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The sangeet was going on and swara and sanskaar were sitting together smiling . laksh was meeting the people everyone was busy in the rasam. Swara was wearing a blue colored lehnga and sanskaar was wearing a blue kurta..Swasan dance on main palat Suddenly lighhts went off,everyone became worried.Spot lights were on and went to the stage were ragini stood on the dance floor she was wearing a purple dress. And the song played
“kab say aein hain teray dulhay raja
Ab dair na kar jaldi aja ”
Laksh , sanskaar and everyone were shocked while swara smiled
Ragini danced and moved in the centre doing a step . she moved towards sanskaar and held his hand making him stand and brought him in the centre ;Both ragini and sanskaar looking at swara did the step
“sajan ji ghar aye
Sajan ji ghar aye
Dulhan ku sharmaye
Sajan ji ghar aye ”
Swara blushed hard .Laksh moved towards ragini, and held her arm . he twirled her and they both danced. Ragini went to sawra and pulled her up and made her stand with sanskaar clapping.Everyone danced together .. all were happy. Ragini and swara were dancing together so were laksh and sanskaar . .Swara hugged ragini while closing her eyes .Swaragini title track plays.The fuction got over
Swara was in washroom as she was getting fresh.Ragini was thinking about swara and crying .Just when swara returns from washroom she wipes her tears but swara notices it
SWARA:ragini…..what happen,why are u crying
RAGINI:I am not crying…someting went into my eyes
SWARA:I am your elder sister .You cannot lie to me
Ragini hugged swara and started crying .Swara was stunned …she never saw ragini crying so badly

Ragini:swara…..what will I do without u.Now nobody will scold me when I do crazy things,nobody will save me from mom scolding,nobody would bear my tantrums,nobody will make me my favourite caramel cheesecake,nobody will take care of me like u do……Swara I will miss u and I cannot even stay for a nanosecond without u
Swara broke hug and wiped her tears
SWARA:ragini we are swaragini,we are soulmates….nobody not even sanskaar can separate us…….

sumi were hearing them and gets tearyeyed .Swaragini go and hug her.
SUMI:my daughters have grown.swara u will be leaving tomorrow ……how willI handle ragini and her tantrums…..OMG And how willi wake her up
Ragini fumes:You both are making fun of me ….i will not talk with both of u
Swara and sumi hugs ragini and have sweet family moment remembering their sweet memories….

Drama…relevations and tragedy in the wedding


Credit to: ridhi

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  1. waiting for next episode

      1. Plz write next episode now can’t wait…..

  2. nice one

  3. Tragedy ?? ?

    1. keep reading u will know soon

  4. Nice but what ???tragedy ????

    1. an evil entry and trouble in swara and ragini life

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