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After the confession they reach the hotel..Swaragini and sanlak are shocked to find their parents .Swaragini go to their parents
RAGINI:Mom ,dad you are here ……How???
SHEKHAR:Are u not happy to see us
SWARA:ofcourse we are
SUMI:alia and sid invited us
Swaragini hug their parents.On the other side sanlak also greet their parents.
Swaragini introduces sanlak to their parents and sanlak introduces swaragini to their parents
SHEKHAR:Swara we have found a suitable guy for u
Swasan and raglak are shocked
SWARA:but baba…. I don’t want to get married
SHEKHAR:Swara atleast see him once…….pls for me
SWARA:Ok baba

RAGINI:dad who is that lucky boy
SWARA:His name is sanskaar maheshwari
Swasan and raglaklooks on shocked
Annapurna go and twist luckys ear
ANNAPURNA:What do u thought we are fools…..we know everything about u
Annapurna comes and hugs swara.Swara takes her and dp blessings
SANSKAAR:but who informed u about us
“we did”.They turn and find lsid and alia standing.Flashback is shown :sid and alia calls sanlak and swaragini parents and tells them about their relationship
DP:Samdhiji we should do their wedding along with sid-alia .Shekhar and sumi agrees.AP makes swara a chunri
Swara blushes and runs to her room .Ragini follows her

Mehandi function…..raglak nok-jhok

Sorry this part is little small….will try to update next part soon…..Guys pls comment and give me some suggestions

Credit to: ridhi

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