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Swaragini are packing their bags.Swara is wearing trackpants and t shirt and ragini is wearing hot pants and top
SHEKHAR:girls,its time to go
Swaragini comes down ,take blessings from their parents and leave
Sanlak also take their parent blessing and leaves
Sanlak and swaragini arrive.laksh .the roka ceremony was about to start .Swara is wearing a suit whereas ragini is wearing a sequined gown.On the other side Sanskaar is wearing a sherwani whereas laksh is wearing formal suit.
Swara is coming down.suddenly her leg slips and she was about to fall when somebody holds her….it is sanskaar.he is mesmerised by her beauty,her innocent eyes.swara also feels her heart racing fast.it was love at first sight……both becomes aware of their surrounding and reposition themselves

SANSKAAR:hi,i am sanskaar
SWARA:Hi i am swara.thnx for saving me
SANSKAAR:i want a reward for saving u
SWARA(in a confused tone):reward????
SANSKAAR:yes…..lets be friend
Sanskaar brings out his hands and swara thinks for few second and then finally shake hands with him.Both smile

On the other side laksh sees many girls and starts flirting with them….ragni is talking with her friends .Laksh sees her and gets mesmerised by her.He comes to her
LAKSH:hi..s*xy lady…I am laksh ,naam to suna hi hoga
RAGINI:No i have’nt heard ur name
LAKSH:what a attitude
RAGINI:if u have done with ur flirting then can i go,i have lots of important works to do
With this she goes fromthere.Laksh looks on
The roka ceremony starts.the procedures are going on.Swara and sanskaar sees aech other and shares ann eyelock…they are lost in each other.
RAGINI:swara pass that flowers
But swara was so much lost in sanskaar that she could not hear anyone.ragini shakesher off and they both come to senses
RAGINI:Swara are u fine???
SWARA:Yes,i was thinking about something
Laksh winks at ragini but she ignores him

Swaagini and sanlak goes for sightseeing…….swasan bonds


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