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The next day ragini calls laksh

LAKSH:Hi ragini…..cant u stay even a minute without talking to me
RAGINI:stop dreaming……and come to the hotel park at sharp 10pm
LAKSH:ohhhh…u want to see me
RAGINI:Shut up idiot …..its about ur brother and come alone
With this she hangs up the call.Laksh thinks in his mind what a girl!!!
Laksh is waiting for ragini.She comes wearing a white midi frock.She is looking very cute.Laksh gets mesmerised seeing her beauty
But laksh was so lost in her thoughts that he does not gives any response.Ragini pinches him
LAKSH:Oucchhh!!!are u mad??
RAGINI:U were lost in ur own thoughts so I had no other option
LAKSH:by the way why did u call me???
RAGINI:actually sanskaar loves swara and vice versa but they do not have the courage to confess their love
LAKSH:reallyyyy,I am so happy for both of them……so u want me to help me to make them confess their love
RAGINI:so will u help me in mission swasan
And she forwards her hands.Laksh gives his hand in hers and tells her the idea.Someone click their photo but she does’nt notice.Both are excited.
Many girls are hounding and flirting with sanskaar and swara is really pissed of.Raglak arrive there
SWARA:Ragini please come with me….i want to go to the market
RAGINI:actually swara i would have come but i have to get ready for marriage and u know I take alot of time to get ready.
SWARA:laksh,can u come??
LAKSH:swara I would have come but there are so many beautiful girls over here…..u can take sanskaar with u

SANSKAAR:Yes swara…. i can come with u
Swara was upset with sanskaar but she had no option so she nods.swasan go to the market and swara buys some accecories .on their way back to hotel their car tyre gets punctured .They come out of their car
SANSKAAR:i think tyre is punctured….by the way shone why are u angry with me
SWARA:it does’nt matter to u …go and flirt with those girl and don’t talk to me
SANSKAAR:shona,I did’nt flirt with those girls
Suddenly some goons come there and start flirting with swara.Sanskaar loses his cool and starts beating them
GOONS:why are u beating us….what relation do uhave with this girl
SANSKAAR:you are asking me what relation do i have with this girl….i love her&she is my life
Swara was shocked at his relevation and runs towards sanskaar and hugs her.Sanskaar hugs from back.from backskside some clapping voice is heard.The turned and are shocked to see Raglak.They signal the goons to go.Swasan realise that it was raglak trap.
SWASAN:so it was ur trap!!!
RAGINI:sanskaar ,I know u love my sister bit I have a condition
Swasanlak are puzzled

RAGINI:swara is life…u have to promise me that u will keep my sister happy forever
SANSKAAR:i promise
The screen freezes on their happy faces

PRECAP:swaraginii and sanlak parents arrive


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