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Summary of the previous chapter:
Ragini gets to know that swara can never be a mother and consoles her….on the oher hand laksh assistant flirts with laksh and ragini gets jealous

Laksh ,ragini get aarav admitted to a school which will start after 15 days
Ragini is running after aarav in order to make him have food…suddenly she collides with laksh.They both fall
All family members come there.Laksh help ragini to get up but she was unable to get up
AP:What happened beta????
RAGINI:maa….my leg is paining
AP:maybe u have got a sprain….laksh take her to the room
Laksh takes ragini gently in her arm and take her to the room
RAGINI:You…leave me
LAKSH:As u wish my darling
Lakshthrows ragini in the bed
RAGINI:Ouch….i will not leave u
LAKSH:For that u have to catch me….and i think its impossible in that condition….by the way u have become really heavy
RAGINI:U called me heavy…no way u have become fat
LAKSH:Ohh..by the way till now many girls are mad about me
RAGINI:Are they blind????
Their fight was interrupted by a sweet voice
AARAV:mom dad !!!u both started fighting again
Raglak made a puppy face
LAKSH:Champ ur mom started fighting
RAGINI:aarav ur dad is telling lie
LAKSH:she called me fat
RAGINI:he called me heavy
AARAV:STOP!!!!finger on ur lips.(raglak put fingers on their lips)I am fed up with both of u.I am going to sleep with sanskaar papa today.Dad take care of mom and mom take rest
He gave them a quick peck on their lips and leave

Swara comes out of the washroom wearing her night dress.Sanskaar coudnt get his eyes off her
Sanskaar holds swara waist and pins her against the wall
SWARA:leave me….anybody will come
SANSKAAR:i am not leaving u….i am not afraid of anyone
SWARA:Bade papa….u are here
Sanskaar immediately leaves swara and looks towards the door but to his surprise there was nobody
SWARA(laughing):so what did u said my husband that u are not afraid of anybody..u are a phattu
She runs from there.Sanskaar also runs after her They both fall on bed.Sanskarr was about to kiss swara but swara jerks her face
SANSKAAR:swara i am not goig to fall in ur trap this time….try some other thing
SWARA;no sanskaar…see …. am telling truth
He was about to kiss swara when a small hand patted his back,he turned his head nervously…it was aarav.Swasan repositioned themselves
SANSKAAR:Aarav!!!!youare here
SWARA;Yes i was gettig bored so I came to play with u….By the way what were u doing above masi
Swasan get embarrassed at aarvas innocent question
SANSKAAR:by the way what are ur mom and dad doing
AARAV;sanskaar papa…they are fighting like kids .
SANSKAAR(sighs):I cannot understand sometimes whether u are a kid or they
AARAV:Papa ,I amnot a kid …..i am a superman…right maa
SWARA:Absolutey right my rockstar
Aarav hugs swara and sanskaar joins them in the hug . All of three laugh and bond the whole night….

PRECAP:A tragedy happens

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Credit to: ridhi

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