Swaragini- too much drama!


I rest my case… I mean really?? Hatsoff to the cvs of swaragini… They have defied the laws of biology!! They have turned gods creation upside down.. Sumi is pregnant?? Ohh god how can a woman of about 50 yrs of age approx. in serial be pregnant?? Have they completely lost it?? The age in whch her daughters are supposed to have children .. It makes me laugh so hard!! No offence there but some of you might give me examples of our elders who supposed to have children with age gaps of 20 years or so but they used to concieve early.l. This is too much. And if this was not less the same old ghisa pita track of memory loss… They are bent upon making every character of the show negative.. No stones left unturned there…. Plzz guys do comment and tell me your views… I just felt like expressing what i feel.

Credit to: Ananya

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  1. Rashmi sharma kuch alag hi krti h pehle usne ssk k zariye science KO challenge kiya ab swaragini k zariye biology KO challenge kr rhi h

  2. First get your facts right

    Women get pregnant in early 50

    In foreign its a common thing

    Yes sometimes it can be risky but happen

    Waise bhi if we calculate sharmishta age is in 40 group not 50

    This type of comment making audience ignorance about reality more prominent than cvs stupidity

    I agree with your second point cvs ruin every character

    1. Secondly there is nothing to nothing to laugh about this issues

      Yes you can laugh on cvs if they shown in badly

      But mocking pregnancy in late age is not at all cool

      Your insulting lot of women out their in same situation

      Sorry if I am being rude but in these matters our generation is showing their insensitivity through comments

      Just think atleast this is not bettet than dayan track

  3. agree……the show is total crap… i hv stop watching serial when laksh become mad behind swara after ragini’s truth revelation…….but again start watching after kavya’s drama end….nd frankly speaking i loved swasan scenes so much…. 😉

    but i forgot that its the same cvs who hv shown the things which can not be happened in reality….making every lead negative…breaking of trust & relations…

    u said it correct…ITS SAME OLD MEMORY LOSS DRAMA…which happened in every serial who hv love triangle stories…now may be its Shona’s turn to become negative….

    nd the biggest joke of the year sumi got pregnant….Ohh god now they are going against science also….

    being a biology student i cab tell that….a lady can not practically conceive after age of 45….nd sumi must above that age bz Shona will be of at least 23-24….

    but still brainless cvs are going show this crap….

    1. I think first you should study harder

      Who said at age of 45 women cannot change conceive

      At top of that from a bio student

      What is happening inthis country

      Let me tell you can conveive in age of 45

      Yes it can be risky

      Like I said before it showing our ignorance more than cvs

      1. 1st of all don’t be so rude…don’t show like that u only know everything….

        i know women can conceive after 45….but now a days….as women are getting their monopose at earlier age….it practically can’t happened….

        nd there are only 2-3% chances of conceiving after age of 45….its dam dam risky for both mother & child….

        nd don’t go on country nd all…..everyone hv right to give their opinion….so just give respect to others & earn respect from others…

      2. one more thing…as imp of educations hv been increased…most of the couples go for protections & operations for not getting into this type of situations after particular ages….

    2. U am not being rude but stating fact
      U only made that comment

      Then my country comment

      We youth proudly call us modern
      But cannot accept 45 year getting pregnant

      And pregnancy possibility age differ from person to person
      It depend on women’s own health

      Who said nowadays women do not get pregnant at 45

      Again when cvs are saying it is common

      It is rare but happen in our society

      So people are get embarrassed

      I think u just prove my comment right

    3. Sorry it will start with I not u

      1. Calm down u people…everyone has his or her own opinion.Cvs has shown Sumi’s pregnancy..fine…let them go with the track..why r u both arguing on the basis of biology?I’m an 9th grader and i don’t have so much knowledge like u both..after reading your comments..i can understand that u both know a lot about biology…so both of u…plz understand that a women can conceive at the age of 45.so Sia u r right…and its very risky and also rare in our society..so Nicks is even correct..so i don’t find any reason for u both to argue..cause u both r right….

  4. I don’t think she is 50…she is below 40…..i am a doctor…..she can conceive at 40….no problem in that……

    1. U r a doctorr !!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 ★★

    2. Yeah..Sree dear..c can conceive.. am also a Dr. BT yup..its risky..And according to serial its somewhat awkward.. that’s y everybody is making fun of that..after listening this I also laughed..BT its not impossible to conceive..and I agree WD u sree..c is 40 around..But acc to serial it’s bit awkward..DTS it..but the fact is true..CVS presenting it in wrong way..?☺

      1. Wow !!! U r also doctor 😀 😀 u kno i luv doctors… dont kno y bt i luv them… i actully want to marry a doc only 😛 😛

        N sumi’s pregnancy is bit odd… she has two married daughters already…

  5. Well… I agree wid Sia..and I am declaring dat I stopped watching Swaragini and switched to watching Kuch rang pyaar ka aise bhi… ATLEAST I CAN WATCH SOME ROMANCE..AND MY HERO..I’M STILL A VARUNHOLIC..BUT I CANT WATCH HIM IN PAIN…

  6. Hmm I think now it’s time for them to show swara as negative…. as they already shown almost all of them as negative some where at some point…. the only one left is swara…. so turn her also and change the title from swaragini to All Villains….

  7. I don’t think ki they will turn swara as negative because yesterday telly masala uploded a spoiler video which tells swara forget evryone including sanskar ic this would happen then might be swara drama kar rahi hogi memory loss ka and agar laksh ko wad hai to sach mai memory chali gai swara think that she will love laksh but always get attracted to sanskar agar memory loss sach me hua to

  8. Actually she is educated lady after swara’s born she has not done her operation till now tat to 20 years …people will not laugh due to dis pregnancy..atleast they can make pari as pregnant know instead tat granny making pregnant wat a director only thing I observe is he don’t know how to proceed d story further thinking in dabba way..we r accepting more pls show some good scenes…pls all complain to color channel to show nice logical track..then tel to update all episode in youtube …thank u bye

    1. Hey divya where r u?.??????..?.?
      Dnt u know vini di has updated ch 42

  9. Sia i never commented that a it is shameful to concieve at an old age.. What i am saying is that i have also studied biology and she is surely of 50 atleast because if she it that way where swara is about 23 25 she must be of late 40’s or even 50… And showing a not so much practical thing and promoting such risky things on national television is a big problem… And yaa I also am sorry if i sound rude.

  10. SwaSanholic....

    Hey good news for SwaSan fans…. I read on insta that after Swara’s memory loss she will become a kid means behave like kid so NO Swalak yupeee…..? I’m soo happy….. It will be interested to know how Sanskar will handle his kiddish swara…..?

  11. SwaSanholic....

    I forgot to mention that it’s given by sbb n sbs spoiler so it’s posted on insta…. I’m so happy to watch our sanky’a efforts to handle his kiddsh wife…. Imagine swara behaving like kid from mind n Sanskar handling her it’s just like Sanskar when he behave like kid in serial….?

    1. M too damn exited for this track !! 😀 😀

    2. me too.. NO SWALAK MEANS YAYYY!!!

    3. I hv also read two spoilers saying same thing… yr helly mature act krti h tb itti cute lgti hai… when she will acyully become kid… hw cute she will look…

      N the way saky takes care for her… it would be a treat to watch… woww !!!! ♥♥

      1. SwaSanholic....

        Just checked new promo of swaragini it is showing that rajat(new entry) n parineeta join their hands to destroy swaragini so may be swara will do acting of memory loss to find the culprit as promo says “kya swara jaan payegi ghar ke bhedi ko…..” so I think swara will act like memory loss…. and in upcoming episode rajat will kidnap swara n blackmail her not tell his truth to anyone as he has kidnap parineeta n will harm her if she open her mouth in front of family…. so swara will come home with injured leg but act normal not tell anyone about what happen with her…. not even Sanskar n Ragini…. so I hope you all will enjoy upcoming track when swara will expose rajat n parineeta…..☺

    4. Ya i too hv seen that… n smwhere i hv read this that later on it will be shown that it was SwaRagSan’s plan to expose rajat…..

      N may be that memory loss drama is just to delay uytra’s marriage…
      Itz obvious if swara will loose her mental stability then they will nt get uttra marry soon…

  12. I’m excited about the Swasan track and I don’t give a damn about Sumi’s pregnancy track. But its ridiculous to show that because then they are also showing Dadi trying to kill Sumi which is just unjust. That’s what I feel
    and about the debate about getting pregnant at 45/50 I dont know her age. So cant comment. But USUALLY ppl dont get pregnant after 50 cause of Menopause. But then its a fiction and anything is possible.

    Waiting for the kiddish Swara and matured Sanskar. Its going to be lovely! ???❤♥ <3:D

  13. Tnk god…. I was really sad after knowing abt d upcming swalak plot..and dats y i switched..coz its pains a lot to see my sanskar in pain…but i will def see swasan scenes..it wud b so sweet 2 c dat sanskar taking care swara as a child… And abt d shomi preg..i don care a damn…let d cvees worry..if dey made a problem dey will solve it…

  14. Total crap… I mean pregnant at 50..the makers have lost their mind or what?? Definitely this serial is going to lose its trp cause of this…and again the same old memory loss drama… oh god…. y only with swara every time?? I was soo happy abt swasan getting together again…. but again same old drama….losing interest in this soap day by day…

  15. Rajo Devi Lohan
    Raunigk, who had her first child at 21, is still not the oldest woman to give birth. That record is held by Rajo Devi Lohan, an Indian woman who at 70 became the world’s oldest known first time mother after three rounds of IVF. Her daughter Naveen will turn 7 later this year.May 24, 2015 via the internet
    Women in the US get pregnant much later nowadays. I (for a fact) had my last child at age 34, 10 and 7 years after my first 2 sons. (Yes they were embarrassed knowing their parents still made love)…Shamistra is probably in her late 30’s early 40’s in the show in my opinion. I actually like the way the creators are going…haven’t seen this on any of the serials. I wonder how it will go?..will she happily express her love and share this information among the family and community or will the pressure of shame and exactly your opinion cause her to abort an innocent life? Think about your views….

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