swaragini : In this moment (episode-1)


Hello everyone this is my first TS hope u like it
I got married wow its not so funny its true when my frnds got this news they all rushed to my house all attacked me with their questions many of them didn’t belive also they were saying that I am joking or some one is making jokes on me even my brother laughed when he got to know about it but its true I am married know just two days back I came to Kolkata and today I got married my fnrds reaction was obvious because the great sanskar maheswari the arrogant rude man who hates relation who hates love who hates girls around him who is stub burn got married yeah but it all happened because of my mother’s emotional blackmailing drama I am crusing the time when I promised her that I’ll do as she says don’t know why I fell in their trap for being away form marriage and all I left Kolkata but why why I listened to my family don’t know I thought to talk to the girl and say something by which she only refuses but my family didn’t allow mw to meet her even my brother my lucky joined hands with them
I have even not seen her face who would belive me that I am saying truth that I have not seen her face also I thought I could have runned from marriage at presnt what I am doing just thinking about past today is my Suhag raat I am sitting in garden and thinking what could I have done but what’s the use know I thought I’ll talk to her may be she’s to forced for this marriage ok putting all useless thought to dustbin I headed towards my room my fnrds my brother my bhabi all were laughing at me yes they should because I became prey for them all “poor sanskar” I heard lucky saying during marriage but idiot if he cared for me so much he could have helped me but he was the one who was keeping eye on my activities that I don’t run away I was pushed in my room
She was sitting on bed I was nervous how to speak to her how she will react I thought for a while I locked the door and headed towards her I sat beside her
Girl’s prov
Hey bhagwan where I have got struck in this so called marriage what should I do my so called husband’s bhabi’s frnds all where teasing me like the hell I got so much irriated by this but what can I do I am helpless I can not shout at them also my activites will show what my family have thought me I have not seen his face I know some what about his family laksh his younger brother I know him my fnrds husband he’s married to my frnds swara his parinetha bhabi adarsh bhai uttra his mom dad chacha chachi but I never met my so called hubby what was his name yeah sanskar I curse the day when I met his dad DP maheswari actually he saw me during a business meeting of course I am a very famous and young bunnies tycoon
My family emotionally backmailed me and got me married to him the room I was in is beautifully decorated with flowers I am sitting on my bed in heart shape seriously I hate all this I don’t know how girls manage all this but I am different I don’t like all this
ok I’ll clear everything to him that I was forced for this marriage he came inside the room as he entered my heart beated so fastly something new it was for me it never happened to me I could hear laughing and giggling sounds from out I was getting angry I am a short temper girl he entered he locked the door he came near me he sat at the edge of bed complete silence I thought to broke it
sanskar’s prov
I was not understanding what to tell but she got down form bed turned to another side removed her veil and she spoke
“ look I am least intersrested in this marriage and all and truely speaking I was emotionally blackmailed by my family I am forced for this so called marriage”
I was bit shocked ok that’s true
“ same here” I said then I added “I was too forced to this relation” I replied
Girl ‘s prov
I felt the voice similar I heard it or know him before his attitude speaking style Its known to me
“ ok know what to do “ I questioned
I didn’t except any girl to speak like that but I felt she’s open minded I can tell her verything she can understand my point of view she thinks somewhat similar to me
“ for family’s sake I want to give this relation a chance”I said
“ I agree with u so frnds “ she turned around and forwarded her hand
The movement I saw her or we saw eachother our face expression changed and the next thing we did was we screamed at each other “ tum” this word I most unexpected thing of my life I am married and to whom my biggest enemy the girl whom I hate from core of my heart the selfish girl “ ragini gadodia is my wife” I said
Ragini’s prov
What the hell is this I am married to whom this bandhar sanky I knew him by this name I never knew he was sanskar maheswari and know I am ragini sanskar maheswari I the worst game that destiny played with me oh my god what to do
“r u joking sanky what r u doing here I think u r making some prank “ I said in sarcastic tone
“ why god why this girl I could have got even better than her why she” he said lifting his head up seeing towards sealing
I was not in a mood to fight or argue with him because I knew some r spying on us from outside
“ we’ll talk tomorrow” I said in calm voice
But that idiot he can’t be quite “ why tomorrow I want know” he said in loud tone
I went towards him he was about to speak I closed his mouth form my hands i was lost in his eyes don’t know why we were very close to each other and it was the first time that I was so close to him
After hearing it we heard many laughs
He understood what he had done he removed my hands
“ u idiot all r out what r u doing” I said in low tone
“ sory” he said “ok u sleep on bed I’ll here in couch”
I agreed with no option because of our family members
Precap: some fun and masti……………..

Credit to: poonam

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