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Here is the summary of the previous chapter:
Raglak confront each other and ragini agrees to go back to maheshwari mansion

I think man of u confused that how Ragini agreed so easily.Ragini have agreed because of aarav as she could bear anything but cannot see aarav sad and aarav always wanted a family.She was also appalled to see laksh and aarav bond

Here is the next chapter…….

Everyone is worried .DP and Shekhar is roaming in the hall,APand sharmistha are crying and others are tensed
SHARMISTHA(to shekhar):enough i want my ragu back….
Just then laksh enters .AP hugs him
SWARA:Laksh…where is aarav and ragini
Laksh looks towards the door.Ragni enters and aarav is inher arms
RAGINI:swara I am here!!!
She puts aarav down……aarav goes and hugs swasan.Sharmistha goes towards ragini and slaps her….everyone is shocked
SHARMISTHA(cying):U made me realise that i am ur stepmom and i can never take place of ur mom
RAGINI(sobbing):no maa….
SHARMSTHA:you call me maa but before taking such a big decision u never thought about me….u didn’t thought how your maa ,baba,dadi,swara would live without u.U are our soul!!!
RAGINI:i am sorry maa.I promise I would never leave u again
She hugs ragini,ragini hugs her back.Shekhar,dadi and swara also hugs them.Ragini goes towards ap,dp,sujata and rp and touch their feet.They bless her
RAGINI:I am sorry…because of me u had to stay away frm aarav
AP:its ok beta….its not ur fault.Now go and get fresh ,u must be tired
Ragini nods and go to her room.As she enters the room she is shocked to see the room is not changed apart from the fact that the room is full of raglak photos.A tear fell from her eyes.Suddenly laksh come and hugs ragini from behind
LAKSH:i am so happy that u came back .i missed u so much Mrs maheshwari.
Ragini jerked his hands

RAGINI:stop this drama mr laksh maheshwari.Do u think that i will forgive u for what u did!!!no…I think u have misunderstood me …..i have came here for aarav….i have forgiven aarav’s father but i can never forgive my husband.for me u are just aarav father
RAGINI:Stop it!!1 hate u
She angrily storms in the washroom.Laksh breaks down.Swasan comes there
SANSKAAR:Lucky…what happen
LAKSH:bhai…she hates me !!!
SWARA:It will take time to forgive u laksh…..u have to ernforgiveness
LAKSH:Uare right swara….I will win my Ragini back
SANSKAAR(whisper to laksh):by the way….u shoud know that it is very difficult as these sister are very stubborn
SWARA:Did u said anything sanskaar
SANSKAAR:Nothing i saidthat i love u and u are very understanding
Swara blushes
They go down.Everyoneis pampering aarav.Ragini comes there.She is wearin a blue saree(the one she is wearing in recent tracks).She is looking angelic
Laksh is impressed by her beauty.He opens her mouth
AARAV:dad close ur mouth else mosquitos will enter
LAKSH(comes back to his senses):You!!!!!
Aarav runs to ragini and hugs her
AARAV;mom u are looking so beautiful in saree…..even dad can get his eyes off u
Raglak is embarrassed whereas everyone laugh
RAGINI(holdind aarav ears):u are getting naughty day by day….
AARAV :Sorry mom….
The screen freezes on their laughing face

Ragini gets to know about swara secret

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  5. awww..aarav is very cute..just one thing i don’t understand is that after laksh kidnapped ragini they both were at equal phase..i mean ragini had done equally level of crime that to with laksh’s life..so y she is angry on lucky after seeing room full of their picks she should hv understand lucky’s love for her..n its just bz of he made her pregnant..it was her call not to inform anyone abt her pregnancy..if she would hv told him abt that he might hv nt let go her from his life..so i don’t understand for which thing lucky need to earn her forgiveness ?..
    sorry for asking such question..its just bz i m pretty much involved in ur story..ignore if u find it worthless..apart from this whole epi was just superb..

    1. niti because ragini is thinking that laksh is trying to snatch her son away or tring to harm her or her son .After knowing the truth ragin was shocked that laksh kidnapped her but she is distraughted why laksh pretended to be in love with her when he actuall hate her to such an extent.According to ragini if laksh gets to know that Aarav is his chid he would kill aarav

      1. ok i do agree with this reason for not telling about her pregnancy that laksh could harm her or her child..but dear my point is that after seeing his room conditions…after seeing bonding between aarav n lucky..after knowing lucky loves her..y she is behaving like that..? n what laksh has done with her that she could not forgive him as her husband ? n its bz of kidnapping then..ragini has try to kill swara..if swara can forgive her for attempt to murder without any drama then y can’t she forgive laksh..

        i m soooooooooooooo sorry dear..i think i m unnecessarily draging this point..but i m not satisfying with this forgiveness point..i m a huge fan of ur ff..trust me dear my intention is not to bother u..sorry if i hv hurt u…

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  14. I didn’t understand…. Chapter 12 ended when swara, ragini and sharmishta were hugging (before swaras marriage) and then suddenly on chapter 13 ragini and laksh are married and have a child???????? What happened, how and when did ragini and laksh marry?!?!?!? Please ans I am REALLY confused here….

  15. One more question…. I read the first part of your ff, swaragini a heart wants what it wants, I couldn’t comment there so I thought of doing it here… Is that ff sequel of this ff, why do ragini and laksh divorce????? what hapened before that, swasan were ALSO there and the judge asked if they wanted to get divorced, but whyyy????

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