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Swaragini and alia wake up suddenly there is a knock in the door.Swara opens the door and find sanlak and sid standing.They enter the room.Ragini also comes from washroom and is shocked to see them there
RAGINI:what are u guys doing here??
SANSKAAR:actually….we are thinking of going on sightseeing….would u like to join us
SWARA:ofcourse,we would love to
All of them get ready.swara in long skrt,ragini in red playsuit,alia in suit whereas all the three boys are wearing jeans and t shirt.They decited to travel on bike.Alia went and sat at the back of sid
SANSKAAR:U can sit with me
Swara gives a nod and go and sit with sanskaar.ragini had no other option other than laksh.
LAKSH:do u need an invitation
RAGINI:i have a condition
RAGINI:i want to drive the bike
LAKSH:no way….i don’t want to die so soon
SWARA:laksh pls agree.She is very stubborn

After much discusson laksh finally agrees.All the three couple were enjoying themselves.raglak were far ahead of the others.The sun was about to set.r two.Suddenly ragini loses her balance and they both fall…ragini is at top of laksh.They both share an eyelock.Somebody click their pictures,raglak does’nt notice and soon reposition themselves

LAKSH:I already knew u were good for nothing
RAGINI:then why did u came with me???
LAKSH:ihad no option!!
They both had lost their path.Laksh tried calling sanskaar whereas ragini tried calling ragini but there was no network

On the other side swasan were worried for raglak.swara emotionally breaks down
SWARA:it was all my mistake….i should not have left ragini alone.she is my responsibility
Seeing swara crying sanskaar starts feeling restless.Sanskaar wipes her tears and swara hugs her.Sanskaar hugs her back
SANSKAAR:i promise swara…i will find them
Raglak were walking.Suddenly they find a hut there and enters it.As they entered.ragini sees a mice and get scared seeing it
LAKSH:what happened??
Ragini shows him the mice and he also scream.They both hug in fearThe mice goes away and they both reposition themselves
LAKSH:its very late at night.we wil find our path next day.you sleep in the cot&I will sleep in the sofa
Ragini nods

Swasan find raglak


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