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I know its been a while but I had exams so was unable to continue my FF. Here is the link to the last one if anyone missed it or forgot which ff is this: http://www.tellyupdates.com/swaragini-music-love-chapter-9/

Recap: Swasan & Ragya share moments, Swasan intimate pictures are shown, Boys stop to tease Swara but Alia slaps them.

INT – Hotel Lobby Area

Swara has tears in her eyes and is about to leave when someone turns the boy and slaps him on his face. Ragini claps a hand on her mouth to stop herself from gasping and they see Alia glaring at the boy who insulted Swara.
Alia: I am sure you are the last person any girl on the earth would want to be with, Mr. wanna be eligible bachelor or wait…are you guys saying to satisfy yourself that you are an eligible bachelor when you don’t look like one from any angle.
Boy: You! How dare you slap me!
Alia: You say another word to my friend and I will do it again!

Alia steps closer to the boys but Adarsh comes in between and flicks his finger in a sign of asking them to go away. The boys glare at Alia and leave and Adarsh turns to her.

Adarsh: I think you should keep your temper in check. *he laughs a little*
Alia: they got what they deserved. *she turns to hug Swara and Ragini and drags them back to the lift* I have breakfast for you guys, let’s go to your room and talk.
Adarsh: I will go to my brothers and discuss the situation.

Adarsh leaves for Lakshya and Sanskaar’s room while Alia takes Ragini and Swara to their room.

INT – Swara/ Ragini hotel room

They inform Alia about everything; Swara has tears and is trying her best to not cry. She bites her lip and glares at the window angrily.

Swara: Since the Maheshwari’s have entered our life, nothing is going right!
Alia: Now don’t blame it on them…This is fate…destiny, Swara. Don’t you think Ragini?
Ragini: Alia is right. How is it Sanskaar or Laksh’s fault? Situations were like this and this happened. I think this is God’s sign towards something but we won’t know until time comes. I have a feeling though that Rahul is behind all this.
Alia: Rahul can’t do everything alone… but that is not the point at this moment. We need to figure out what we can do to prove there is no favoritism in this competition. Even if Sanskaar is not judging, people are aware of the link Maheshwari and Gadodia have after coming here. Lakshya trying to protect you guys like this, Sanskaar angry at people, Adarsh coming here and supporting us, we need a plan to remove the accusations.
Swara: How can we prove anything? The photos are real even if the story is untrue and everyone has seen it.
Alia: I have a plan which will get Sanskaar back in the judges panel and clear your name but it is not straight and simple and it is definitely not 100% right. *she looks at Swara*
Swara: I am not going to lie in order to clear my name… that will be wrong.
Ragini: *stares at Alia and pinches her without Swara noticing* We all know Swara won’t want anything by hook and crook so forget it.
Alia: *raises her eyebrows and keeps quiet* Well they are not disqualifying Swara so you should practice. I am going to Adarsh and will find out what is going on.
Ragini: I will come with you.
Swara: I am going to sleep for a while.

Ragini and Alia leave while Swara sleeps thinking of Sanskaar. She knows if she goes into the room, she will have to face him and with that the entire memory of the previous night comes in front of her. The dance has little meaning to her now after the accusations and she cries silently until she has fallen asleep.

INT – Sanskaar/ Laksh’s room

Manager: Thank you Mr. Adarsh for coming on time. You are aware that you will be replacing Sanskaar as a judge and we ask you to remain partial between participants.
Adarsh: I got it but there is a request from my father. He is extremely disappointed and angry at the accusations made at our family and knows it is a setup. However, it feels that you are not investigating properly so he plans to involve the chairman and director of the competition. As you know, he is very protective of the family name so….they will be looking into this along with the police department.
Manager: *afraid a little* There was no need to involve them. Everyone is working hard to find what actually happened and I assure you that before the competition starts, we will find a clue that will lead us to the depth of this case. Please tell Mr. Durga Prasad that we are doing everything we can to find the culprit.

The Manager leaves hurriedly and starts making phone call, calling everyone to work faster on the case. Alia and Ragini are hiding behind a plant and when the manager is out of sight, they hurry in the room and close the door behind them.

Adarsh: Don’t worry Sanskaar, this will be solved and I am sure you can judge.

Sanskaar doesn’t reply as his mind is on Swara and stares out of the window.

Alia: No it will not be solved at all because the pictures are real and even if they find the person who planted the CD, they cannot say that the pictures are false. However, I have an idea if you guys are willing to work together.
Ragini: And it is brilliant but Swara should not know about this.
Sanskaar: Where is she? *leaves the window and comes to them*
Ragini: Sleeping and probably crying…
Sanskaar: *looks troubled but doesn’t say anything*
Laksh: What’s your plan?

Alia opens her bag and takes out a CD. She opens the laptop and puts it inside. The pictures are displayed of Swara & Sanskaar. She then takes out an envelope which has printed pictures of Swara and Sanskaar.

Laksh: We have seen this already.
Ragini: No you haven’t. Don’t talk, just listen!

They glare at each other while Alia rolls her eyes.

Alia: Stop fighting and listen. If this plan works, this will be perfect. I have a strong feeling that this is Rahul’s plan because no one wants to hurt Swara other than him and when this happened, he was around. Maybe there is a second person but for now, we need to focus on the plan and not the person.
Ragini: Me and Alia went to the security system and copied the footage from the day the competition started. We went through the footage and guess what? One of the board of trustees who is Rahul’s friend’s cousin, exchanged CD’s just before it was projected on the screen so we know who really planted this.
Sanskaar: I am going to kill him.
Adarsh: Relax Sanskaar, it won’t save you from the blame.
Alia: You can kill later, plan first alright. So, when Ragini told me yesterday about the incident, I did some web designing myself and I played around with your pictures on my photoshop. If you see the original pictures and these pictures, can you notice anything?

They all look at it closely and Laksh has a big smile.

Laksh: If you look at it very closely, you can see them being put together.
Alia: Genius Laksh! *she jumps and hugs him* So, I played around with the pictures and if a very smart graphic person sees this, they will know this picture has been photoshopped. Now we only need that guy to be near the projected screen and our work will be done.
Adarsh: I did what you said, I sent a message to the guy from the block no with his video footage of putting the CD. I told him if he does not take away the CD, I will show it to everyone.
Alia: Any reply?
Adarsh: He is meeting me near the staircase in 10 minutes.
Alia: Great! Now we have this medicine which drugs a person’s mind if they have it. Ragini will meet him soon and offer to have a chocolate or drink. Once he is under the influence, we will make him do the work.

Alia explains everyone the plan and they are all impressed with her. Sanskaar walks around wondering what he can do but they all ask him to stay calm and wait…his involvement will cause suspicion. Ragini leaves the room with Alia with a tray in her hand with donuts and sweets. She is chattering with Alia who nudges her. The cousin, whose name is Sharma, is walking towards them looking very tensed. Alia stops and nudges Ragini again.

Ragini: Mr Sharma! Are you okay? You are looking upset…
Sharma: *surprised and smiles broadly* Oh no I am not upset *he eyes the sweets* What is this for? Any special occasion?
Ragini: Swara’s upset, I requested the hotel staff to allow me the basement kitchen so I could make sweets for her. She loves my handmade sweets.
Sharma: I am sorry for what happened, I know Swara isn’t like that so hope this gets cleared out soon. If there is anything I can do, do let me know.
Ragini: Thank you, you have no idea how much this means to us. When everyone is against my sister, I am glad there is someone in the board who trusts us. Oh and you said you can do something for me?
Sharma: *surprised and checks his watch but nods* Indeed, I can help in anyway.
Ragini: *big smile* Well, you can tell me how are my sweets? Not too much sweet, right? It’s the first time I’ve made it all alone, usually I make it with the help of my mother. And I don’t trust Alia because she is my friend so she will lie…Will you please?
Sharma: How can I deny sweets? I am a sucker for them.
Ragini: That is amazing! Swara loves sweets too! Try one?

Ragini offers him and he takes a mithai without doubting anyone. He looks at his watch, stuffs the whole mithai in his mouth and shakes his head. He praises the sweet and tells he has something important to tend too. Ragini grins triumphantly and leaves the hall towards her room. Alia looks back and smirks as she sees Sharma staggering. Ragini and Alia hide behind a plant and watch as Laksh comes from a staircase, wearing a hoodie that covers his head and pulls Sharma towards the staircase.

INT – Staircase

It is dark and Sharma is blank and standing face Laksh and Sanskaar.

Sanskaar: *hands him a CD* You will go to the projector room and remove the CD from it. You will come out of the room and take the CD in your room and break that CD into pieces and dispose them off. You will then keep this CD and this envelope inside your bag and take a bath. Is that clear?

Sharma nods and leaves the store room. Sanskaar and Laksh run down while Alia hits a stone towards the fire alarm. The fire alarm rings and everyone comes out of the room. Sanskaar and Laksh join the crowd so no one notices them coming out of the staircase. Meanwhile Sharma goes to the projector screen, takes out the CD, joins the crowd and leaves towards his room. As he is walking towards the room, Adarsh walks beside him and slips the CD from his hand. Sharma enters his room, keeps the CD and envelope that is in his pocket in his bag before going to take a bath.

When he comes out, he remembers he was going to meet the man who is blackmailing him and rushes to meet him but there is no one outside. He is a little afraid and decides to go to the room to take the CD but when he enters the projector room, there is no one. Sharma leaves angrily and calls someone.

EXT – On the road near to the hotel

Naina and Rahul come out of the cab and smile at one another. Naina smirks at her brother and looks at the hotel.

Naina: Get ready Swara Gadodia, today is your destruction day which will obviously make you dislike Sanskaar and that will be my cue to get him.
Rahul: Of course little sister. Sanskaar is all yours, I promise and I am definitely having Swara before we leave from here.

A man comes outside and salutes both of them.

Man: Madam, like you asked I have dismantled the string of Swara’s guitar and even paid the boy to say that he saw Sanskaar with the guitar when he went to practice. Now as soon as Swara will start playing, her guitar will damage.
Naina: Good job, here you go.

Naina pays money to the man who goes back inside the hotel. She is not aware but someone is watching her. Alia, who is standing not so far from the hotel gate watches Naina pay the man some money and is lost in thought.

Precap: Everyone is gathered around the security camera as they check the footage, Swara and Ragini get ready to play their instruments.

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