even stare at girls because of this crap
Sanskaar: You mean stare at Ragini…
Laksh: *Hits him* Don’t even talk…for someone who’s eyes are glued to Swara’s face…don’t comment about me.
Adarsh: Stop fighting and mark your sheets.

Ragini and Swara walk towards Alia and hug her. Someone approaches them and says they were brilliant and they can’t believe they said so much stuff about them. More people come and appreciate them. Finally the manager comes on the stage and says it is time to announce the winner. He calls upon the stage, Shreya Goshal and Mohit Chauhan who were the special hidden judges and says they will announce the winners.

Shreya Goshal: And the winner is…..
Mohit Chauhan: The one who stole our heart deep down
Shreya Goshal: The one who gave a new meaning to music…none other than SwaRAgini!

Everyone claps and hoots. Sanskaar has a big smile on his face as he claps. Swara and Ragini go claim there awards where Shreya Goshal gives a music company’s card and says to contact them if they want to pursue a career in music. They meet and have dinner. Sanskaar comes over to Swara…

Sanskaar: Congrats…
Swara: Thank you…
Sanskaar: I am sorry you had to go through so much because of me…
Swara: It wasn’t your fault. You didn’t plant the photos.
Laksh: Stop being so boring you guys! *he has a hand around Alia who is laughing*
Alia: Yeah, he is right. We are going to party tonight before we go back to Kolkata!
Laksh: Yep, we are having a camp night. Get ready!

EXT – Camp area!

All of them get in their cars and go towards a deserted, desert type area that is crowded with trees at one side with hills. It is cold so Adarsh makes bonfires while the rest make two tents. They all sit around the bonfire and chat when someone makes a noise from the trees. No one other than Swara notices who feels that someone is by the trees. She looks at everyone who is busy talking to one another. Sanskaar is talking to Ragini and Laksh while Adarsh and Alia are talking to one another. She stands up quietly wondering if she should inform someone but thinks it is her doubt. She turns and goes towards the tent when someone keeps a hand over her mouth. She gives a light scream and faints.

PRECAP: Rahul drags Swara towards the trees, Sanskaar realizes Swara is missing. Laksh and Ragini share a sweet moment. Alia makes her move!

Credit to: Maria

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